The Phoenix

Loukas Son of Hermes is offered a dangerous task that Zeus has given him and his father Hermes to complete for him. Loukas knows he has been chosen because of his performance in changing his fate by accepting Theseus's offer in helping with killing the Minotaur. But every act has it's consequences whether it's for the enemy or not but because of Loukas's choice the fates have changed his future by giving him something that no mortal has been given before and something that will never be given to another mortal again. A second life to prove his worth to the gods.


1. The Minotaur

 I never thought I would feel death so early in my life. I was a short kid for being fourteen. I had short blonde hair with a dark-brown shading in my hair. I had brown eyes so dark that most people could mistake them for black if they didn't have enough light. I saw the entrance of the Labyrinth about twenty yards ahead. The other civilians where slowly walking on the stone pathway. Guards on either side of the pathway were standing like small statues of Ares the God of War but with color. They had red tunics under silver armor. Silver sandals with gold straps were worn on their feet. They had silver helmets with bronze outlines and each of them were equipped with a steel sword and a bronze shield with a spike in the middle for riot control and excellent defense.

 As I was walking with the other civilians I noticed that there was someone here who I thought I would never see in my life. Then again I didn't think the end of my life would be on the day I turned eighteen. The man was strange for someone reason he had a satisfied face as though he knew what he was doing. He had long black curly hair almost down to his shoulders he had strange sea-green eyes. His smile cold and filled with evil but still had that look like he had no fear. He was allowed to wear bronze spartan armor and he had a sword strapped to his side. He had a torn white robe and with that armor it made him look like he just got back from fighting an army of Romans all by himself. I had never seen a man before in my life who had this much confidence. 

 I finally got the guts to ask him his name "Who are you?" I asked. "Theseus, Son of Poseidon." said the man "My father has sent me to defeat the abomination that he has created." said Theseus.

 " You are a silent one," he said "What is your name?" he asked. "Loukas" I told him. "You look familiar," he said in a strange way " Who is your father, if you mind me asking?" said Theseus.

 I stared blankly into the darkness of the Labyrinth and said "I don't know, all I know is that he left with his family when I was born and he never returned. My mother died ten years ago while we where fishing, the boat wasn't strong enough to resist the storm that hit us and she was never found." I told him.

 As we walked into the Labyrinth the gates shut behind us and we where stuck in the Labyrinth with five other men and seven women. The walls and floor where made of stone that had a blackish shade to it.The darkness was over whelming just as my mother described the Underworld. I don't know how she would know what the underworld was like if she had never been there. My mother was always strange because she would always teach me to do manly things but she never helped. She always had these strange glowing green eyes and for some reason she was blind which gave me plenty of time and privacy to practice my one good skill. Stealing.

"Did you hear that?" one of the women said. She was a blonde with faint red lips with a broken nose, sky blue eyes except she also had a black eye. Her dress was perfect though neat with hardly any dirt on it except for some blood on it. If I was correct her name was Lucia. I went to school with her before we were thrown into this hellish mess.

"No," said another man "Wait, yes I do hear it." the man said.

"What is it?" I finally asked.

"It's him," said Theseus "He knows we're here."

"Who knows where here?" asked Lucia.

"The Minotaur," I said as bravely as I could but it was nearly impossible since I was trembling with fear.

 "Hey, where did the other people go?" asked the man.

 We heard screams, we all nearly ran except for Theseus but then we slowly went back to him. I guess that we all thought that it was best to stay with the only man who had a weapon here. Then we heard the most horrifying sound anyone of us might have ever heard so far, even Theseus because when the roar came even he jumped with a horrified face. The sound was like ten men yelling at the same time but instead it was the sound of a bull. The roar echoed for so long that for as long as it lasted it sounded like the Minotaur was right behind you.

"Theseus, how can you smile at a time like this?" asked the man.

"Because," said Theseus, he pulled something out of his tunic that looked like a ball of yarn "I have the key to escaping this labyrinth. "Now Loukas I need you to do something for me."

 I had no idea what Theseus's plan was but if this meant that they would get out of here alive then he was willing to do it. Originally the guards would double check for any weapons on the civilians that where sent in with the Minotaur but this time they should have checked three times because as the guard took my knife I stole it back from him as his back was turned. He specifically followed Theseus's instructions to keep taking the paths to the right to get to the center of the Labyrinth where the Minotaur sleeps. Then he heard a man scream from back the way he came. Gods he hoped it wasn't Theseus. 

