A Tiny Possibility (Harry Fanfic)



1. Chapter One: To San Fransisco

Hello everyone. Note that I have this story on wattpad and I barely got this app so yeah. Hope you enjoy this book. I will post up two chapters today!


"You sure you have everything you need? Shampoo? Extra clothes?" Mother asks. And for the last time I nod. "Okay. Text is when you get to your first stop. And then when you get to the hotel okay." She hugs me and I feel like I'm leaving her to go to college.

"Alright. I will. Now let's go or I'm going to be late for the bus." She nods and I grab my duffle bag and back pack. I make sure I have my phone and charger before we exit.

I'm heading to San Francisco for a college trip with other boys and girls. I will be staying five nights and six days at Marriott hotel. I wonder how San Francisco will be. I'm close to lucky because I won the trip in a raffle at school. I couldn't believe it at first until now. I turn off my phone because I heard the ride will be 6 hours long. Six horrible hours sitting next to the only person I know in the whole trip and whom I probably will start socialising with even more. Nicholas Sherman. He is a friend of my friend and we actually never socialised so I don't him very well. We probably will get to know each other very well with this trip. But I also have my roommates. Caroline Reyes and Carmen Santiago.

"Hey Chanel!" I hear someone call my name once I get off the car. I look up and see Nichols. I sigh knowing my mom will probably start making stuff if I like him and what not. I awkwardly wave while putting on my back pack and grabbing my duffle bag.

"Do you want me to wait for you until you leave or do you just want me to go now?" Mom asks while still in her car.

"You should get your sleep. Plus you left Mario alone in the house." She nods and gets off to give me a hug and blessing. I give her a kiss on the cheek and wave when she leaves with the Range Rover.

"Hey." I walk over to Nicholas talking to some girls younger than us. We're actually going into the 12th grade and while those girls look like they are middle school girls. I don't know why they do. Maybe they just still dress with those awful high Nike socks and tight shorts. Their hair curled like if a tornado hit it.

"Hey. You ready?" He asks turning away from them and paying attention to me. I open my mouth slightly and nod.

"Okay guys you will need to wear these." Our chaperone William handed us red key lanyards with our names printed on a white piece of laminated paper. I look at it and has the numbers of the chaperones and their names. The name of the school I'm in which is Valley High School and my grade. I slip it on while through my light brown hair to the side.

"The bus is coming!" The chaperones yell. I grab my bag while walking to the line with Nicholas.

"Everyone get in line!" The people yell as the white bus stops. You can't really see what's inside because of the black windows. I wait as people get their luggage under the bus. I give my duffle bag just wanting to keep my red jansport back pack. As I walk into the bus I try to find a seat in the back. But the back is always noisy and probably the freshman will be there yelling and laughing. So I take a seat not that far from the front. I take the window while taking off my backpack. I slump already feeling tired since it's like six o'clock in the morning. Nicolas walks in after some other girls and boys giggling and taking seats in the back. He smiled once he sees me. I return it and look out the window.

"Why so close to the front?" He asks while taking of his sports back pack.

"It would be too loud in the back." I say softly yawning. He nods and we wait for everyone to get ready. I place my feet on the railing underneath the chair in front of me. In front of me sit my roommates for the hotel stay in.

"Hey Chanel!" They wave. I smile and wave back.

This trip better be worth it because I am just very annoyed.


As I listen to music on my phone the bus is a bit louder in the back than I imagined. It's been at least two hours and the sun has risen up fully. I can see clearly outside that we are probably behind Malibu. The ocean seems very beautiful and the surroundings. I just want to get this over with and get to see Mills college.

"So what kind of music do you like listening to?" I hear Nicolas finally speak in like the first hour. I look at him and take off one of my earbuds.

"Uh. Rock. Alternative. Classic?" I say fiddling with my earbud.

"Oh nice. Do you I can rap?" Oh god no! I mentally face palm myself. Why did I have to sit next to him. He starts doing this weird rap about me not talking to him.

"Okay okay. I know you can rap now. Why don't you tell what kind of music do you like listening to?" I ask stopping him from preventing me from throwing myself out the window.

"I like listening to Jay Z, many other rappers." He says while taking out his phone. I decide to put mines away because it's on 85%. And I want to be able to use it for the whole ride. He soon starts telling me how he is in this rap club after school. I barley listen and just keep looking out the window.

