The Phoenix

Loukas Son of Hermes is offered a dangerous task that Zeus has given him and his father Hermes to complete for him. Loukas knows he has been chosen because of his performance in changing his fate by accepting Theseus's offer in helping with killing the Minotaur. But every act has it's consequences whether it's for the enemy or not but because of Loukas's choice the fates have changed his future by giving him something that no mortal has been given before and something that will never be given to another mortal again. A second life to prove his worth to the gods.


4. The Oracle of Delphi

 A message and a free Phoenix from Hecate? What the hell was going here? Then the Phoenix gazed into my eyes for a few seconds and in a flash I blacked out and when my eyes opened I was see through like I was a ghost. I looked around myself I was on a mountain that was completely cover in darkness. The only thing I could see was the side of the mountain and I noticed that the chunk I was on had three claw shaped rocks that curved from below the small ledge with a pile of dead corpses of fallen legendary monsters and at the top was the corpse of the Minotaur. His corpse looked fresh but the ones below him started getting more and more rotten like it was representing a timeline. There where beasts that I had no idea even existed, like for instance some type of lion with a scorpion tail. i din't even know how to describe the other creatures.

"Excellent," said a sour voice from behind the pile "He knows, of our work of the Legendary beasts."

"What should we do to his fate sisters?" said another sour voice but this one was more high pitched than the first.

"He has changed not only Theseus's fate also his own." said another voice but more deeper than the first voice.

 And then I wished I was still impaled by the Minotaur because what I saw next was more horrifying than the Minotaur. Three old ladies came out. They each had but a few strings of hair on their heads and their skin was a really dark grayish color. They where each wearing old ripped black robes. They had bare feet and hands and their nails were long and gross and old. And then it hit me, these where the three fates or the grey sisters. They where just barely smaller than me. One of the sisters had an eyeball in her hand and I figured that was how they see the future.

And then they spoke together at the same time in front of me "If you would like a prophecy then travel to Mount Olympus to meet us here for your fate or you can travel to the island of Delphi, destroy the guardian beast, and retrieve a prophecy from Apollo himself."

 This was a tough choice but like always there was a trick to finding out the answer. I had to think but how, how could I get my future while getting my prophecy? And then I thought of a way.

"Alright, I've made up my mind now send me back to the ship," I ordered the fates.

"Very well," the one in the middle said "We will send you back, and we will be expecting you." And then she snapped her fingers and I woke up on the front of the ship on the ground. Everyone was were they were when I passed out so I figured that the fates or someone must have paused time while I was out. I stood up and stared at the Phoenix who was gazing at me with it's beautiful blue eyes. I got a piece of paper the same size as the one from the Phoenix. Which reminds me I need to name him. I think I'll name him Inferno. I found a piece of paper below deck and some ink and a feather from one of the sailors. I wrote on the paper, rolled it up, and tied it to Inferno's leg and whispered next to his ear (if he had any) "To the fates on Mount Olympus." And I guessed it worked because he engulfed himself in blue and then red flames and flew off into the distance.

"Where's he going?" asked Lucia as she came from behind me.

I jumped and said "Jeez don't do that."

"Well if we're going to be family you should get used to it," she said smiling. I guess she was right. "So," she said "are you going to answer my question?"

"Ya, I sent him to deliver a message to someone," I told her. She looked up at me and said "Loukas, now that I know who your father is where's your mother?" she asked.

"My mother died when I was little. We were fishing and a storm hit us and we thought that we could get out but the boat was capsized. My mother got stuck in the nets under the boat and I didn't have a knife and I just lost her." I explained. Lucia looked at me and said "I'm so sorry."

"Ya well we all lose someone sooner or later." I said remembering that that was the same thing I said to Theseus. Then a flash of red then blue came from the setting son and I saw Inferno lit up and returning to the boat. When he landed I saw that a gold string was wrapped around a new letter, probably from the fates. I opened it up and silently read it to myself and Lucia decided to read it quietly over my shoulder. "Loukas, Son of Hermes, we understand that you wish to cheat us and learn your future and get the prophecy at the same time. Go to Delphi and retrieve your prophecy and we give you a piece of our precious string of life. If you ever come into another situation were you can't decide then clump this in your hand, close your eyes, and the string will instantly show you what will happen depending on what path you choose. But take heed, for you only have three uses and once you use it up it will disappear and one mortal at random will be killed, even we don't know who will be killed. It could be you or even your closest friend. Good Luck and may the gods be with you."

 Lucia breathed in heavily and almost passed out because I didn't hear her breath for about a minute. I looked at her with fear and shock and when she looked back at me she had a horrified look of fear on her face. I didn't have to be a son of the smartest person ever to know what she was thinking. Finally Jason broke the silence and asked "Hey guys, when did you get a Phoenix?"