 I came into a large circular room made of white marble. I counted at least twenty marble pillars in a circular shape each about thirty feet high. Blood was splattered all over the walls and pillars. And in the center of the room was The Minotaur lying on the ground sleeping with his back towards us. Then he rolled over and I almost jumped at the sight of his front side. He was easily ten feet tall with a loincloth wrapped around his waist. He had the legs of a bull, torso of a man and his hands where replaced with dragon hands and had razor sharp claws. His head was the head of a bull with horns two times the size of his head and he had black hair all around his whole body. And the scariest thing was the weapon he had. It was a dual-bladed battle ax and each blade was in the shape of the omega.

 Lucia had just came into the room and screamed so loud that the Minotaur woke up and glared at us with anger, hate, and it looked like he was starving so bad that if he didn't eat anything within the hour then he would die. He charged at us horns first. I rolled between his huge legs and stabbed his left thigh. Theseus sliced it's cheek with his sword and caused it to run into a pillar and brought it down in one charge. Lucia ran behind a pillar trying not to scream and then I just realized that the Minotaur forgot his weapon. I tried to pick it up and amazingly for it's size it was fairly light only enough to drag it across the ground. I tied the end of the ball of yarn to my wrist.

"Theseus keep him distracted while I give ourselves the advantage," he nodded and used the hilt of his sword and banged my knife deeper into the Minotaur's thigh which definitely made him mad.

 I knew this was the perfect opportunity to run around the pillars being careful not to trip over the yarn. I put the ax between the two closest pillars I could find and when I was done bobbing and weaving around the two pillars and I yelled at the Minotaur saying "Hey ugly bull face, if you wanted to kill us faster you should have grabbed your weapon!!" and then he limped over by me, grabbed his weapon but what he didn't see was that the blades where stuck on the pillars and that the yarn was somewhat helping the ax from being easily taken. Theseus jumped towards the Minotaur and tried decapitate him but the Minotaur just swung his arm and knocked back into another pillar. It was up to me to kill him or else nobody would kill him except for maybe Theseus.

 He gripped his weapon tightly while sawing the pillars and when he finally got it free my plan had worked for once and the two pillars toppled on top of him. At first he din't move but when I went around and pulled my dagger out of his thigh he roared which scared me because I was right under him. He bolted into a charge and fell back down almost instantly and made another pillar crash on top of him. This time when he got back up something was different about him and I noticed that one of his horns was ripped off and I just then noticed that it was at my feet. I picked up the horn and held it as a dagger and I said "You want your horn back? Come and get it ugly bull face." He charged while roaring with his incredibly loud roar and as his head was right in front of me I stabbed the top of his head with his horn and slit his throat with my dagger. He knocked me back roughly twenty feet but when I finally got up I realized that the Minotaur was back on the ground and wasn't getting back up.

 Again one of his horns was missing and I realized that I had a terrible pain in my shoulder and felt something that felt like a really dislocated bone and when I looked at my shoulder the Minotaur's other horn had impaled my shoulder to where you could barely see the tip from the back and I blacked out with the horn still in my shoulder. When I woke up I saw Theseus talking with the crew about getting away as fast as they could. He still had his armor on so it obviously meant that it was the same day. It was night time and I could see the beautiful night sky. The ship we were on was meant for only a crew of about ten people. I nearly jumped when I noticed Lucia sitting next to me staring at me like she was waiting for me to wake up. I tried to sit up but instantly fell back down because I had almost forgot that stupid bull face penetrated my shoulder with his one good horn.

"Sit down Loukas you've been out all day and you need to rest." said Lucia.

"Thanks," I said " Where are we?" I asked.

"We're on our way to Theseus's home in Athens away from Crete." she told me.

 Athens I thought, I've always wanted to go there. But then I passed out and almost immediately had a dream and the thing that surprised me more about my dream was that a strange man with white robes and golden sandals on his feet appeared. The man seemed familiar somehow but he had a strange white glow around him and said "Fear not my son for I come with a message."

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