Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


13. See What I've Become (Thursday)

Melody POV 

"I know, Serah"I said,before she was about to explain.She sat up then and shrugged.

"OK then, you already know. If your coming out for some food,are you going to get dressed?"she asked, smiling. I blinked and got out of bed, kicking her out and getting dressed.I wore a red Mcginn Top and jeans. I put on my red high converse.

"What are you doing,walking around,drowsy girl"Chad said,smiling.

"I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger.Then it hit me and chased me."Dead said, smoking his pipe and sitting by a window.I looked out the window and noticed something or someone in the distance but couldn't make out what or who it was. Jacob came up from behind me,putting his hands on my shoulders. I looked at him then back out into the deep, blue,sky.

Then sky turned a weird brownish-yellow color and I noticed that the wind had picked up dramatically.  Then there was a loud sound almost like a loud railroad train coming by the house where I was - and that lasted about 30 seconds, and then a few minutes later, the building shook. Everyone quickly split and all ran towards the exit,or some way out.

I went with Serah and Jacob,Dead was running behind us.

"We must get to the top some how"Serah shouted,running up the stairs and not stopping.She stopped and looked around.

 She spotted some monsters and nodded to us. I ran up behind her, jumping onto a monster, swinging around it and killing it.As I stood there, at the end of the place, I noticed a girl standing by a pillar,looking at me, a whisperer voice that echoed in my head, driving you mad and sending a chill down to the very marrow of my spine.I ran in the direction she was in and headed up the steps to the roof. Suddenly the roof came down behind me and the stairway was blocked.

Jacob POV 

"Where is Melody?"I shouted, hoping someone would answer me.

"I thought she was with you?"Serah shouted back,killing another monster. Dead was curious too then noticed that the stairway was blocked. I ran up to the blocked stairway and tried taking out the stuff that fell down.Serah tried to break the windows but they weren't breaking.Not even one crack!I found another door but found it hard to open.

"Dead,help me shove this door open!"I shouted,getting in position.He came ove and shoved the door. We tried it a couple of times. Serah came over and noticed a square window in the wall above us.

"It's locked"Dead said,looking through the keyhole.He looked at me then back at the keyhole.

"Look!Throw a chair to break the glass and boost me up,so I can unlock it from the other side"Serah said, pointing at the glass window.

Serah POV 

Jacob nodded and Dead started freaking out about shit but threw a stool then a table into the window. He broke the glass and was about to throw something even bigger.

"Ok Dead,that's quite enough damage now"I said, crossing my arms.Jacob rolled his eyes and putting his back against the wall, cupping his hands and bending his knees.

"When your ready, Serah"he said, winking at Dead who was smoking his pipe, again. I put my foot onto his hand and my hands onto his shoulders, jumping up and climbing over the broken window.

The lock looked locked from the side where I was, I cut through it with a key I bought that can unlock every lock in the world,well,nearly every lock. I noticed that were other locks and I unlocked them all except one. I searched for a small flat screwdriver and took a while to find one.

"Not to be rude but can you hurry up in there"Jacob shouted from the otherside of the door.I ignored him and finally found one. I put it into the hole in the handle and turned it. The door slammed open and then fell off it's hinges onto the floor.

Dead and Jacob heads popped out either side of the entrance and stepped into the room.There was a window and I opened it. The window was a glided window and I opened it,getting onto the roof.

Melody POV 

I looked behind me and the stairway was blocked. The sound of howling,whispering mist blew my hair everywhere. I could feel someone touch my shoulder but when I turned around, there was no one there. A whisper here and there, sending a chill down my spine. It was really pissing me of so I took a deep breath.

"Melody"a creepy, familiar voice spoke. I closed my eyes,took a big deep breath, opened my eyes and put my hands in the air, smiling. Hot, crackling fire shot out of my hands, destroying the misty fog and creating tornado around me.The mist died down and sent the fire into the sky, disappearing as I stood there.

"Alone with you at last£somone from behind me spoke from behind me. I sprang around and saw her face. It was the creepy girl who looked like Rosie. She was in the air and smiling at me.

"It's you!" I shouted, clenching my fists and looking serious.

"Yes, it's me"she praised, landing on the ground quietly and leaning to on side, putting one hand on her hip, just like Molly used to do sometimes.

"You are one heck of a fucking stalker"I admitted, waiting for her next move.

"I'm just so interested in you, want to know what you'll do next and keeping an eye one you, that's all"she said, laughing a bit. She smiled, she fucking SMILED at me!

"Ugh, who are you?"I demanded, taking a few steps forward.She frowned and turned her head to one side.

"Don't you recognize me, younger sister??"she asked, smiling and putting her head straight again.

