Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


10. Reese(before he became a vampire)

Reese POV 

They look like little boxers after a fight.Their bodies are red as beets, they have bruises from being squished and squashed down the birth canal.They are lanky and have huge hands and feet.Their faces make all kinds of really weird expressions and they have reflexes that rival a bobcat. They feel like little sacks of flour, they seem so light and precious (cause you don't want to break a bag of flour).They smell like a combination of fresh air, ivory soap, and lavender...even when they are first born.

They sound like a mewing cat,sometimes one that is in labor when they really get going.You can always tell the age of a baby by their cry. Newborns screech, older babies actually sound like a real cry. I can't really tell you how babies taste (since I don't eat them), but when you kiss them, their skin is literally like a piece of helta tissue paper. They are so smooth and soft. There really is nothing like a new baby. And, it was me,I was just born.

"Let's call him...Reece"my immortal mum said,smiling at my human dad. Immortals may mean you live for ever,but there just called immortals and aren't quite human,because they deal with magic. Dad on the other hand, well...he is the last human on planet paradise. The planet used to be called earth, still is though,I think. But paradise is like the whole of every single country,so earth is like a second name for it. 

Around 12 years later or something 

I turned 16 and started at a new secondary school.I was half immortal and most of the other students were fully immortal.

But then I started to always getting bullied. Even right now at school. They made fun of me because what.I'm not sure, but I was always an easy target. They made fun of me because of my parents and at lunch whenever I passed them, they talk behind my back and they either throw stuff at me.

I know they're being fatuous, but I always got either angry or sad. I tried to ignore them, but I couldn't. I wasn't sure what to do, but I hoped I'll find the answer soon. In the mean time, I was just thinking of a revenge plan to get back at them so I won't get suspended or expelled because I never would of got expelled or suspended before.

And then,what did they turn out to be,killers.They were immortals and there companions were The 5 Element's of Paradise.But there was someone pulling the strings but I never noticed it. 

I woke up and thought to myself...bad dream.That night I went for a walk when those bullies were around and attacked me,punching me and cutting me.Then out of the blue,my brother came and chased off the immortals.He spelled all the blood and got closer to me. He got down on the ground went for my neck.

Pain, agreed, I mean a bite would be painful, along with the fact that two teeth are razor blades. But I believe that would pass. The teeth are just used to make the openings that the blood would flow. After the bite, all you would feel is the, for lack of better terms, suction as it drained you dry. I'm sure you'd feel your heart race, pounding even,knowing that this is taking place and you are powerless to stop it. but that too would pass, and soon you'd feel the tell tale signs of your heart skipping because there is no blood left to pump. And as it hit it's last beat, you'd feel nothing. No pain, no joy, just a wisp of sorrow that this was the end. Then, silence. Sad really.

And that's exactly what happened and how it felt,I was a vampire. A full demon vampire.I tore other demons apart and came home,finding my home surrounded and my parent's hiding. There were immortals and element's everywhere and could smell all the blood from me.I ripped them apart because they murdered my parent's,how could they.My brother came around and I followed him,saying to myself "I shall kill ever last immortals and hurt every single element for my revenge on my parent's death"

80 years later,8/4/9882 

47 years old,never change or get old. Living with my brother who has been missing for over 7 years and I barely know him.

"Now that your not a half immortal anymore,you must learn to become a vampire and suck blood"he said,throwing me a stick and holding onto his own. We practised against each other and I learned how to kill better and worse then I did before.One day he bought a bunch of dead immortals bodies and when I looked at them,I got very thirsty.

Couple days later,he said goodbye and left me in a village,to do whatever I wanted to do.I spotted this one girl,her blood smelled so good,I wanted her for myself.So when she was walking down a street with none of her friends with her anyone around, I walked towards her.

Her hair was mercury-red and it tumbled over her shoulders.She had honey sweet lips. They were lilac soft.She wore all black clothes in an offbeat way,my favourite.

My sharp fangs glistened as they caught the light. I smiled at what I was about to do. I was in front of her.She whimpered with fear or anticipation, I couldn't tell. I didn't care. All I  cared about was the reward. The rush of her blood running through my veins like fire, the increase in energy. It was all that mattered. 

