Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


6. Kill 'Em All,Protectors of the Earth!(Monday)

Adabella POV 

Walking into the kitchen and spotting my boyfriend Aragon talking to Chad and Jamie investigating what is going on in part of the city a head.I was in my blue jersey chemise and ran into my bedroom to get dressed.I wore a scarlet dress decorated with a pretty flower where the hemline rose at the front.The shoes were glittery red shoes.I had a bag that was attached to  a belt and I put my phone and money in it.My hair was a mess so I just put up in a champagne twirl.

"Quick,lets go Adabella"Aragon shouted from down the hallway,into the basement where are Dune Buggy was parked up nicely.Dead was with us and drove in his fucking army tank,both himself and Chad starting up the engines and zooming out while the garage door goes up..or whatever you call it,I don't know but anyway,we were being chased by demons in airplanes,shooting us and trying to take us down.

"Ada,take the gun and shoot"Jamie shouted,calling my nickname..Ada.He tossed it to me and we both pulled our triggers,allowing the bullet to come out and hit the pilot.The car then had it's roof coming over so I rolled down the window in the back seat and started shooting my machine gun.With the window rolled down and my machine gun parallel to the car door, I fired a spray of bullets.Firing at the airplane,watching it crash into another one,causing an expulsion.Five Tiran Malfia trucks crash into the building of the loustal Police Station and soldiers shooting at us from their vehicles.-sending debris and scattering the nearby people into dismay. Soldiers spread out, they sprint and skid behind any instant cover.Checking their weapons once more,they scan the area and hail their fire on the targets.Most of the officers,caught off guard instantly hit the ground- killed from the Mafias fire.The officers with who could react fast enough are now behind their cover, returning fire.No civilians are nearby as the firing continues.A Mafia soldier,makes for a desperate move and dashes from behind the fallen statue he took as his shield.He jumps and hauls himself over the it.Behind it he see's exactly what he came.He wastes no time and pulls the trigger,killing yet another officer. No sooner is he shot as well by an officer revealing himself just enough to take the Mafia down.As soon as he does,over next to the third Tiran Malfia trucks a bullet blazes and zings through the air to implant itself directly into the officers chest.

We drove at the speed of lightning,me taking down demons on hover bikes and shooting them with my bow and arrow.

"Speed it up,Chad,press the button"Aragorn shouted,throwing a bomb at one airplane,the demon landing on the car and me stabbing him with the arrow..lovely.

"Jamie,remember what we bet on,we count how many times we hit a demon and monster?"I asked,smiling at him and waiting for a reply.

"I certainly do"he answered,swinging a long piece of steel and knocking a demon off his hoverbike,having it to roll over him...lovely."What number you on?"

"15"I said,using a bit of magic and my arrows."What about you?"

"17,ha!"he said,blowing up a airplane and watching it crash into another one and another.

"Sure you are"I said,counting every arrow I hit.I looked at the of sky,fracture birthstone-bright light peeped through the pagan-black sky,a rupture of moonstone-yellow light appeared in the carnal-black sky and a lesion of lodestar-bright light illuminated the benighted sky.We were battering and beating against our enemy under a sunless sky,pounding and pummelling their defences under a beamless sky,a blizzard of spears was shrilling and sissing through the sky,demons screaming and screeching as the ground became slippery with sludge and the theatre of death filled up with keening and caterwauling sounds as the sodden earth became oily with ichor.

We drove away as fast as we could,the hoverbikes couldn't keep up with us.Chad breaking the speed limit as demons and demons were shooting at us.

"Ada,you ready?"Jamie asked,nodding to Aragon who was shooting down loads of airplanes.

"Read when you're ready Jamie"I said,ready to jump onto a hoverbike which was coming closer to us.

We both nodded to each other and jumped on either side of the car onto the hoverbike(if you are wondering what it is,it's a moter bike but hovers and has no wheels so that's why it's called a Hoverbike) and attacking the driver.He got out,having the machine on drive itself,I don't know what's it call bu anyway,he came at me fast with a looping swing at my head.I ducked easily and took his knee out with my foot. I heard it pop. He screamed and went down in a heap.

He got up,ignoring the pain and came fiercely at me.I stepped forward and jabbed a finger in his eye. He screamed louder than he he did before and fell back against the glass roof.He slid down on his ass,his hands over his face.He took out something,healing all his injuries and standing up,with his hands behind his back.