"So do you have a boyfriend?" He asks our of no where. I widen my eyes and turn to look at him.

"What?" I ask out of breath.

"Have you ever dated someone?" He asks raising a brow.

"Eh. No not really. Why how many girls did you date?" I fold my arms.

"Really? Wow. And to be honest. Erm like three." I widen my eyes. Wow this guy is some of a player. He starts telling me how he broke up with his last girlfriend who is somewhat of my friend. Well not exactly at all I don't talk to her but I know her. Her name is Yasmin.

I text mom that we are already at San Francisco and to be honest it doesn't look any different from Los Angeles. Well maybe because we are in the exterior part. I have been sitting Nicolas for the last hours and to be honest he has been on my nerves. Making me want to tear my hair with his weird jokes and somewhat sexual remarks.

"Oh god take me out of here." The back people have gotten louder and the chaperones scolded them to stop. For once they did and we start heading more into the city. It's already getting to sunset and all I want to do is eat regular food since I'm starving and get to the hotel. I drop my jaw once we get to china town.

"Woah this is so cool." I chuckle while looking around. Nicolas gets closer to me also wanting to get a look. I look at him because of how close he is. I even felt his breath on my neck. I gulp and just keep looking out. The bus finally stops and we all get up. I grab my backpack and we get off finally getting the scent of fresh air. I admire everything. I have never been anywhere else but Los Angeles. Well maybe Mexico but that's some other story I am not willing to waste time on. There is Chinese buildings everywhere with the colours red, gold and green.

"Okay guys this way!" The four chaperones get us to walk around finally loosening our legs and thighs. I stretch and unbutton my pink cardigan. Thank goodness I chose to wear a white long sleeve under it. I would be freezing by now.

As we walk I feel like many people are looking at us like we are some peasants. I look away and one of the chaperones get into a restaurant. He talked to someone and then he allowed us inside. I walk in between Nicolas and Carmen. The four of us along with two other boys are probably the only seniors apart from the fourth children that came on this trip.

"Okay guys take a seat on either these tables." Our chaperones tells us to go with them. I walk over to wear the senior group was. It was exactly six of us.

"Okay guys sit down. The food will be brought." We nod as I take off my back pack and find a plug for my phone charger. Nicolas tells me to plug in his as well and I do. They pass around cups and I grab one. I look at the menu they will be giving us. They already had picked our food. Chow mien, chicken dumpling soup, teriyaki chicken and other food that sounds to fancy for me to explain.


"Finally were here!" I want to get off this bus but I am to full of a belly. My stomach feels bloated and I just want to get in bed.

"Alright rules before you guys get off and get your luggage." Chaperone Carly gets all of our attention.

"Rule number one. You will not have loud music or be loud at all." She says "Rule number two. You guys have a curfew. By 10 pm you guys have to be in your suites. Doesn't mean you have to be sleeping but you guys have to be in there and cannot be outside. We will knock on your doors to check of everyone is where they are suppose to be." She explains further.

"Rule number three!" William says loud because of the loud kiss in the back. "We talked to the manger and he said its okay for you guys to get in the pool. It's okay if you want to explore the hotel. Just don't disturb the other people here please." He says and we all nod.

"Rule number four. You guys will all be getting to eat breakfast here. Breakfast will be at 8:39 tomorrow. So be here by then. If your late and were leaving I'm sorry but you will have no breakfast." Wow. I need to wake up early for summer. Sucks.

"Okay. I think we covered all that. Now you can go and find your rooms. You all do have your keys right." We say yes in unison and get off. I want to kiss the freaking ground so badly but I end up sighing of relief and grabbing my duffle bag. I find Carmen and Caroline and walk with them. The hotel is very fancy with chandlers hanging from the ceilings. A huge round sofa stands in the middle. To the left is a living room and it leads to the dinning hall. Where probably breakfast would be served. To the right of the sofa there is another living room where some people are relaxing and watching the news or on their phones.

"Do you think any famous people stay in these hotels?" Carmen asks. I shrug and keep quiet.

"Oh my!" Caroline almost faints. I drop my bag and help her up.

"What are you okay?" I say as me and Carmen help her up.

"You guys look." She points towards the elevators. I look up confused and see none other but three boys of one direction.

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