"Hecate sent it to me." I told him "She decided to help us because I guess she wanted to and she was also probably bored."

"Oh, well that works." he said as though Inferno was his.

 Days past until we finally reached Athens and in the distance, miles away I saw a mountain that was so large it could have been higher than the clouds. Then a flash of gold came from near the top of the mountain for an instant, and then it was instantly gone. And then I saw the piece of ledge where the fates where with the three white marble claws. It looked like the mountain had an albino eagle's foot halfway up the mountain facing towards the top. As we were coming into the bay I saw something falling from the top of the highest cliff and at first I thought it was just some rocks nut that was when I heard the scream coming from that direction and I knew that someone had jumped off the cliff. As we docked in the bay I heard the citizens whispering "Theseus is back? I thought he was dead because his father jumped off a cliff today."

 Oh shit, I thought, what if Theseus finds out? Will he get drunk and fall off a cliff? This is serious and I needed to make sure Theseus either didn't find out and jump off a cliff when he does or find out and let him go on a rampage, kill lots of people and jump off a cliff because of all the rage. This is serious and I needed to do something. I came up with an idea quick but then I heard the sound of a drunk son of Poseidon coming down the ramp from the ship. I turned around and at first I didn't even recognize him. His armor was off and he had a blue tunic, or was his vomit from eating blueberries? his sword was strapped to his side but with the hilt was facing behind him, his hair looked like a rat's nest with a swollen forehead that was bleeding probably from continuously banging his head on the wall.

"What the hell happened to you Theseus?" I asked him.

"Life, that's what happened." he said with hatred.

"Listen Theseus, we need to talk." I told him "It's about your father, your step father."

He looked at the sail and he cursed him self for some reason. We went down below deck to his room which was no better than before. Still destroyed.

"It's my fault he's dead," Theseus said with disgust "I had to put up a white sail if the Minotaur has been killed, but I got distracted with Ariadne that I forgot."

 I had no idea what to think, I guess I should believe him because I helped him in his quest. I walked out of the room I heard Theseus talking to someone but it wasn't to me. I stopped and held my ear against the wall after he shut the door.

"Yes it is my fault the king of Athens is dead, but I was distracted." Theseus said as though he wished to yell. And then I heard a women's voice.

"That is enough said," the women said. Her voice sounded very similar Lucia's and then I remembered that she said that she was a demigod to, but what she didn't say was who her godly parent was, which really got me thinking now but the women wasn't done talking yet. "You shall come with me to the gray sister's to help decide your fate."

Then Theseus roared with hatred, fear, and a hint of bravery "To hell with that Athena, I'd rather go down fighting a god then go on a quest with one or any of their children!" then I heard him draw his sword and what happened next almost scared me as much as Lucia did the morning we left that small island.

"Then you shall burn in the fields of Punishment for your actions!" yelled the goddess. Then I heard Theseus yell as though the Minotaur had slaughtered him in an instant. The door burst open and on the inside of the door was a burnt shape of a shield with a design of Medusa on the front which made me shield my eyes and run back above deck. Lucia and Jason were getting ready leave for the Island of Delphi and when they saw my face it was like they wanted to shield their eyes but what I didn't notice was that I was glowing white.

"What in the name of the gods?" yelled Jason. Lucia slowly revealed her eyes which were sparkling blue now like a diamond. Inferno looked at me from the railing as though he was saying "Oh god not again." Then he looked into my eyes directly and I heard a faint voice in my head like someone was talking to me saying "Finally you can hear me," and when I looked away I didn't hear anything but when I looked back at Inferno I heard a teenage girl's voice saying "Hello Loukas, I know that you named me Inferno, but my real name is actually Clarisse, so I would prefer that you call me that, Hecate took my future soul and turned it into this form." said Clarisse.

"Wow, uh, okay then, well Clarisse, sorry for getting your name and gender mixed up." I told Clarisse.

"No worries, Loukas," she told me "So, would you like me to take you to the Temple of Delphi to get your prophecy?"

 I had no idea what to think. My new friend can speak to me when I make eye contact. Now that was cool. And now she was offering to take my friends and I to our designated location which was probably miles away? Now that is freaking awesome.

"Alright," I said " but there are three of us and I don't see how you can carry all three of us at the same time." Clarisse glared at me and said "Tell your friends to look at me when I say so and just before sunset we'll travel there in an instant."

 I nodded and walked away towards Lucia and Jason. I knew that sunset was not long so I had to get them to look at Clarisse.

