Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


4. Meeting the others and returning back to the past(Saturday)

Next morning, lying in bed and starring at the ceiling when Puss leaped onto me, it really hurt.

"Good morning to you too"I said, blinking at him. I leaped out bed, Puss falling off the other side of the bed. He moaned and shook himself like a dog...weird.

"That hurt you know"he said, licking his paws and leaving me, by disappearing..again. I walked into the kitchen and had breakfast. The food is good..but tasted weird, even though we have the same cereal back in the normal world...

"OH SHIT!!!"I shouted,dropping the unopened cereal box.

"What's wrong now??"Puss said,pouring cheerios from a opened cereal box into my bowl."Can you pass the milk please".

I passed the milk quickly to him and picked what I dropped and got another bowl out for myself. He then magically got a spoon and started eating away. I sat down beside him, with my spoon and bowl, pouring cheerios into my bowl too.Dead walked in, shutting the door and sitting beside me, drinking beer, again.

"You know,last night I was looking at the stars and I wondered... where the hell's my ceiling!!??" Dead said, taking one gulp of the beer.

"Well you certainly love beer so much"I said, eating away and feeling happy.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,ok Melody?"he said,having one more drink,drank and  then.....poof,he's gone.

"Puss,why does Dead say the most stupid and random things??"I asked,looking serious,eating away.He stopped eating and looked at me.

"I'm not the person you should be asking,my dear child"he said,putting his bowl in the sink and washing it with magic.I sighed and handed him my empty bowl."But what I do know is that he's an idiot,an ass but you still love him,no matter how annoying he can be"

"Nice to know"I said, wondering about the magic he used. "Why do you use magic to do everything?".He looked me,thinking I was joking.

"I don't always use it,it's just very handy to use and plus,we're in a magic world so what's the point of not using it?"he said,looking out the window.I came over to him."I have to go now Melody,got others to help,you know"

"So your like a guardian angel?"I asked,smiling and watching him,as he walked over to the front door.

"You can say that or just say guardian,it's up to you"he said,waving goodbye and heading out the door.I went to my bedroom and had a good look at my new clothes.Every clothing was all different types of blues,really pretty and expensive looking,me trying some things on,wearing a outfit that I really like and not noticing Jacob standing there, behind me.

"Well someone is looking happy"he said,coming in,looking cute and all.Suddenly the place shook a bit and I fell onto Jacob,who fell on the floor with me on him.

"What was that?"I asked,keeping my eyes shut.I opened them and saw Jacob's eyes gazing at mine.

"That would be the Volcano"he answered,smiling at me and making me blush"By the way,was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?".........

He just started flirting with me......HE STARTED FLIRTING WITH ME!!! Woohoo!

"Eh..ok,I'm just going to go into the bathroom"I said, slowly slipping away from him. He grabbed my hand and dragged me back into the wardrobe. I came out wearing a red Chiffon short mini jumpsuit with black sandals.

"Now you look much better"he said,combing my hair with his finger,allowing himself to stroke by the fingertips and smiling.We left my apartment,locking it and going into the lift.I'm glad I got my phone with me so I won't be bored out of my skull.

"You look tired Jacob"I said,looking at him and yawning loudly,oops.

"So do you Melody"he said,smirking and being all cute and stuff.I blushed and made myself stop.We got to the ground floor and I followed the Red arrows,pointing me in the right direction..I hope. And then,I walked into someone who was literally standing in my way.We both fell onto the floor and I helped them by picking up his papers.

"I'm so sorry"I said,apologizing 4 times,unbelievable.It was a boy,a very handsome one.

"It's ok"he said,looking at Jacob then me"Hey,you're the second element, wow, am I so glad to finally meet you!"

He shook my hand hard and hugged me.

"Nice to meet you too"I said,looking at Jacob who winked at me.

"Let me introduce myself,my name is Chad. Chad Eltra"he introduced,smiling.

