Brown Eyed Handsome Man

Hello! This is a story I wrote for a friend. This is about an American chick named Emily. She goes on a trip to the UK, and meets a guy on the train. Honestly...The guy is Thomas Sangster, but you can see him as whoever you want! :^{D


11. Chapter 10 ½

Emily walked into the seprate hotel room, and sighed. She picked up her bag, and walked farther into the room. All she could think about was the ring on her right hand. She flopped on the bed, and sighed. She placed her hands over her face, and just stayed there. She suddenly heard the floor creak. She looked over, and saw Thomas standing in her doorway.

"Sorry, I just wanted to see if you were alright, I heard you flop on the bed, and every time I've seen you do that was when you were tired, or frustrated." He smiled a bit.

"Oh, yeah," She said. He nodded, "Well, I was thinking." She smiled back at him.

"Bout what?" He asked. She shrugged. He sat on the opposite side of the bed next to her.

"Stuff." She chuckled sitting up. Her back was against the bright yellow wall with a tall cherry tree painted on it. Thomas scooted to the other end of the bed. He put his arm around Emily, and sighed.

"Thomas," Emily said, "I'm sorry I can't marry you." She said. He chuckled.

"Technically you don't know if you can marry me yet." He said. He put his head on hers.

"I'm still sorry." She looked up at him. He smiled, and kissed her.

"Hey, we have a lot to do tomorrow!" He said, changing the subject.

"Like what?" She asked looking surprised.

"Well! We are going out ot lunch, next sight seeing in Venice, then we're going to the premeir, and then we have a dinner date on a ferry boat." He said smiling.

"Ooh!" She said, "Where to?" She asked.

"It's a trip around Dorsoduro, it's in Venice, but on the other side of town." He said, "So, I was thinking about how we would get to the right side of town."

"Oh?" she asked sitting up, "And how do you suppose?"

"Horse, and Buggy of course!" he chuckled, "Or would you rather use Mopeds?"

"I'm game for either one, doesn't make a difference to me!" She laid back down, and leaned on his chest. He sighed. Soon they both drifted off to sleep.


Thomas noticed it had gotten quite a bit colder in the bed than it had been just a few minutes, it seemed like, previous. He opened is tired eyes, and looked around. Emily walked out of the bathroom dressed for the day. She didn't notice him awake, and continued about what she was doing.

Emily turned on her laptop, and opened a Word Document. It was pretty full already, and she seemed to be editing it. She added a few more sentences, and finally attached it to an email to send. She was about to click on the send button when she noticed Thomas staring at her.

"What?" she asked. He shook his head.

"Just Watching you work." he smiled, and rubbed his eyes, "When'd you write that?" he asked.

"Oh! I got up hours ago!" she said waving a hand. He chuckled.

"Why? You're on vacation!" he yawned.

"I didn't get up that early! I got up at 9." she chuckled. she turned her phone on, and showed him the time.

"Is it really 12?!" he asked. She nodded, "We HAVE to go! We'll lose our table!" he jumped up, and grabbed his room key, "Be right back!" he kissed her cheek, and ran into his room across the hall. He fumbled with the key, and finally got it open. Thomas ran over to his suitcase, and changed shirt, but left the same jeans on. When he ran back into her room she had already packed up all her clothes, and her dress for the premier was hanging separately.

"Where's your Tux, or suit?" she asked.

"Already in the car! Let's go!" He took her hand, and they ran to the car.

As they drove, Thomas put his IPod on, and handed it to Emily.

"Pick something." he said. Thomas smiled when he heard the opening chord of A Hard Day's Night blare through the speaker system.

"IT'S BEEN A HARD DAY'S NIGHT! AND I'VE BEEN WORKIN LIKE A DOG! IT'S BEEN A HARD DAY'S NIGHT! I SHOULD BE SLEEPIN LIKE A LOG!" they shouted the lyrics, as the road stretched on in front of them. After about 2, or three Beatles albums, they arrived at a big long bridge.

Emily's eyes grew wide.

"You alright?" Thomas asked. She nodded, and swallowed hard. Thomas took her hand, and smiled, "Nothing to worry about, I've got you." she smiled slightly, and nodded.


"Wow," Emily said, "It's beautiful." she said climbing out of the car. He got out, and looked over at her.

She had on a pair of skinny jeans, a navy blue T-shirt, and black converse.

"What?" She asked. He shrugged.

"I'm just looking around." He said. He wanted to pick her up, and kiss her, like you see in those pictures of couples. She sighed.

"I can't believe I'm in Venice, Italy!" She said. Thomas smiled.

"Well, let's get on this boat!" Thomas said.

"Wait." she stated, "but when we left Palmanova you said they'd give away your table!"

"Yes, yes I did." He smiled, and led her over to the boat. The ferry boat had two levels to it. The top level had tables, and tall umbrellas over top them. While the second level had a closed in room, and rocking chairs lining the outside. The windows were tinted black, so, she couldn't see inside without being closer. Thomas helped her into the boat.

