As Petals Fall

The Seers are going mad. The Darkness is rising. The one true hope in the world lies in someone lost forever.
The Girl will discover how dangerous she is.
The Boy might destroy everything we know.
The world is falling and a band of Protectors must be gathered.


1. Prologue


11 Years Ago, February 14

  Impatiently I sat watching a murky brown pot. It really was the ugliest pot we had. However it was the only pot not being used. The pot sat on my windowsill soaking in the full white moon. My sheer curtains blew toward me in the bitter wind. It is worth the wait, dad had said.

With a puff of frustration I fell back onto my bedding. My bed bounced up and down and a idea sprung into head. If I helped it, it would bloom faster! Scrambling off my bed I hobbled over to the window. Shivering a bit I smiled and pushed a stool over to step on. Looking into the pot I saw the black soil was soaked with water. It was still at the first stage. My smile faded.

Glancing around my moonlit room, I focused on the pot and placed a finger in the soil. Immediately my hand began to glow. I jumped back in shock falling on the floor. My white nightgown spotted with black soil. The pot glowed with the white light and something that looked like a rose, rose from the soil. My eyes widen with joy as I watched my Moon Flower glow with the same brightness as the moon.

Unable to hold my joy I ran out my bedroom door, running down the stairs, and into dad's study. My joy popped with what I saw. Dad's body slumped in his chair and his head laid on the desk. His brown hair now was green and his skin turned a black color. I didn't scream. I knew what had happened. His skin had brushed up against a poisonous plant earlier. He had said he had a day left. He should still be alive. Dirt scattered on his desk and he clung to a clipping of the leaf. 

 "Dad?" I asked uncertainly. There were cases that said the person had lived. Dad was trying to make a cure. Something fell silently down my cheek. "Oh Daddy..." Walking over to the desk I looked at the leaf in his hand. My hand slowly rose and I took it from his hand. My vision blurred. Wiping my face on my sleeve I noticed my hand had begun to glow green. Opening my glowing palm, the leaf turned into a bloody red rose bulb. Sniffling, I walked out of the study and headed to the backyard. Closing my eyes I wondered through the yard tears falling silently down my face. My feet grew tired and I stopped. Kneeing on the ground I began to plant the bulb in my hand.

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