"Rosie!!??"I shouted, in shock now, oh fucking god, why didn't I realize before?

"The one and only... Well, not the only Rosie" she praised, her black coat blowing in the wind. and her blonde hair blowing here and there. I looked at her eyes, I felt a sudden, soul-shattering chill. I saw something else, something not quite her soul and self, starring back at me.

"Oh no, Rosie"I resounded taking four slow steps back.

"Oh yes,Melody. Say hello to my true self"she revealed, smiling and rising in the air and dark mist flowing really fast around her."This world needs Darkness. Darkness is the opposite of light. Darkness can be gloomy. Darkness is without knowledge. Darkness is when there is no light both in a physical and spiritual sense. Darkness has no hope of what light can bring. And that's all in my heart and soul"she explained taking out her sword and swinging it at me."So don't even dare on trying to bring the light back into me"

I jumped back as her sword came crashing into the roof. She laughed a bit,looked serious then looked up at me, eyes black as the night sky without the stars.

"You fucking idiot, you nearly took the head off me"I shouted, then was in shock of how her skin looked. It was all cracked but didn't brake.

I took out my own sword and slashed at hers and everytime I did it, her sword was getting weaker. Just two more strikes...Just two more! Her sword broke in half and she flew back. She looked at me then noticed three people who were after climbing the rood behind me.

"Melody!!"Jacob shouted from behind me, running and nearly falling into me. I looked at him. I looked back at Rosie, her broken sword still in her hands.

"See what I've become, Melody?Ta ta,for now, see you around,hun"she said,smiling and disappearing.

"Yeah, well, we'll be waiting for you"Dead shouted, not thinking straight. She reappeared and we all stared at him, including ROSIE.

"What?"she asked, frowning and looking confused.

"Nothing"Dead shouted, finally realizing what he had just said, what an idiot.

"Whatever, seeya later"she said, waving at me and disappearing. We got off the building and avoided the high but falling buildings. We were in the empty city of New York in the ruins of America, no one alive accept for us. We found the others eventually by a big car Chad had found and we all quickly got in.

I walked over to a empty room, shut the door and sat by the window, starring into the sky. I took out my phone and checked facebook.

"FUCK, 102 notifications and 60 messages!!!!"I said out loud by accident. I sat there, day dreaming and then..bam, I fell asleep.

5 hours later 

I realized that I wasn't IN the dream anymore I tried to hold onto it but reality just seeped in and I had to stand up. I was disappointed that I wasn't in the middle of whatever it was that I was doing (can't remember anymore!) and that I had to get ready for work... Sometimes dreams are like a short holiday from the dreary routine. Puss was sitting on the chair in front of me.

"Hey, your finally awake"I heard him say, looking at me.I sat up from a really bad pain in my head and moaned.

"Yeah, I am. When did you arrive?"I moaned, checking the time on my phone. I smiled at him.

"I was with you since you found us by this car"he explained."What happened?"

I looked away out the window and stopped smiling. After 3 minutes of silence, I got off the chair.

"I'd rather talk to everyone and not just you"I finally spoke, holding my hands together and standing up. Everyone was in the main room where Chad was driving. Dead and Jamie were arguing about something stupid when I came in.

"Oh please, men who don’t understand women fall into two groups:Bachelors and husbands!" Dead shouted, reloading his gun.

"Dead, listen to me. There is a correlation between strong unions and student achievement.As it happens, we are as strong resemblance to scores of crystal skulls in museum collections around the universe" Jamie explained, trying to get his attention. 

"Strange thing about women’s brain, there’s nothing right in left side, and nothing left on the right side"

Adabella came over and tapped him on the head with a stick she found.

"Dead, listen to the plan. You go in and distract them while we sneak in and steal the Paraiba Tourmaline Jewel" she said, ignoring him moan.

"Women are like cars: we all want a Ferrari, sometimes want a pickup truck, and end up with a station wagon"he said, winking and walking away.

"You come back here right now, Dead!"she shouted. He stopped and turned to her."Do you know what your doing or what?"

"Yeah, walk in, be the idiot and track them down, whatever"he said, everyone listening. Jacob stood beside me and watched everything.

"What's a Paraiba Tourmaline Jewel?"I whispered to him, putting my hand beside my lips on the left and hoping Dead didn't hear me.

"It is said that a Paraiba tourmaline is a rare copper-bearing gem with a vivid neon blue color. First found in Brazil,similar material has since been found in Africa in the past. But in the future, it is found in the exact same spot where it was first found in 1989"he whispered back and smiling at me.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go for a smoke and... guide new immortals that are lost and confused"Dead said, bowing and standing up once more."I'll find ye soon, don't worry about it"

And then, poof, he was off and gone. Adabella sighed and turned around, looking at me.