He’d been fiddling with a knife and now he had it out and was holding it loosely in his right hand between his thumb and index finger about waist height.He was going to go for me low with a slicing motion.Classic amateur mistake.A professional holds a knife in a tight fist,like a rapier and goes straight for the eyes.

When he swung, he expected me to jump back,but I leaped inside the swing instead. I hooked my left arm over his right, grabbed his throat with my right hand, and drove my right knee into his crotch.

I let him go, and he fell to his knees. He leaned forward, vomited, and then passed out and fell off the moving vehicle that was about to crash into another hoverbike.It crashed,I jumped into the air and it exploded..boom.Chad came around on the car he had taken over and I jumped onto it.He kept dodging other hoverbikes,who were now chasing us.

"I'm on 23 now"he said,shooting a couple of demons.He through the big gun to me and I attached it to a thing that you can attach a big gun too.

"Take that you ugly mother fuckers"I shouted,pulling the trigger and killing every demon all over the place."24"

"Ah,no way are you that far"he shouted,throwing a bomb and watching Dead drive in his army tank.You can hear him shouting while talking to demons who climbed up to fight him.

"In the course of an average lifetime you will, while sleeping, eat 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders.A person can live without food for about a month, but only about a week without water If the amount of water in your body is reduced by just 1%, you'll feel thirsty.If it's reduced by 10%, you'll die.Don't know about fecking demons though"he shouted,punching a demon on his left then his right then from behind and underneath and so on...what an idiot.

We both jumped up,onto the car,the speed it was going..holy cow! Demons surrounded us now, closing us in.

"I'm guessing we have no choice but to fight our way through to where we're heading"Aragon shouted,coming over to me and holding my hands.

He looked at me with his gleaming eyes and brought me to his warm embrace. I sank my face into his chest as if to ask him to never let go as I put my arms around him.All I wanted,his arms around me,it was happening and I didn't know how to respond to that.

The Demons came in fiercly and stopped,waited for one of them to blow a horn,they charged. Chad's car disappeared and he was ready with his sword. Aragon swinging his sword,looking at his arm.Molten-red blood splashed from his open wounds but he healed them,using magic and killing every demon.

"28,Chad"I shouted,shooting my arrows,counting every one.

"39,ha,in your face bitch"he shouted back,shooting a demon and kicking another.Dead came around again and was now shouting shit in Irish and it probably didn't make any sense.

"Ar an meán, leath de na fiacla bréige de chineál éigin radaighníomhaíochta.Beidh liathróid gloine Preab níos airde ná liathróid rubair. Beidh liathróid déanta as cruach soladach Preab níos airde ná ceann amháin déanta go hiomlán as gloine.Ag luas eitleán ar scaird de 1,000 km (620 míle) in aghaidh na huaire, éiríonn an fad an eitleán adaimh amháin níos giorra ná a ghnáthfhaid

(On average, half of all false teeth radaighníomhaíochta.Beidh some sort of glass ball bounce higher than a rubber ball. The solid steel ball bounce higher than one made ​​entirely out gloine.Ag jet plane speed of 1,000 km (620 miles) per hour, the length of the plane becomes one atom shorter than its original length) 

I rolled my eyes at him and swung my sword,kicking a demon in the crotch..yep,I said it and kicked another one in the face,ha!

Then I stopped and looked to my right to see a surprising sight ever.Everyone else looked to see where I was looking.

"Brace yourself lads"Chad said,ready to take down one.

"What are they?"I asked,looking at Jamie who knew exactly what they were."Chad?"

"Big gigantic robotic elephants"he shouted,attacking a demon.Slicing and dicing,chopping demons heads off,not a pretty sight at all,if you ask me.

"Ok"I said,nodding and shooting arrows.

"Adabella,use this!"Jamie shouted,throwing me a bazooka and putting thumbs up at me.I smiled, pulled the trigger and boom,erasing the demons.I saw the robotic element's and heard Aragon shouting my name.

"Adabella!"he shouted,pointing at the machine and I nodded,running and jumping onto it.I climbed it's.....well,lets just call it it's tummy and opening up the lid where you would normally would be expecting batteries.But instead of having batteries in it,I was fighting with demons,who came at me fiercely.Chad was running beside me.