"Hey guys," I said to them, they both looked up at me "Okay guys Inferno can speak to me with her mind if I make eye contact, she's a girl and her name is actually Clarisse, and we have to look at her before sunset so she can send us to the Temple of Delphi."

 They both looked at me puzzled and by the looks on their faces they had no idea what to think but they had to believe me. Maybe I could bribe them but I had nothing to bribe with. I was in trouble when Lucia said "Okay, but let's eat before we do because I'm starving."

"Me too." Jason said as though he woke up from a nap.

"Damn, that was easy." I said with relief. Then Clarisse looked up at me and nodded as though I had just lied and she knew.

"What?" I asked her.

 It was almost sunset so I figured that while I wait I would look at Athens for a little bit. There was one cliff which made a "c" shape which made bay but what I didn't know was that there was an extremely small canyon that went right down the middle of the cliff which was really good for just like in case the city was attacked and they couldn't be overrun easily because the bottom of the cliffs where missing which formed a sort of ledge shape which was good for cover against enemies on the cliffs. The city itself was pretty well defended as well because each building was made of stone into the shape of squares, the walls where extremely large made of stone as well and what scared me the most was that men were carving the face of Medusa on the outer side of the walls which must have been in honor of Athena and meant to scare enemies. The city was built on a tiny mountain because large circular house in the middle of the city higher than the rest of the houses.

 Then I heard Lucia and Jason coming up from below deck. Lucia had a bronze sword strapped to her side and she had a gray tunic with a bronze shield strapped to her back and she had tied her hair into a ponytail. She had found some spare bronze armor because when she came up she looked like a completely different person. Jason was looking prepared as well. He had a new purple tunic with iron armor strapped on. Jason also had a bronze shield strapped to his back but he also had an all bronze seven foot javelin in his right hand and two daggers strapped to his back.

Then I heard Clarisse's voice in my head "Gaze at me and I shall make you a warrior ten times stronger than the Minotaur, this is the power I have been given by the gods." I looked in her eyes, nodded and said "Okay, let's do this." Then we gazed in each other's eyes and I closed my eyes, and when I opened them it was the most amazing thing that had ever happened. I had a green tunic on with silver armor. I was holding a silver helmet between my arm and waist that was the shape of the Minotaur head and my shoulder was completely healed. I had a bronze sword strapped to my side with a me sized battle ax just like the Minotaur's. The blades where in the shape of the omega symbol and were made of what looked like iron as one blade and bronze as the other. I had silver sandals with white wings on each side of each of them, and they were actual wings because in just a matter of seconds I was hovering in the air and I nearly did a back flip but somehow I knew how to control them and I finally landed the amazing sandals.

"I personal gift from your father," said Clarisse in my head "He said that to control them just think of how you wish to fly."

"Tell him I said thank you, please?" I pleaded with Clarisse. She nodded in response and said "Also thank Athena for giving you her symbol as a shield." What? Athena gave us an owl as her shield? But when I looked at the outside of the shield it had the face of Medusa on it like the door after Theseus's death. "Ya, go ahead." I told Clarisse. Now down to business.

"Clarisse, would you like to start the quest for us?" I asked Clarisse. She nodded, once again she was engulfed in blue flames and then instantly red flames, then a flash of light blinded the three of us for a few seconds and then we weren't on the ship any more. We were at a swampy beach really thick fog with swamp puddles only a few feet wide. I put the helmet on and instantly I felt indestructible. One of the horns was the actual horn that impaled me through my shoulder. We began to walk around the swamp in a "V" formation with Jason in front and Lucia and I in the back. After hours of walking around the foggy swamp we came to a small lake about the size of the giant wooden horse used in the Trojan war. We saw a small cave entrance on the other side and on our side was a warning sign that read Welcome to the Temple of Delphi. All who defeat guardian may enter with guaranteed safe passage.

"What guardian?" asked Jason "The only guardian I see is this small lake." And that was when I wished that he hadn't opened his big mouth because in five different spots in the water there were bubbles as though five men were ascending from the water but what came out was no man. Instead five silver King Cobras the size of the Minotaur's arms came out when when they came out they weren't just snakes because as they kept ascending the tails started getting closer and closer to each other until as the tails ascended I realized that they weren't tails, they were necks, necks and heads to the silver serpent two times the size of the Minotaur. It had the body of a dragon with wet silvery scales all over it's body. When I saw the whole beast rise from the water I moved in front of Jason and called to the Legendary Hydra in ancient Greek.

Ύδρα , δαίμονας της κόλασης , θα τελειώσει τη ζωή σας και θα σας στείλουμε πίσω στα βάθη της Τάρταρα να σαπίζουν για την αιωνιότητα !      

