As Petals Fall

The Seers are going mad. The Darkness is rising. The one true hope in the world lies in someone lost forever.
The Girl will discover how dangerous she is.
The Boy might destroy everything we know.
The world is falling and a band of Protectors must be gathered.


2. A Start

A Start 

11 Years Later, February 14

 The wind blew across the tops of the trees. Every type of tree and flower surrounded me was glowing with strength. I sat in a white gazebo with small white wire table and chairs. In front of me was pink lemonade and a plate of strawberries filled with a cream. At my feet there was a rusty watering can filled with water. It felt nice to rest after taking care of the morning chores.

Taking the last sip of lemonade I stood up. Grabbing the can I headed out the gazebo and toward the rose bush.  The rose bush was never cut or pruned. It never needed it. All year around the roses stayed the exact same brightness and fully bloomed. I poured the water around the base of the bush and began to hum. It was a song my father sung when I was little. He said it helped the flowers grow.

Smiling sadly I placed the empty can at the base of the bush and turned around. Now chores were completely finished. Time to start my studies. Walking back over for the tray of lemonade and strawberries, I headed to the back door to my house. Setting the tray on the redwood steps I leaned over and and turned the sprinklers on. Little rainbows danced through the garden. It all grew so beautifully. Tall sunflowers caught my eye. They were in the very back next to the wooden fence.

 A chill ran through my spine as I turned away from the flowers. It felt like a warning but I brushed it off. They were never right about anything. Entering my house, I hurried toward the kitchen. I had completely loss track of time.  Placing the strawberries and the lemonade in the ice box I placed the rest in the sink. Going out into the hall I headed toward the front door. There was a mirror on the right side and a hat stand across from it. I stopped and stared at the reflection.

There was a girl of sixteen with pale skin with freckles dotting her cheeks. My curly dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a loose bun where strands of hair escaped it. I smiled at myself. I never looked as pretty as my flowers but I liked to think I was accepted despite my appearance. Suddenly there was a sharp ring that echoed throughout the house. I leaped back hitting the hall wall. My breath escaped me and everything in me screamed hide. I'd never ever had....the door bell still worked? Then there was three sharp knocks and I could hear the tapping of a very impatient person. I swallowed my fear, let my hair out of a bun, and composed myself. The raw metal door handle's cold sting seemed yet another warning. Ignoring it, I opened the heavy wooden door.

Two people? Two persons? Two things stood outside my door. A girl's foot tapped up and down on the wooden porch and the boy glanced behind him. The girl had golden wings that rustled impatiently. I smiled at them. 

"Hello!" I opened the door all the way.

 "This is the house of Pedro Jakins, right?" Asked the girl. Her blonde hair tumbled down her shoulders and her golden eyes looked at me hopefully. She wore tight jeans and boots with a platted gold shirt that looked more like armor. Something bubbled inside me. Then turned to stone sinking in my gut. My shoulders lifted with my smile. I haven't heard my father's name in a while.

 "Yes, yes it is!" I moved aside and waved them in. They glanced at each other but accepted my invitation. I quickly closed the door behind them.

I lead them to the gazebo. "Dear me, you stranger's must be parched after a long journey. What would you like we have raspberry wildflower or pink lemonade? Would you like some apples or grapes or strawberries? I'm you host please don't be afraid to ask!" I said in a hurry pulling out a wire chair for them.

 "Whatever you have made already is fine." The girl said sitting down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her ruffle her golden wings in anxiety. I nodded quickly and glanced at the boy. He was staring in awe at his surroundings pushing his curly brown hair back. He wore a white shirt under a leather jacket and had on blue ripped jeans with biker boots.

Nodding and almost at run, I headed to the kitchen and grabbed three glasses. Setting them on the tray I quickly grabbed the pitcher from the ice box and the strawberries. I headed slower this time back out to the gazebo. The strangers straightened up when I approached. 

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