"38...39...40...41...42....,Chad,I'm on 43,in your fucking face!"I shouted,shooting one arrow to the the next one and counting each one.

"Fuck you bitch,I'm on 39"he shouted,swinging his sword one way and another.One particular demon looked at me,another hiding in the darkness.

Richard.He killed my people,most of my grandparents and older ones,I wanted revenge on him.And he started speaking my own first language,Ukrainian.Na,he spoke English,he wouldn't have a clue where Ukraine is,he was born in this world,I was born in the normal world.

"So you have finally come,Adabella.Dastan,please tell me what kind of name is 'Adabella'"he asked, looking at Dastan who was enjoying a nice piece if white chocolate brownie,mmmmmm,yummy.

"One second"he said,with food in his mouth and have the time of his life eating it.He swallowed it and burped,yuck.I was thinking to myself'Why are you eating immoral food, your a demon.", why are you asking me a stupid question?"

"I'm not asking you a stupid question,you fucker Dastan"Richard cursed,throwing something at him.I was confused and thought fast.

"How dare you call me a little fucker"he cursed back.Now this is awkward,Two little feckers fighting over something so stupid,I have nothing to say.

"Ok,shut up,both of you.First of all,Richard,why did you ask a stupid question?"I asked,making them stop.He glared at me.

"I didn't fucking say anything-"

"And second of all,Dastan,why are you eating brownies,it's very unlike of a demon eating immortals food"I interrupted,stomping my foot on the floor.

"Yeah,see!Told you!"Richard shouted,looking impressed with himself and ignoring Dastan showing him the middle finger.I can't believe I'm doing this,normally we'd be fucking fighting the minute we saw each other.

"Will you shut up and let me fucking speak!"I demanded,looking serious.They stopped and stared."Thank you.And last of all,why didn't you offer any brownies to Richard,Dastan?"

They stared at me blankly,looked at each other and started arguing again so I thought,gave up but still thinking and walked slowly backwards and ran for it until I got to the main connection,the robotic heart is what I just called it.I came out and cut the rope that held the saddle yoke and let it fall over.Richard and Dastan looked out and quickly jumped out.I built up my strength and put both hands on the machine,making it shake,Aragon watching me and Chad shaking his head,ignoring Dead who was doing something stupid as usual.The Elephant stopped,I jumped and it was under control and on our side,yay.

The others ran for it,slicing and dicing,as I jumped off the machine and demanded it to kill every demon in it's path and boom,it did that!Chad looked at me and stayed quiet for 10 seconds,thinking.

"That still counts as one!"he shouted,because it was so noisy around us so he had to shout over the high pitched voices of fecking monsters,that were heading our way."Adabella!"

"What?"I shouted,attacking one with my bow and arrow,using magic of course.By the way,my power is cicilar,meaning able to take over machines and also I can force evil to get out of a good person's body,really meaning possessed by a demon/monster.

"Attack the fecking things"he shouted,kicking a demon in the face and swinging his sword.

"I am you idiot!"I said,smiling and slashing swords together with some fecking ugly demon.

"Never mind,oh and I'm wining by the way"he said,smiling and looking so proud of himself for killing so many demons.I ignored him and partnered up with Aragon.

"You ok Ada?"he asked,ducking from a swinging arm that came out of no where.

"Yeah,bot sore here and there,what about you?"I answered,hooting an arrow and another and another.

"Same"he said,both of us ducking another swinging arm.We both nodded to each other and jumped at the same time.I stood up on the monster,oh god it was horrible looking,plus smelled rotten and it tried to grab me with his hands but I was to quick for it then I jumped in mid air and shot five arrows at the same time into it's head and slid down it's trunk.

We both landed in front of each other and hugged tightly.All the demons and monsters were dead.The others were waiting in the car.

"Come on love birds into the car,you can be together later,we got a mission to do!"Chad commanded,beeping the car over and over again.We got into the backwards seater in the car and Dead was with all of us,sitting in the drivers seat.We kind of knew where his tank was,he made it into a smaller version and stuffed it into his pocket,that's what the lads said when we asked.He was driving and was listening to the worst song ever in the magic world.

