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Since this is the first entry on our new version of This Just In, we have decided to make an entry on two Youtubers. These two were the buzz of 2015 and are very popular right now! Their names are Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil)!


These two, who are only in their 20s, have already created their own virtual world on Youtube that have touched many across the world. They went on tour in the UK AND released a book (The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire) in 2015 and plan to tour in the US and maybe Europe later in the year! When dates are released, YOU will know!

Those the two make videos about their daily life in Manchester, they also have a gaming channel (DanandPhilGames) for those who love to watch hilarious videos of gamers playing various different games! Dan and Phil have also created a mini phenomenon with their Sims 4 video series. The heroine is a sim named Dil who is supposed to be a combination of both men.

As many of their phans (what Dan and Phil fans are known as) know, these two gained most of their popularity from the whisker-filled Phil Is Not On Fire videos. These seven videos consist of the two drawing cat whiskers on their faces and answering Q + A's. These videos are what they are most known for. They are made annually since the first time they met. If you are going to watch the pair, we suggest watching the PINOF videos first!

If you are looking for a laugh, check out these two on Youtube or the popular YouNow!

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