"Oh good, Melody, your awake"she said, clapping once and smiling, going over to Aragon.

"So, what exactly happened when we were blocked inside?"Serah asked, wondering who I was talking to.

"Uh.."I muttered, trying to think of what to say. My mind fogged up and my eyes felt heavy with tears. I felt my lip quivering, I tried to hold it back, I tried to swallow my tears and not show my weakness, but my will is too weak. My eyes itch and burn from holding back my tears and my throat is tight; I can feel a cry starting to form. I wish that I could push my emotions down so deep that I could forget them, but I can't. So I start to cry."I don't want to talk about it!!!"

And then...I turned around and was gone the minute Puss was going to say something. I ran into the room I was in before and knelt down, my hands over my head and crying.

Puss POV 

"I'm going to check on her"Jacob said the 10th time.

"For the tenth time, Jacob. Leave her alone to herself to think over what happened!!"I speculated, throwing a crumbled up piece of paper at him.

"What did happen up there, Puss??"Aragon asked, holding onto Adabella's hand.

Melody POV 

I left the room and walked slowly towards the room where I left everyone.

I head Puss say "She met her sister" and everyone assumed that it wasn't anything bad. 

"Where exactly was this now?"Chad asked, scratching his head.

"Above the first building that fell. She was there but wasn't quite herself anymore. She looked like her true self had broken out and consumed her"I explained, coming in and everyone looking at me. I looked at Puss who looked curious on what I was about to say to him. "Puss, tell us about what happens when your true self has broken out"

Everyone actually didn't know about it but we all knew Puss knew, we kind of guessed, since he was still around before us.

"Ok then. 400000 years ago just when all immortals were born everywhere around this planet that was once called Earth, Immortals grew with anger from demons of what they've done and said and allowed there true self to brake out.Once true self comes out, all they would want to do is kill, kill,kill. Then change back to your original self once more. But if you stay as your true self for more then 8 hours, your done for, no changing back"he explained, taking a breath each time he spoke.

"Wow"we all said at the same time. Then he smiled and disappeared.

"I'll stay with you as far as we get back out of the castle, once I see your single"Serah said, looking at Jamie who nodded and seamed to know what she was talking about. She smilied at me and made a phone call. She missed her boyfriend Jason, I feel sorry for her, she's homesick.

4 hours of driving 

I swear if we're not there yet, my head is going to explode somehow. Waiting around, tt’s like when your older sister is buying a lottery ticket every Wednesday and Saturday and waiting in week after week for your numbers to come up. When people tell you you should come out, do something different, not play the numbers this week, you decline because you’re scared that the one time that you don’t is the one time that you’ll win.

Your rationale is that life will begin once you win the lottery so you’ve invested yourself in the fantasy. Sometimes you win three or four numbers but you never hit the jackpot. One day you realize that you’ve literally wasted your life gambling on some seriously long odds. You thought the risk would be worth the reward but you end up regretting putting all of your eggs in a basket without a base.

"Not to be rude or anything but are we fucking arriving yet?"I asked, thinking about what I said. Molly normally would of being saying that kind of sentence but I just had to ask.....4 hours later.

"We're here, assholes"Chad said, stopping the car and turning on the outdoor lights so we can see outside.

"Took your time, good job, spanner"Jamie said, smiling at Jacob and Serah. I went over to the window where Chad was driving. I looked outside and noticed something moving but couldn't make it out. Then something popped out on me and I screamed and ran over to Jacob.

"There's something out there"I said, Jacob holding onto me.

"Chad, where the fuck did you park us??!!"he asked, turning around and looking at Chad who was frowning because the car starting going slighting right then left. He ran over to the window and saw what scared me.

"Oh shit, we're in a fucking monster!!"Chad shouted, starting the engine and driving away."Hold on and put your seat belts on, this is going to be a bumpy ride"

Everyone rushed to their seats and I just stood there, staring into the ceiling, what a nice sight it was.

"Melody! Why are you standing!"Adabella shouted, looking at me.

"Sorry, I was day dreaming"I said, shaking my head and sat down beside her, putting on my belt.

Then Dead appeared and was taking deep breaths. If he had eyes, he would of my blinking and nearly having his eyes popping out. We all looked at him as he sat down and put his sealt belt.

"You have no idea where have I been"Dead said, putting his legs on the enpty chair across from him.

"You were being chased by something"I guessed, hoping I was right.

"Oh my god, how did you ever know"he said, crossing his eyes and looking unhappy.... I think.

"What happened to you?"Jamie asked, crossing his arms and looking at Dead from hat to shoes. Dead looking at him and then shrugged, trying not slide down the seat.

