The neighbors

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1. the new house

Your POV

Your dad is getting remarried, so he thought it would be right to move into your soon to be step mothers house. I'm not looking forward to moving in, it's gonna mean a new school, a new city and new crap to worry about. You glance at your phone and stare at your lock screen, a picture of your dog Bella. She's a miniature poodle mixed with a Chihuahua, your best friend and companion. Now she is living with your enemy from your old school Emma, she was your best friend until she betrayed you and your promises. Your thoughts where interrupted when the captain of the plane said "we will be coming for a landing shortly."

~At your (soon to be) step moms house~

Sarah (step mom) greeted you with a huge hug. Holding your shoulders she looked into your eyes and asked "do you like it here so far?" With a straight face. You honestly didn't but you nodded your head and respond "Yeah!" You said with a forced smile. Dad went up to Sarah and kissed her, witch in your mind was a sign to slip away.

You ran up stairs and started to peck in every room making notes to yourself like, bathroom, and Sarah and dads room. Until you found a room painted gray with a king sized bed, a black rug and a little black chair. Then you found it, a 2 little presents, one with a card that read: From Sarah and Dad. You ripped the beautiful wrapping and you couldn't believe your eyes, a new laptop! (You broke yours last month with a lethal weapon... Coffee.) it was the colour you wanted and everything! You then remembered the other present, and ran back to your bed to find it. This one was a bit larger then the other and it had 4 separate gifts in it. You were wondering who would give you these when you got to your first card, witch you started to read.

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