The Phoenix

Loukas Son of Hermes is offered a dangerous task that Zeus has given him and his father Hermes to complete for him. Loukas knows he has been chosen because of his performance in changing his fate by accepting Theseus's offer in helping with killing the Minotaur. But every act has it's consequences whether it's for the enemy or not but because of Loukas's choice the fates have changed his future by giving him something that no mortal has been given before and something that will never be given to another mortal again. A second life to prove his worth to the gods.


2. A message

 I had no idea what to think. A strange man appears in m dreams and tells me I'm his son? And I thought the Minotaur was weird enough.

 He had short brown hair combed to the side with dark brown eyes. He also had a green cape that had two green snakes around the front of his neck slithering around each other like DNA to hold the cape up.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"Hermes, Son of Zeus, God of thieves and travels," said Hermes "And I have a message for you from Zeus and his brother Poseidon."

 A message from Zeus and Poseidon for me? What have I done except for help Theseus defeat the Minotaur to deserve a message from the great Zeus and Poseidon? Then again I was apparently the son of Hermes. How in the hell was I supposed to get all this through my brain at one time? Then I spoke to Hermes again.

"What is this message that you bring to me?" I asked Hermes.

"Well then it is nothing more than an invitation for a quest for Zeus." said Hermes. He pulled out a silver staff from behind his back. It was a long two maybe three foot silver staff with a pair of wings at the top and halfway up from the bottom there where two silver snakes swirling around each other to the top (seriously what is it with this guy and snakes). He gently tapped my head and instantly I heard two booming voices that almost reminded me of the Minotaur's roar. They said in the booming voices "Loukas Castellan, Son of Hermes, Your father is here to give this message to you. Poseidon and I have given our full attention to you because you helped Poseidon's son in his quest to destroy the Minotaur. Yes, we are aware of that Poseidon is the fault of the deaths of all those youths, but what we are really interested in is your performance in a fight with deadly creatures such as the Minotaur. So if you accept our offer for this quest then tell your father Hermes and he will discuss the rest with you. Good luck to you for the rest of your life."

"What kind of quest?" I asked "Is it a quest where I get a prophecy and have to save the world, like on of those?"

"No," he said in a sad voice "It's to save a mortal woman that Zeus has fallen in love with, yes I know it sounds ridiculous but Zeus lectured me about it being his immortal life and he can do what he wants." "Unfortunately, Hera thinks differently." he said in a relieved voice.

"Well that's what Zeus gets for being so pathetic." I told Hermes.

 Then I felt the boat shake and heard lightning and thunder. 

"Did we hit a storm?" I asked Hermes.

"Worse," he said "You literally pissed of the storm if you know what I mean."

I nodded. "So why can't Zeus just save the woman on his own if he loves her more than Hera?" I asked him.

"Because when Hera created the dragon she blessed it with the ability to be immune to Zeus and anything he does to him," Hermes explained.

"Wait dragon?" I asked "And, he?"

"Yes, when Hera created the dragon she named him Argos the hundred eyed dragon. It will always have some eyes open so that is why Zeus has asked you and me to lure Argos to sleep. Every single eye must be asleep and when all eyes are closed you will slay the beast to free the woman that Zeus is in love with." said Hermes with a disgusted voice.

 I din't know what to think, a dragon with a hundred eyes? How are we to make Argos a hundred eyed dragon go to sleep with every eye closed? It sounded impossible but then I knew how to make it possible.

"I accept." I told Hermes.

"Good, because I bet that Zeus wouldn't allow you to deny him." said Hermes "Give me a location near Athens so that I can have an ally to assist you on your journey."

"Would it be okay if I choose two people to begin the journey with me and pick up another ally on my way to the temple of Delphi?" I asked Hermes.

"Well I suppose, but if you plan on meeting the oracle I highly doubt that you will get past the creature guarding the oracle." he said.

"Just get Apollo to meet me at the temple of Delphi and then we'll talk about how to defeat Argos." I told Hermes.

 He nodded and faded away until he vanished. I woke up to Lucia putting a cold wet cloth on my forehead. I noticed that my shoulder was finally wrapped in bondage, probably because I just got impaled by a freaking ten foot tall bull faced Minotaur.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

"Loukas, do you even know how long you where out for?" she asked me.

 And that was when I realized that we weren't on the ship anymore. We where on an island that was fairly flat but as much as I could tell it must have been miles across but extremely thin. I saw Theseus about twenty yards away talking with a beautiful woman with lips as bright as roses with eyes that were as green as grass. She had brownish hair but streaks of bright red hair that was so long it went down past her shoulder's.

"Where are we?" I asked Lucia "And who did Theseus pick up?"

Lucia laughed "That is King Minos's daughter Ariadne, not as nice as she looks." she said.

"Why is that?" I asked as I tried to stand up but remembered that I got impaled by a three foot long bull horn.

Lucia answered with a disgusted voice filled with hatred "Because, Loukas, she's greedy and forced Theseus to take her with him after he killed the Minotaur just so that her father wouldn't kill her."

"Hmm, no surprise, I met a girl once who wouldn't even leave her house unless she had four strong men at her side to protect her but honestly I think she just wanted to have four buff men walking with her." I told her.

 She smiled and for some reason I felt like I knew her before the Labyrinth, but that didn't matter. I knew eventually I had to tell her my new secret that wouldn't be a secret for long.

I whispered in her "Do you think you could get Theseus and bring him over here? I need to talk to both of you privately."

"Okay." She said and she was off. About five minutes later she returned with Theseus. For some reason he had a surprised look on his face when Lucia returned.

"So what is it you need to speak to us about?" asked Theseus with a questioning voice.

"After I woke up on the ship I fell asleep." I told them.

"Good for you kid but seriously what did you need to tell us?" he said as he interrupted.

"As I was saying, when I fell asleep on the ship I had a visit from someone." I said "Hermes visited me and he gave me a message from Zeus and Poseidon. They explained to me who my father was."

Lucia and Theseus sat down in front of me with puzzled looks on their faces.

Finally Lucia asked "Well who is it? Who's you're father?"

I looked up at them and said "Hermes, I'm a son of the god of thieves."

 They both had looks on their faces that looked like a mix between happy, horrified and puzzled. I didn't know what to think either but I figured that I should tell them that we need to get this quest done for Zeus before he gets mad. Then I told them that the quest was to kill a hundred eyed dragon named Argos. When I thought of how we where going to kill Argos and come out of this alive. But then I just remembered something that could be valuable on our trip. My mother always told me about a legendary bird known as the Phoenix. It is said to have healing powers and when it dies it burns up into a pile of ashes and a newborn baby Phoenix is born almost instantly. If there is anything that we needed to get first is a valuable asset and also a new ally. This was going to be a tough quest especially if we where going to tame a Phoenix.

"Well, alright if we're going to be hunting a hundred eyed dragon we need a prophecy and someone really stealthy to sneak up on this Argos." said Lucia.

"Yes, we do but I think that won't be a problem because I think I know someone who could help us with that." I said with a serious voice.

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