With impossible quickness,I snatched her by the waist and drew ber close, her slender neck right in front of my eager mouth. Without warning, I dove forward and my fangs easily broke the delicate skin. Her blood rushed into my mouth. She gasped in pain but it soon faded and was replaced by pleasure.I sucked greedily.

Taking more than I probably should have,I licked my lips deliciously. The hot liquid slid down my throat. The girl begged for more but I couldn't. Not without killing her. But that, of course, could be an option. Not one I would prefer but would work all the same. I was done here. For now. The venom rushed through her body,turning her into a vampire.

"What happened to me,who are you?"she answered,shaking her head then looking at me.

"Your a vampire now,meaning you drink blood and your mine"I said,pulling her into me and smiling,showing my fangs.She smiled.

"I always dreamed of being a vampire" she said,spinning around slowly in her flat shoes and smiling. She started walking and wanting me to walk beside her so I did.

"What''s your name?"I asked,smiling at her and holding onto her waist.

"Ria Diaz"she said,smiling."Yours?"

"Reese Wells"I answered,walking and holding her hand. I stopped and looked up, startled by the tone of her voice. When she met my eyes, she saw something flash in us, something wild and determined. I only had time for her own eyes to widen before she leaned in, thrust my hands into her hair, and then I was kissing her, hard. 

Automatically, as if she had been doing it all her life, I found herself straining up towards me, wrapping her arms around my neck as my arms slipped around her waist, pulling her against me. When she pushed her fingers up into my hair and parted her lips beneath his,I crushed her against my chest,my mouth taking complete possession of hers. 

She tasted like salt and chocolate, and her kiss was nearly overwhelming. My hands ran up her back, pressing against her shoulder blades, pressing her even closer to me before we moved up along her shoulders, her neck, and into her hair.I toyed with the ends before tangling my fingers in the strands. 

She felt the wall against her back, and was pushed against me again. The feel of her body against hers made her dizzy, and she had to cling to me to keep from swaying more than she already was.My mouth explored hers ravenously, like I was searching for something—she didn’t know what, but she was more than happy to give it. 

We stopped and smiled at each other.Running through the dark street with her and trying to look for shelter.She bought me to her house and I stayed the night.

We were watching T.V. The talk show was about a sensitive national issue and the starting was interesting as the host of the program discussed in details about the program and later on asked some interesting questions to the two guests. After 5 minutes or so, I got an impression that the talk show was scam and with this program the Government is trying to give some misleading facts to the viewers. The two guests started attacking each other and showed abominable attitude to each others. That was so surprising that respectable people like them can behave so abhorrently. The program went on and I found that I was completely irritated to see such type of behaviors from our national leaders and the feelings that this was a scam gave me nausea. I left the room before the program ended and walked outside for about 30 minutes. After I returned I found that the program ah ended and that was a kind of relief for me.

6 years later,having an argument with her because she cheated on me. 

Coming out of a taxi and looking across the road,spotting my girlfriend with another guy.She noticed me and I stormed off.She ran after me,nearly getting hit by a car but kept on running,in her boots.

"Reese,wait"she said,sobbing and standing in front of me.I looked at her with anger."I'm sorry"

"You think sorry is going to change everything?Not in a million years,I saved your ass back then and your cheating on me now! It's over Ria,pack your bags and don't talk to me again"I said,walking forward.

"I'm really sorry Reese,please forgive me. I won't do it again,I promise!"she said,begging and taking my hand but I pulled away.

"What did I just say,it's over and never speak to me again!"I shouted,walking faster."I'm going to miss you but I need to move on and so do you"

She tried to stop me but it was too late,I was gone. She screamed and was crying and crying and ran all the way home. I never saw her again.

13 years later, walking into the opening and sitting by the fire 

 Sitting on a couch by the fire and waiting for the others to come in.

"The others are on their way, Reese"Owen said, jumping onto the opposite couch and putting his feet up on the coffee table.

"Get your feet off the coffee table,asshole!"Enna shouted,throwing a cushion at him and sitting down.Annis,Richard,Dastan and Ryan came in,getting comfortable and waiting

"So why summon us now?"Ryan asked,cleaning his knife. It was a gold colour with dark gold whirlpools on it and as sharp as a sword.