Chad, the five-foot-three God incarnate,with fair hair and cyan eyes that you could swim in. His lips were pink and plump and his face oh,his face was just perfect.It was as if he was an angel that had fallen from Heaven ,so perfect and sweet and landed here in this wretch of a city to grace us with his presence."By the way,I'm a angel from heaven"

He's really a ANGEL, HOLY COW!

"My name is Melody Sacra"I said,smiling brightly and ready to keep on walking. Chad tagged a long with us.

"Hey look who it is"Jacob shouted, Chad whistling loud at the boy and girl standing across the hall from us. They came over."Jamie,me old flower"

The boy named Jamie, took Jacob's hand and both of them bought there shoulders together, meaning bro hug, obviously. I smiled then looked at the was Valeriya!

"And the beautiful,Adabella,it's a pleasure on seeing you again"Chad said, hugging her and she did the same. She noticed me starring at her,eyes in shock and was surprised herself.

"You must be Melody I have heard so much about from someone"she said,hugging me and eyeing at Dead, who trying to figure out what a magnifying glass was. Wow, he really is stupid and not smart. He came over, smoking a pipe ,not even coughing...wait, he's dead, so how could he be smoking? Plus, he was drinking earlier and he's dead...weird guy,wonder what happened to him

"What happens if you get scared half to death twice???"he asked, looking at his bow tie, yeah, he was dressed in a black and white suit, with a black hat, just like the character in the book Molly read's, it's called Skullduggery PLeasant.

"I don't know but you are funny"I answered,laughing so much,the others staring at me.

"I'm one of those people that laughs at a joke 3 times:when it's told to me,when it's explained to me and 5 minutes later when I finally understand it" he explained,even though I didn't ask anything about himself.


We arrived at the training hall where loads of other immortals gathered and trained.The opisicalls for quite odd,I mean,swimming in a fire pool for me,jumping over stacks of grass and climbing over the rope ladder,I'd rather lift weights instead.After a couple of hours of hard work,we went on our break,sitting in a restaurant.The atmosphere is cool, with high beamed ceilings and eclectic decor. The tables are close,but the wine crate stacks help to keep a little privacy.The service was almost perfect.We sat down and they gave us a menu.This is what it looked like:



Ciabatta bread, garnished with our own basil pesto, fresh tomatoes, red onions and mozzarella cheese- lightly grilled- €4.65

Funghi Alla Torre

A tower of marinated Portobello Mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella and plum tomato with garlic and olive oil, served on a bed of greens

Cozze In Vino Bianco

New Zeland Green Shell Mussels cooked in a white wine and tomato sauce flavoured with garlic and thyme & served with warm ciabatta bread



Quattro Stagioni

Sloppy Guiseppe


Penne All'Arrabiata Con Pollo

Pollo Alla Parmigianna

Polpette Siciliane

Tagliatelle Alla Carbonara


Piccata Di Pollo

A boneless fillet of Chicken, sauteed with mushrooms & red onion and finished in our very special Piccata sauce, served with baby potatoes and salad greens

Bocconcini Di Vitello Ai Funghi

Fillet of veal, oven cooked with a rustic combination of garlic, onion, mushrooms and bell peppers in a beef boulion, served with a traditional polenta

Spiedini Mare E Monti

Skewers of Tiger prawns and Irish Steak, char grilled and served on a bed of mashed potato with a chunky tomato salsa

Side order:

Insalata Mista

Green leaves, peppers, onion & tomato, with balsamic vinaigrette

Garlic Bread

Crusty Italian bread with garlic butter, oven baked

"Eh..I'll have the Tagliatelle Alla Carbonara and Garlic Bread.Plus coke"I said,when the waiter came around to ask us if we're ready to order,obviously.But the restaurant,it was big,I mean it was huge!It was a skyscraper and span very slowly,Dead just drank....and drank,a lot.Plus smoking his fecking pipe,he didn't even winch or cough once,very strange.

"Hey Melody,since your the second element and all,do you know how to travel back in time, if you get what you mean?"Chad asked,smirking and pouring himself a glass of orange fizzy lemonade, mmm.Jamie did the same but choked on it when he drank then swallowed it...hard.Adabelle patted his back and he thanked her.