Which was Greek for "Hydra, demon of hell, we shall end your life and send you back to the depths of Tartarus to rot for eternity!" The beast roared with anger and disagreement and the middle head breathed fire at me but I got my shield in front of myself just in time because I could feel the heat of the fire, but then I just remembered about my most recent gift. I jumped at the hydra and called out to the others "Come on I don't want to be the only one killing all the big monsters!" And then as I dodged the heads, fire and teeth the hydra roared which sounded like a mix between a crying baby and a howling wolf. I looked down and the hydra was missing a head and the stub was smoking and started to split and instantly started to regrow to more heads to replace the lost one. Now we were dealing with a six no seven headed hydra because Jason decided to chop off another one.

"No! Stop Jason you're only making it worse!" I yelled to him. But he couldn't hear and I saw the hydra use it's huge hand to grab Lucia. I yelled to Jason "Throw me your spear! Now!" he saw what was happening and threw to me. I caught it between my arm and waist, flew towards Lucia, sheathed my sword and grabbed the spear in my hand. Before I reached Lucia she fell backwards fighting off the hydra and when I got to her I got under the hydra's hand and stuck Jason's spear as far up the hydra's arm as I could and broke it's arm. I pulled out the spear and threw it to Jason and called out to him saying "Thanks!"

"No problem" he replied.

I grabbed Lucia's hand and pulled her up saying "Watch yourself."

"Thanks." she said.

"Hey, uh, guys, I hope I'm not interupting something important but I could use some help right now." he yelled as he was insulting the hydra and stabbing it's chest, but, that was it! Each creature has a heart, so all I have to do is pierce the heart!

"Lucia I need you to cover me," I said "Just keep it distracted as long as you guys can.

"Gotcha." she said.

"Jason trade weapons! I know how to kill this thing!" I yelled to him just as he dodged the hydra's razor sharp claw.

He threw his spear at me as I threw him mine. We both caught the weapons and after I saw Lucia and Jason insulting the hydra making sure that I wasn't caught. I flew up as high as I could to where hydra was like an ant. I strapped my shield to my back, tightly gripped the spear with both hands, and willed the flying sandals to go straight down faster than falling and as I flew down I held the point of the spear down and away from me. Then something happened, I saw hat the hydra heads were looking up at me spiraling towards me hissing and breathing fire. I yelled as I saw the hydra get on it's back legs just waiting for me to land right inside it's mouth but instead of getting me as it's last meal, it got mouthfuls of a bronze spear and a show of a fifteen year old dressed as a silver Minotaur yelling as he fell from the sky and pierced each of the heads and eventually the heart right behind the heads in the middle of the torso. And as all of this was happening I quietly said to myself "Happy Birthday," and yelled at the top of my lungs to the hydra "SYONARA SUCKEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!" and I tried to land in a kneeling position but landed wrong and accidentally did a tuck'n roll but got stuck under the dead hydra heads.

When I got up and out of the corpse of the hydra I heard a girl crying and when I looked around dazed and surprised I survived that, I grabbed the spear and followed the direction of the crying which was coming from in front of the cave. I saw Jason and Lucia sitting next to each other and Lucia was crying probably because she thought I was dead.

I called out saying "HEY, did you even bother to check if I was alive?"

Lucia got up, almost stopped crying and jumped to me just to hug me and say "Don't you ever do that to me again Thief King."

"Really? Thief King?" I asked her. She smiled.

 I hugged her back just so that she wasn't sad and at first when I saw Jason I thought that she was already with him but when I looked at him just now he nodded as though he was just answering all of my questions with one nod. "You know today is a special day today." I told her.

"Why is that?" she asked but almost instantly caught up, gently smacked my shoulder and whispered in my ear "Happy Birthday Thief King."

I smiled at her and then kissed her until Jason broke the silence saying "Hey! You know we have a quest to complete?"

"Sorry, we're coming." I yelled back.

The we all walked into the cave one at a time while Jason and I gave each other's weapons back. The cave was dark at first but after a few minutes of walking in the cave it seemed more like a tunnel that was man made. When we reached the end of the tunnel we came into a small square marble room room with half melted candles almost everywhere except for the walkway to a small sheep cloth with a redheaded woman sleeping on it. Her back was to us but she was wearing a green dress that was just a little bit longer than her feet. She woke up and turned at us. I nearly bolted out into the cave because it was somehow his mother! She still had glowing green eyes but also a broken nose, two black eyes, and her lips were bleeding like she was scratching them until she didn't have lips anymore. She stood up and smiled at us and said "Congratulations warriors, you have personally met The Oracle of Delphi."


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