A Tiny Possibility (Harry Fanfic)



2. Chapter 2: Pictures & Late nights

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I am updating cause I got five more reads! Yay!Most of the chapters will be on the use of pain killers.


I gasp and let go of Caroline.

"Oh thanks a lot you two." She say getting up herself. I stand there shocked and wanting to squeal at my first time meeting a true celebrity. I like their music and all bit just never imagined this.

"Girls!" Nicolas yells.

"Shut up!" We whisper yell at him walking behind us.

"Come on we may get a chance to be in an elevator with them." Carmen pulls me leaving Nicolas hanging. I look back and lift my shoulder up and down. He laughs and held Caroline with her bags. I don't know why she brought a bunch of bags? We stop once we are standing in front of them.

"Just press the dumb button please." I whisper yell at her. She smiles and presses it. I feel so awkward. I hear Caroline talk loudly with Nicolas and we head back with them.

"Is that one direction?" Nicolas asks.

"Nicolas!" The three of us yell when the boys look back.

"Hello. Girls. Man." I raise a brow at Harry. I wave shyly and then Caroline and Carmen start asking them for pictures. Only Harry, Niall and Liam were here.

"Hello. I'm Chanel." I say shaking Harry's hand.

"Hello. Im Harry." He says giving me a sudden hug. I can just explode.

"Uh can I get a picture?" He nods while I take our my phone. I press the camera and wait for it to pop up. I lean in as he grabs my waist sending chills all over. I'm almost his same height. I take a couple of pictures until the elevator bell rings.

"Well guess ill see you around." I say grabbing my bag from the phone. He nods and me the girls and Nicolas get in. I stand in the front. He still looks at me while the elevator door closes. I feel my cheeks burning as I look down.

"Oh my god!" Caroline and Carmen squeal as loud as they can. Nicolas just laughs leaning in the wall. They start to yell until I press the correct button. I just fell in shock. A hair falls down on my face and I don't even bother to flip it away.

The door opens and I'm glad no one was waiting for the elevator.

"Okay I will leave you girls. I'm going to my room." Nicolas leaves us to be squealing.

I walk behind them as they blabber up on how wonderful they looked. I can never imagine myself actually liking Harry Styles. And now because I met him in person.

"How do you open this?" I ask trying to slide the card through the slot but it won't turn green.

"Let me do this. Ive been to one of these hotels before." I nod and she opens it up. The door opens wide and it reveals a huge room. A closet inside and I don't know why? Anyways there is two white covered beds a cherry wood desk. Patterned carpets and tall curtains around the suite.

"OMG look at the bathroom!" Caroline yells. Meanwhile they admire around I sink into the bed rub my forehead and try to repeat how the hell did I get in the same hotel as One Direction? Why are they here?


Once I'm done taking a nice and the most relaxing shower in my entire life I go out dressed in sports shorts and a grey t shirt.

"Okay my turn." Caroline squeals walking in with her things in hand. I roll my eyes and go sit on the comfortable bed. It's a bit chilly in here so I decide to wear my socks.

"Oh. God Liam is so cute. To bad he's taken by Sophia." Sophia is his girlfriend. I hope if not then I know nothing about them.

"Yeah. Harry was nice." I say grabbing my phone and unplugging it. It is already charged fully so I decide to look at the pictures me and Harry took. He is one good looking fellow. Thank goodness I took like three.

"Are you going to be posting the pictures on social media?" I ask her as she dried her hair with her towel.

"I don't know, I mean I love them so much but. What if they want privacy and they don't want any fans surrounding the hotel?" She asks shrugging, I agree and lock my phone. We grew quiet until we hear Caroline singing along to Story Of My Life on her phone.

"Wow her phone is loud." I say getting up.

"She got them beats girl." Oh well that explains it. I hope no one comes to bother us.

"What if someone heard and complains?" I tell Carmen pressing my ear on the bathroom door.

"Not really our roommates are those wanna be girls. And there is no other room on the other side so were good." I nod and sit on the desk chair after opening the curtains. I can't see the whole city because we're a bit far but I can see twinkling lights and the other side of the hotel.

"I saw the way Nicolas looked at you." Carmen comes up next to me sitting on the bed. I look at her and shake my head.