Bouncing up and down in back,the day getting darker and me asleep on Aragon shoulder,aww.I woke up and looked at him,smiling.We both leaned into each other,his eyes looking deeply into mine.Without talking I knew he really liked me and wanted to kiss me. He leaned forward slowly and hesitantly until his soft lips touched mine.His hands cupped my face as he kissed me again.His lips felt soft, and gentle. The kiss was sweet and nice, my body felt as if I was on a cloud. I couldn't help but smile not only on the outside but the inside too.

Jamie sneezed and sneezed again.

"Bless you"I said,rubbing his head and smiling.

"Thanks"he said,taking my hand off his head and smiling back.

"Did you know that people say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze,your heart stops for a mili-second"Dead said,bumping into hedges and driving at speed that is so fast,he wouldn't be able to crash.We stared at him blankly.

In the car,waiting around and after 4 hours of driving at the speed of lighting,we finally arrived.We bursted out,allowing ourselves to breath fresh air,it was so stuffy in the car,I had to burst out of the car the minute it stopped and splat.I fell right onto my face.

"Dead,please take a fucking shower!"I demanded,throwing a huge bottle of water.It hit him and he fell over,poor fella.He stood up,opened the bottle and poured the water all over himself,with his clothes on him.He then hid behind a big rock the size of a truck and came back after a minute or two.

"Happy now,Adabella?"he asked,shaking his head even though he had only moss growing on his skull,he still did it and smoked his pipe.I rolled my eyes and climbed up a head to see what was coming toward us.

"Ada,what do you see there?"Jamie shouted,waiting for an answer,A head over in the sky wasn't a pretty sight.I looked closely and was surprised what they were.

"Monsters from the south"I shouted,taking cover under a rock and assuming the others would hide too."Quick,hide now!"

They all dived under a rock and waited for me to make sure they were gone.

"Everyone,they're surrounding us"Chad whispered,hoping everyone got his message.

"Shit,they know we're here!"Aragon cursed,taking his sword out and waiting for me.The monsters caved around us and snarled and smelled rotten.

"Now!"I shouted,jumping out and hitting a couple of arrows,including counting them.I could hear Chad counting away and hitting them hard,very hard and hearing the screams of the fecking monsters.And then there's me,kicking a monster,grabbing one of their shields,throwing ut and jumped on it,shooting my arrows,now that's fucking AWESOME!

Dead ran,did some sort of back flip and pulled the trigger on his gun,laughing away and kicking monsters in the face and some places that aren't nice.The monsters were pretty dam ugly,my opinion as well as everyone else I know.I blinked at Dead as I nearly lost my balance and the shield went flying through loads of monsters all at landing on my feet,blinked and smiled.A ship suddenly flew over,other immortals climbing down weird looking rope ladders and joined fighting with us.We all quickly climbed up the ladders,me flying up instead and shooting loads of arrows at the monsters and getting on the ship.We met up with a familiar face.Chad stepped forward and kissed her on the lips,surprising her.

Lady Chloe,was the leader of one of the most strongest teams,including us of course and Jacob who just joined not to long ago.He used to be on another team in the Water City.Our newest member after him was Melody.Oh and Lady Chloe is Chad's girlfri end,Chloe and The Water Element are really good friends,they both met at our friend from the normal world,Molly's birthday and new they were both immortal.

"You do know that your not alone in this battle"Chloe said,smiling and holding hands with Chad,aw cute.We went into the main room where Chloe's cousin was driving the ship.It was a spaceship,just not in space,in the sky and on land,like Jacob's old space ship in The Water City.

"Yeah,yeah,so..we're heading into the cave,yeah?"Jamie asked,looking out the window.

"Yes,we are"she answered,standing beside him.Myself and Aragon looked outside the opposite window.

"I guess we're heading into another battle?"Chad asked,cleaning his sword and then sharpening it.

"Yes"I answered,nodding and putting more bullets in my gun.

"But this time,there will be more then monsters"Chloe's cousin said,speeding in.

"Then there's no hope for this battle"Aragon said,shaking his head and sitting down.

"No.There is still hope.We fight and fight until their leader suffers death,what are we waiting for?"Dead said,looking so proud of himself.The ship stopped and everyone,I mean everyone looked at him,including myself.

"Who are you and what did you do with Dead?"I asked,walking over to him and making sure he wasn't possessed or anything.What the fuck did he just like?Weird....

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