A Tiny Possibility (Harry Fanfic)



3. Chapter Three: To San Francisco

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As my phone starts to ring I just can't bear it and pick it up. I don't even want to know how I will sound on the dam phone but whoever it is it better be important.

"Hello?" I say grumpy throwing my head back to he pillow.

"Hello Chanel it's William. Are you girls up yet?" I bolt upright rubbing dry eyes. I look to see Caroline still in bed but Carmen no where to be seen. She must be in the bathroom.

"Almost. We'll get ready." I say and then hang up.

"Carmen are you in the bathroom?" I yell.

"Yes did William call you?" She yells back.

"Yeah. He told us to get up and ready." I get off bed and wake Caroline up.

"Uh I'm up. What's the point of coming if I don't get to enjoy the hotel bed." I giggle and grab my duffle bag. I zip it open as I take off my sweater and socks. I grab light blue jeans and a white knit long sleeve. I find my white converse and decide to go with those. Once Carmen gets out all dressed in black jeans and a blue top with a leather jacket.

"It's going to be cold out. We are heading to Pier 39 today." I get in and lock the door. I quickly brush my teeth and was my face with soap. I quickly change and brush out my cold and tangled hair. Once I'm done I go back out to find Caroline rushing inside.

I quickly slip on my converse and grab a black leather jacket.

"I'm sleepy." I wine sitting on the desk chair while fixing my hair into a nice hair do that will keep my hair in place. For some reason my hair today is on my good side and it somewhat curly from the tips.

I grab a cross body containing money, phone, earbuds and a camera my mom lent me to take pictures through the whole journey.

Once Caroline comes out wearing blue jeans a white blouse and coat we hurry downstairs. I then remember Harry saying I would meet him at breakfast. I gulp as the elevator goes down. I clutch my bag as the door opens. I feel like screaming internally and not wanting to go eat but talk to Harry.

As we do we find some girls giggling and squealing.

"I think they found out?" I say as we walk past them. They look at us like the guards did to me last night. Peasants. I roll my eyes as we stop because people are waiting in line to get in.

"How can I help you girls?" The man asks.

"They're with me." William comes to us wiping his mouth. He nods and then I see Harry talking to the man. He looks over at us and waved. I don't wave but the girls do.

"You guys can get whatever you want. Just sit in one of the tables outside cause the reserved room is already full." We nod and stare at each other awkwardly on who is going first. Caroline goes first and I go last.

"Morning." I hear a British accent behind me. I look back and see Harry. I widen my eyes.

"Morning." I say while grabbing a plate.

"Morning." Caroline and Carmen say. Why wouldn't Harry have his breakfast in bed like surely the boys would be doing right now? I grab pancakes and fruit with orange juice. We sit close to the reserved room where we see the other children sitting down laughing and eating.

"Why would Harry styles be having breakfast here? I thought famous people ordered room service?" I gulp and drink my orange juice fast not wanting to get into this conversation.

"I know right?" Carmen replies. I quickly dig in my food and they know not to bother me when I eat.

Harry takes a seat facing me. He looks up and smiled looking down at his food and phone.

"Maybe because here isn't a lot of people? I mean there is only us. The students." I say cutting my pancakes. They both look at me and I stop before I eat my food. "What?"

"I think someone has the little something for you know who?" Carmen says tilting her head both ways mocking me.

"No I don't, what are you talking about. He's like what two years older than me?" I finally eat my food.

"So. Your eighteen and he's turning twenty-one. It would've been better if we came on vacation without the school. We could of forced you in a date with him." Caroline snickers drinking her orange juice.

"So. I would of said no and end of story. Plus you guys are getting a better chance at one of the boys than me with him so let's get to eat. And that thinking is very fictional so I will say no." I say finally ignoring their inquisitions. They roll their eyes at me until I look up again and get a glimpse of Harry Styles not looking at me. He doesn't look that bad with his tattoos visible? Though he has bags under his eyes I start chewing on my lip instead of my food.

"Okay girls are you done?" William interrupts my thoughts.

"Oh yeah." We get up leaving our plates for the people to pick up. The girls start leaving and some even sneak pictures of Harry, The boys just roll their eyes and keep walking.

"Hey. How was your breakfast?" Nicolas comes up to me after I stand up.

"Good I guess?" I furrow my brows. He nods and I walk next to him. I pass Harry and I take a scent of his cologne.

As we wait for the driver of the bus to come down I feel weird.

"Hey didn't you leave your bag on the seat?" I face palm myself and excuse myself.

"I'm going to go get my bag. I left it on the table I was eating." I tell William. He nods and I speed walk over to the table passing Harry again. I look around and find it on the ground. I pass him again but this time he grabs my wrist. I gasp as he pulls he facing him sitting down.

"Hey, You doing anything tonight?" He asks with a smile. It feels very weird that Harry has grabbed my wrist. Almost to gentle.

"Other than probably coming late. Not really. M-Maybe explore t-the hotel?" I stutter. Maybe he has that effect on me. Or maybe with famous people. He is the first one I have met though.

"Well then maybe you and your friends can come over to the room?" I raise a brow.

"Erm.....Not sure. Were here with Chaperones and they had responsibility over us?" I say as he lets go of me.

"No problem. I can talk to them?" He smiled.

"I don't think so. Maybe some other time Mr. Styles. I'm late for the bus." I say walking backwards and then turning around. I mouth a 'wow' and then run to William who was waiting for me.

"Sorry I couldn't find it." He nods and we head towards the bus. Where once again I will get annoyed by Nicolas. I am the last one to board the bus making it awkward for me since everyone looks or peeks at me. I see Nicolas got the window and I frown sitting next to him.

"We're heading for a tour around San Francisco." He says looking out the window. I nod biting my lip and touching my wrist.

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