"I'm not interested in boys. For now I'm worried about getting into Mills. My first priority. Then I will see." She nods still looking at me. Her green eyes wide. And her hair in a wet bun.

"What?" I ask giggling."Its true." I say hugging myself to keep me warm.

"And I saw the way you looked at Harry?" She said eying me. I roll my eyes and get up.

"We're are you going?" she asks as I grab my converse and a sweater.

"It's 9:30. Im going to explore." I say while going out shutting the door. I stand there not knowing how to deal with what she just told me. I have no interest in boys right now. They are just distracting to me.

As I walk through the hallways I get in the elevator. I press the lobby button. It stops before and the doors open revealing a tall figure looking down at his phone. Harry? He looks up and smiles. My hands slide to my back gripping onto my fingers.

"Hello again." He smiled walking inside and pressing the sixth floor button. There is a sixth floor? Where the hell is it because when I saw the hotel I swear I only saw like four floors.

"Hi." I say looking anywhere but him.

"So you here with your parents?" He asks while slipping his phone in his pocket. Great the elevators decided to go up instead down.

"Uh no. I came on a tour with my friends for a college trip." I say holding in some air as we go somewhere? I want to see the sixth floor

"Oh nice. I can see you know who we are." I nod while pursing my lips.

"There's a sixth floor?" I ask all of a sudden. Face palm!

"Yeah there is? There is some weird thing with this Marriott. But there is. It's very nice and private." I nod and we stand there awkwardly hearing the elevator stop. The doors slide open and I see security looking at us.

"I'm sorry mam you can't come up here." One of them says. I look at Harry and he looks back at me. He must read my worried eyes because he says it's fine.

"She's with me. We were talking." He says while he walks out.

"Is that right mam?" The guard asks. I stare at Harry and he motions me to him.

"Uh y-yeah. I am." I say shrugging. He lets me pass. Why would Harry bring me here. A famous guy bringing me to the dam sixth floor I didn't believe there actually was. It is fancy. More than the entrance. Low classic music plays in the hallways and here is security guards everywhere.

"Uh Harry I really need to get back I just can't leave like this?" I say already getting worried at what the hell might happen if the girls notice I'm gone and they can't find me. But I have only been gone for like five minutes and this hotel is huge. I can easily lie and say I got lost. I am horrible at lying though.

"It won't hurt anyone? Would it?" He asks while motioning me into his hotel room. I want to scream but I do internally.

"No." I manage to choke out. He smiles as I walk to him slowly and peeking inside the miraculous suite. It has two beds. A plasma tv. A huge balcony and a fire place. A huge desk holding many boxes. There is probably like four suitcases in here. One bed is messy and there is a huge closet. And a door that probably is the bathroom.

"Woah." I stare looking at it while Harry is behind me.

"Yeah." He says. I slowly walk in fiddling with my fingers.

"Want to see the bathroom?" He asks. I raise a brown bit nod. Why would be bring me here! I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the dam world. He opens it and the whiteness from the room blinds me for a second. It's better than the one with the girls.

"Wow. You have everything." I say looking around with my hands together clipping my nails.

"Yeah." He says looking at me.

We stare at each other for a good couple of seconds until I look away. I look at my phone and it's almost ten.

"Crap. I really have to go. I have a curfew. And I need to get up early. I have breakfast at 8:29." He frowns.

"Oh too bad. We'll it was nice meeting you Chanel." He says as we shake hands. I look into those green eyes.

"Nice meeting you two." I smile and we exit. He leads me to the elevator where the guards stare at me. I look away feeling like I'm going to be in so much trouble.

"Well, see you in the morning." He says as I get in and press the the is floor.

"Bye." I wave shyly as the door closes taking his gaze off of me. I grab my chest falling back to the wall. I close my eyes and inhale and exhale deeply. Did that just really freaking happen!


"Where were you I was texting you?" Carmen says scolding me already of being gone for a long time.

"I was. Walking around and I got lost. A worker helped me find my way back. It's no biggie." I say walking past her and slumping on the bed. It loosens my muscles.

"Liar. She probably went looking for one of the boys?" Caroline says. I roll my eyes. I can't tell them I meet Harry again and had a normal conversation and that he showed me his room. It would kill them and me.

"Say whatever you want. I'm tired I'm going to sleep." I say rolling over and covering myself. With that I hope they are satisfied.

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