"Thanks." She said. Thomas just smiled, and walked behind her. They had a nice meal, and watched the sights until the ride was over. They climbed off the boat, and they walked to the nearest hotel. Thomas got a room, and they went up to change.

"I'll take the bathroom." He said taking his tuxedo in the bathroom. She smiled, and thanked him before getting ready herself. She got the dress on, and started doing her makeup. She didn't wear lots, but only because she didn't want to look like a clown. Thomas soon came out in his suit, and looked at her.

"You look spectacular, darling." He kissed her cheek, and sat on the made up bed. Emily put on her jewelry, and her shoes.

"Why do girls have to do all that stuff?" He asked, "to me, you look fine without all the makeup, and jewelry! You even look fine in jeans!" He said. She turned to him.

"You really think so?" She asked, "and besides, I don't dress up for you." She chuckled as she put in earrings.

"Who then?" He asked. She turned to him.

"The public, and to compete with the other girls!" She said turning back to the mirror to do her hair. His eyes widened.

"Compete?" He asked. She nodded, and looked back at him when she was satisfied.

"How else are we supposed to keep our men to ourselves?" She shrugged.

"I don't know, not date pigs." He said. She rolled her eyes.

"Even the good ones slip away when you think you've got them." She said. She grabbed her bag, and held out her hand.

"You're wearing the ring on your left hand!" He said happily.

"Hey, rumors are gonna spread anyway!" She smiled as he took her hand in his.

They made their way to the nearest moped shop, and rented two.

"Jut follow me, and we'll make it on time!" Thomas said as they started the engines up. They made their way to the UCI theatres. As they pulled up a gruff man stopped them.

"And you are?" He asked.

"Thomas, Thomas Sangster. I play Newt in the film." The man checked his clipboard, and nodded.

"Right, who's she?" He asked.

"My 'plus one'." He said. The man looked at her, and back at Thomas. He opened the gate, and they parked their mopeds outside. He stood up.

"Ready?" He asked. She nodded, and they walked down the red carpet. Suddenly a thousand shouts came roaring at them. It took all Emily had not to cover her ears. Next came the flashes of the cameras. Thomas put his arm around her, and whispered in her ear.

"Just relax, it'll end soon." He said. She groaned quietly, "Make sure you smile, hate to look in pain." She nodded, and they slowly made their way down the red carpet. They soon made it all the way down the carpet, and found the other cast mates. Thomas had to pose with them for a while, while she stood off to the side. She was slowly going blind, and deaf. Thomas took her hand, and they walked back into the theatre. The movie soon started, and it was exciting. After it ended they all left for the afterparty. Thomas on his moped, and Emily on hers. They pulled up to the place, and walked inside. There were loads of people there. Emily didn't like to be around so many people at once, so, she found a quiet-ish corner to sit in while Thomas greeted everyone. Emily didn't see him for a while before she realized he wasn't in the same room anymore.

She decided to explore, and try to find him. The entire building was like a maze all in itself! She had a hard time remembering how to get back. She made it to one room in particular that she was immediately disgusted by.

There Thomas stood with a redhead. She was tall, and thin, and had a butterfly tattoo across her scarcely covered chest. She wore a bright yellow dress that looked to be about 15 sizes too small. It went to right under her butt, and she was kissing him. It didn't look like he was fighting against her. In fact, it looked like he was kissing her back.

Emily crumpled to the floor. She started crying. This pulled Thomas, and the readhead's lips apart long enough to realize they'd been caught.

"Emily, I-" she held her left hand up to stop his talking when she saw the ring. She ripped it off her finger, and threw it at him. He dodged, and watched her get up, and run the way she came. She suddenly remembered the way back to the door, and was there in no time flat. But Thomas had beat her there.

"Em, just let me explain!" He said. She shoved past him, and back to the mopeds.

"Nothing to explain." She said angrily. "I guess you prefer redheads with tattoos, and tight yellow dresses." She sniffled, and sat down on the moped.

"Wait! Just, please! Listen!" He said. She stopped.

"Ok. What clever line are you gonna pull to get me to stay." She paused, "I don't want to hear any 'I love you's, 'it isn't what it looks like's, or even any 'I'm acting with her in my next movie's, I want the straight up truth, and you can be sure, if I hear any of those, I will kill you on the spot, and drive away." She said. Her voice was quivering like crazy, she wasn't even sure if it was from anger, or if it was from sadness.

"Ok." He said, "It started before I met you. She was at a party, and we hit it off. It really meant nothing. Then when I met you, she and I stopped. But when she saw me this time she said she wanted me back, and it got very out of hand." He said looking down.

"Well," Emily said, "congradulations." She said, "You've won." She said. Thomas perked up.

"I have? What have I won?" He asked.

"You get to keep your life." She said. She drove away, and didn't look back.

Even the good ones slip away when you think you've got them.


Well. That was unexpected! Sorry it had to end this way! It was fun to write while it lasted, and I hope everyone who is reading this now comments! I want to know how many people really are reading this, and not just clicking on the link once or twice! Everyone vote, and comment please! For old times sake! 

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