"Don't be so rude,Ryan!"Annis shouted,hitting him on the head.The other shook their heads.

"I want one of you to help me stop those traitors"I said,crossing my legs and putting my hands behind my head.

"From what Reese?Oh,don't tell me"Richard said.

"Ah not this story again"Dastan shouted,leaning against the wall.

"Reese still want's revenge on those who killed his parent's years ago,who are already dead"Ryan teaser,everyone laughing a bit.

"Moving on,I want one of you to attack that one of heck of a bitch"I said,standing up and getting a drink of fresh blood.I came back,sat back down and drank.

"Don't you mean the Fire Element?"Enna said,looking at me then Dastan.

"He's talking about that good looking one,Melody,right?"Richard asked sarcastically,he knew her name already and was laughing at what he said.No one found anything funny.

"Yes and yes"I answered,drinking more blood and loving the flavour.

"I'll go!"Owen said,standing up and looking at me.

"Over my dead body,I'll go!"Dastan shouted,shoving him and looking into his grey eyes.

"Get out of here,you two shitheads.Both of you are so weak,I'll go Reese!"Enna shouted back,getting ready to have a fight and run out the door.Everyone leaped out of where they were sitting and started fighting.I just sat there,watching them rip each other a part(not really,it's just a saying) and started to get really angry.I stood up fast and had enough of it.

"EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!"I screamed,all the windows shaking and the weather starting to change into a big,dark cloud,filled with water.They all stopped and just looked me and staying where they were standing."I will decide who will be going,not you guys"

There was a knock on the door and we all looked at it.I sat back down and relaxed.Everyone else just rushed back where they were sitting before.

"Come in"Owen yelled,smiling at me.The door opened and the butler came in.

"Sir,Ria is here now and wishes to come in"he said,trying to keep his back straight.She came in,he left,closing the door behind him and she sat beside Dastan.

"Sorry about being late,I was being chased by monsters,fecking bastards stole a jewel from me, thank fuck I got it back"she explained,not even looking at me once and not speaking to me at all.I could tell that everyone was thinking 'awkward'.Last time I saw was when she cheated on me,I left and she even dumped the other guy right after I stormed off,that's what I heard from the others.

"And it's ok,Ria. You are forgiven"I said,trying to decide will go after Melodie and the others.

"So,have you decided who is going?"Enna asked,hoping that I chose her.

"Yes,in fact I have"I answered.

"Who the fuck it it then?"Dastan asked,also hoping it is himself and leaning forward. 

"It's..."I said slowing,taking my time on saying their name.

"Yes???"everyone said,all now leaning forward.Ria just sat there and didn't even say anything.

"Ria"I said,smiling at them.Ria lit up and leaned forward too.

"What??!!"they all shouted,glaring at me then Ria and trying not to fall off.

"What!?"Ris said,had not clue why I said her name.

"I've decided with you Ria,you must go and find Melodie,The Fire Element and pick someone to go with you"I explained,at everyone.They all begged at her to take them with her.

"I pick you,Reese"she said,looking a me and smiling.I shook my head nodded at Ryan.His face litup and hugged Ria and then shook my hand,by saying thanks. Weird.

"Now,get going now!"I ordered,putting my feet onto the coffee table and pointing the door.They left and the others did fuck all.

Later on 

Everyone was gone and I was alone in the old,dark,creepy square house that used to be my home when I was only a half-immortal.Besides living with the butler and all. Ria wanted to join with us so I allowed it and plus,it it was very conforable being in the same room with her,how I miss the old times where we used to eat fresh immortal meat and killed every immortal that would stand in our way.

I was lying in bed,opened my eyes and rubbed them.I blinked and though.

"Why was I thinking about that,more like dreaming actually but why?"I asked myself out loud,very confused and thinking.I lay in bed,thinking why did these immortals kill my parents?Did they do something or what? If they did,why didn't they tell me sooner? Like before they got killed? I asked mysefl these questions over and over but didn't know the reasons why it wasn't fair,at all.I turned to the side and closed my eyes,dreaming and crying in my sleep,tears streaming down and tickling my cheeks. I stopped crying rubbed my eyes,closed them and went to sleep.

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