"I went back in time to save...uh, to save my.."he muttered, kept on hesitating and trying to say where was he all this time. 

"Where were you, Dead"I asked, looking serious now. He took a breath, well, not quite a 'breath' but he certainly acted like he was breathing.

"I was with my wife and kids before they god killed by that cocky bastard"he spat out, nearly chocking on nothing. I put a hand on his shoulder.

"I know exactly how you feel"I admitted, nodding and smiling."I lost my parent's in a fire and I wished I'd be able to change time to see them once more before the fire"

"That why I sent you to go back in time"someone familar said from beside me. It was Puss.

"You finally told me why? Why didn't you tell me when I was talking in my sleep?"I asked, ignoring the fact that everyone was staring at me now."What, everyone talks in their sleep sometimes (especially Molly, she make's whale noise's in her sleep. Plus talking)

"Because you'd want to go straight away. And plus, you wouldn't know what time they'll be around" Puss explained, jumping onto the empty seat where Dead's bony feet were.Chad started humming a song and in the end, he put on the song and we all started singing the song party rock athem by LMFAO.

"Party rock! Yeah! Whoo! Let's go!

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time (yeah)
And we gon' make you lose your mind (whoo!)
Everybody just have a good time (clap!)

Party rock is in the house tonight (oh!)
Everybody just have a good time (And the feeling's alright!)
And we gon' make you lose your mind (yeah!)
We just wanna see ya... 

shake dat!

In the club, party rock
Lookin' for ya girl, she on my jock, huh
Non-stop when we in the spot
Booty movin' way like she own the block, whoo

Where the drink? I gots to know!
Tight jeans, tattoo, 'cause I'm rock 'n' roll
Half-black half-white domino
Gain the money - Op-e-doe

Yo! I'm runnin' through these hoes like Drano
I got that devilish flow, rock 'n' roll, no halo
We party rock! Yeah, that's the crew that I'm reppin'
On the rise to the top, no "Led" in our "Zeppelin", hey!

Party rock is in the house tonight (whoo!)
Everybody just have a good time (yeah!)
And we gon' make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time (let's go!)

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time (and we feelin' right)
And we gon' make you lose your mind
We just wanna see ya... 

shake dat!

Everyday I'm shufflin'


Shufflin', shufflin' (Shake) (repeats in video)

Step up fast
And be the first girl to make me throw this cash
We gettin' money, don't be mad
And now stop - ...hatin' is bad!

One more shot for us - another round
Please fill up my cup - don't mess around
We just wanna see - you shake it now
Now you're home with me - you're naked now!

Get up, get down, put your hands up to the sound
Get up, get down, put your hands up to the sound
Get up, get down, put your hands up to the sound (whoo!)
Put your hands up to the sound
Put your hands up to the sound (let's go!)

Get up, get up, get up, get up
Get up, get up, get up, get up (yeah)
Get up, put your hands up to the sound
To the sound (whoo!)
Put your hands up, put your hands up
Put your hands up, put your hands up!

Party rock is in the house tonight (put your hands up) (whoo!)
Everybody just have a good time (put your hands up) (yeah!)
And we gon' make you lose your mind (put your hands up)
Everybody just have a good-good-good time

Ooh-ooh-oh-oh (put your hands up)
Ooh-ooh-oh-oh (I can feel it man!)
Ooh-ooh-oh-oh (put your hands up)
Ooh-ooh (put your hands up)

Shake dat!
Everyday I'm shuff-fuf-fullin'
Put your, put your
Put your, put your (yeah!)
Put your, put your (whoo!)
...nds up

Put your, put your
..ur hands up
..ur hands up
Put your hands up
Every day I'm shufflin'" we sang, dancing in our seats.

"Melody, your not a bad singer in all fairness"Aragon said, winking at me and smiling. Everyone agreed. I blushed at Jacob, seeing him smiling made me feel so warm and cosy. I smiled and waited for Chad to say we can get out of our seats.

"You can stand up now"he called, stopping the engine.

"Are you sure that we're not in a monsters inside again?"Jason asked, standing up and looking out the window, making sure we're safe. Chad nodded and proved us by opening the entrance. Puss winked at me and disappeared. Serah told me that he was gone to see if there was any demon's or monsters around. We waited around for a minute or two then he appeared.

"Well? What did you see?"Jamie asked, hoping Puss was about to tell the truth and not lie.

"Demon's are everywhere, you better bring extra weapons, they've got a big monster in there and it's tougher then it looks"he explained, taking deep breaths and licking his paws.

"Look's like we're heading into another fight"I said, looking out at the dark and gloomy castle. We all looked where I looked and headed towards us, after we got extra weaponry.

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