I'm In Love With My Best Friend



4. Bubbles

We all started eating, it was really good food I can't lie, I mean I love food but oh my gosh, Pattie's food was so good.
     Pattie broke the silence and said "Carla don't you think Justin and Victoria make a good couple" she said while chuckling.
I looked over at Carla and she smiled cheekily at me and said "yes Justin should go out with Victoria it'll be so cute, and I'd get to have someone to talk to all the time since Justin would be picking her up from school and bringing her over here, she could share a room with me, unless she'll sleep with Justin and they'll-"
I looked at Carla wide eyed and cut her off be saying "I'll take the empty plates to the sink for you Pattie i'll wash them too"
Pattie looked at me and said " haha sure honey, but Justin will be helping since its his day of the week to wash them"
Justin got up from his seat and said "Mom do I have to wash the dishes today I'll do them tomorrow"
"No Justin you will accompany Victoria washing the dishes, it's only fair" Pattie said winking.
Pattie and Carla burst out laughing.
"Fiiiiiine" Justin huffed
Pattie took Carla upstairs and that left me and Justin alone in the kitchen.
"Justin could you pass me that plate over there" I asked Justin
"Here!" Justin said handing me the plate I asked for while throwing bubble foam all over my tank top.
"OMG Justin why you do that?" I questioned him looking at him with my eyebrows furrowed, all he did was laugh.
"It's no biggie, get a shirt from Carla's room" he said still laughing.
"Oh I will" I said suspiciously and walked towards him
"But first-"
"Holy shit damn Victoria why you had to do that"
I burst out laughing knowing I threw bubble foam all over him.
"Your welcome" I said while running towards the stairs, getting to Carla's room.
"Oh no you don't" Justin said running after me.
I shrieked and ran faster, reaching Carla's room yelling "HELP CARLA OPEN THE DOOR!!!!"
Carla opened the door and I flew inside and fell on the floor.
Justin ran inside not knowing I was on the floor and landed on top of me.
"Holy Lord what happened to you two?" Carla and Pattie questioned in unison.
"Bubbles" me and Justin said in unison.
"Justin get off of me your heavy" I groaned trying to push him off of me
"Ok ok" Justin said getting up.
"You two should change and Carla you and Justin are going to walk Victoria home" Pattie said looking at how wet and soapy me and Justin were.
"Ok" the Bieber siblings said.
I changed into one of Carla's white crop tops and put on my black leather jacket, since I only got soap on my shirt.
Justin on the other hand had to change everything. He wore a normal white tank top, black leather baggy pants, a rollie and black shoes.
"Hey you two match" Carla said as me and Justin glanced at each other to see what each other was wearing.
We all said bye to Pattie, I gave her a hug and we all started walking outside when my phone started ringing,
*Fill Me In by Pia Mia and Austin Mahone* 
Playing from my phone,
"Hello" I said
"When are you coming over"
"Oh soon I just started walking home from a friend's house"
"Okay hurry"
"Ok bye"
*end of call*
"Who was that?" Justin asked
"Sister" I said


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