"No I don't get what you mean and I do know"I answered,thinking how he'll react.

"Oh good"he said,looking very devous and sneaky,I wonder what's he planning.


"Oh don't tell me there's a problem"he complained,whining like a child.

"Well,there is and quit complaining,life isn't perfect"I demanded,taking a deep breath then relising what I've said which is normally Molly's saying.

"What's the problem,Melody?"Adabelle asked,looking at Dead then Chad then back to me,very serious.

"Puss told me that I need to control it probally,learn how to use it and know where to head in the right direction"I answered,looking at the ceiling.

"He's right you know"Dead said,putting his thumbs up,everyone starring at him."What?"

"Who are you and what did you do with Dead?"Jamie said,wondering what he had done to himself.

"He's right here"Dead said,pointing at himself....he's back to normal,thank fuck.Our food finally arrived,the minute Rosetta's dinner was in front of her,she grabbed the fork and shoved every meatball into the mouth,I guess she was starving.

"Did you know being a good husband is like being a stand-up comic.You need 10 years before you can call yourself a beginner"Dead randomly said,drinking and smoking.And now he's drunk,while having lunch..great,just great.I looked at Jacob and smiled.He glanced at me then looked away.I raised an eyebrow.

"I like your eyes,Melody"he said slowly and calmly,like he was..oh,I don't know but anyway,he was flirting with me..again."Your amazing in all ways"

The others just carried on eating and enjoying their food.Adabelle smiled,then was in shock when he saw her boyfriend kissing another girl....don't want to talk about that now.


We had desert,relaxed and left after Adabelle broke up with him,she had enough of it.We went home and to own apartments.Jacob and I had to meet Puss somewhere......

We walked to a underground room,where Puss was waiting,patiently.

"Welcome children,to underground basement"Puss said,turning around and smiling that creepy smile of his...great,now he's really getting to me.

"Wow,nice name,did you make it up yourself?"I asked,smirking at Jacob,who just shook his head and I held my head low.

"Melody,open up a time gate"Puss asked,walking over and standing beside Jason.I nodded and put out both of my hands.In front of us appeared a time gate,a fire ring around it and flaming."Now when you start travelling,you need to kill all the monsters that will appear,so you can get through"

And then...he left,ditching us again but I guess he has other immortals to guide or something,I don't know.

"Can I go home fist then we can go through time"I begged,even getting down on my knees and all.He sighed and nodded.I quickly opened another time gate,thought of the time and place and ran for it....

In the normal world where school is finished..thank fuck!

I headed home,a fella walking behind me and had a huge grin on his face.I walked quicker then started to sprint until I got to my front door,noticed that I was carrying my schoolbag..which was filled with books of homework and stuff.No one was home so I made myself my own dinner and went for a shower..feeling hot water spraying at you and you face...what a lovely feeling.

Getting into new clothes and noticing a creepy boy starring in the window then disappearing.Then my sister drove in,parking in a unsual spot and walking in,her heels making a noise,very irritating.I came downstairs,noticing she was a bit upset.

"What's up?"I asked,putting my hand on her shoulder.

"It's nothing,just go away and leave me alone"she said,drying the streaming tears strolling down her face.

"I'm serious,tell me"I said,ignoring her telling me what to do.

"JUST FUCKING GO TO YOUR FECKING ROOM!"she screamed,slapping me across the face and glarring at her hands.

"What did I fucking ever do to you??!!"I shouted,storming up the stairs and slamming up the stairs.I locked the door and put my back to the door,sliding down slowly and crying.....Parent's are Dead,Rosie and I were left outside,me on fire,burning me to so much but not killing me.Didn't go to hospital but Rosise did.She got bitten one knows.But we never talk about what happend,are old house burning to pieces,no one seamed to care.

I had my eyes closed..when I opened them,I was starring at the eyes of Jacob,who picked me up and we both disappeared..back in the magic world.

"I'm ready to travel through time now"I said,after I woke up propally and wide awake...from Jacob blaring a torch light at my eyes,nearly blinding me.We stood up,looked at each other nodded and ran for it,into the flaming timegate.....

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