Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


2. Here comes the magic,oh wait,first,school then magic,I think(Thursday)

Eva POV 



Eyes fluttering open and not even properly awake,lovely. Blinking and starring at my dog who started to lick my face,great,just great,now I need a shower.Water pouring down onto my dry hair,soaking it and making it drip and heavy.Getting out and staring at myself in the mirror.

"And now,I have school,great"I said to myself,washing my face and walking into my bedroom.Getting into fresh and dry uniform,all warm and cosy and coming downstairs.My older sister,Rosie was cutting up bread.I live with my sister and her boyfriend.Don't talk about what happened to my parents.Light gleamed through the window on to the shiny utensils of the kitchen.Hi-tech appliances all strangely fitted in with the traditional feel of the old house.Black wooden angled island in center topped with granite and a mini "a-line"wine cellar just above the fridge and wooden floors unlike the usual customary tile.

I found myself standing in the middle of the living room.Too anxious to sit in the cream soft leather sofa I remained in the centre like a grubby garden ornament.With my eyes only I toured the spacious room.On my left was a period fireplace with a tall pottery vase standing either side,displaying bouquets of sweet smelling flowers.Above the fireplace a huge gilded mirror showed my reflection.I desperately wanted to cover myself over in a white sheet but for the fear of staining it muddy brown.Above my head a chandelier hung with the afternoon sun glinting off the cut glass.I walked into the kitchen and poured some cereal into my bowl.

"What made you look so depressed?"Rosie asked,staring at me straight in the eye and grinning a bit.

I felt like my heart had been ripped out. Suddenly there was an aura of grey around me.It was a mist that wouldn't rise.A state of depression that I couldn't see myself through.I felt a terrible weight on my shoulders.It was as if a giant boulder was laid on me and I couldn't straighten up or catch my breath entirely. 

"I'm fine,I'm totally fine"I lied,going all over it and staring at my food,putting the spoon into my mouth.

"Ok then Eva"she said,putting her bowl in the sink and calling her boyfriend,Drake,ugh.He came down and Rosie went to leave for work,hugging me and kissing that one heck of a toothbrush.She shuts the door and I continue eating,watching my back in case he comes up behind me and shoves me.

"Why did you go and do that for,you jerk"I shouted,heading upstairs after I put my bowl in the sink.I went upstairs and into my room and found a black cat on my bed,smiling..literally smiled.

"Eva"it said...purring


"Yes,I can speak and so can you,so get your things and say something"it said,jumping off the bed and stretching.I got my things quickly,put on my shoes and quickly brushing my hair...with him constantly staring...creepy.I looked at him when I was ready."Ready when your ready"

I blinked twice,not saying a word until.

"Am I dreaming because this isn't real"I said,standing an thinking.

"Your not,Eva now lets go"he said,walking out and waiting at the end of the stairs.I nodded by shutting my door and heading down the stairs.The cat went to the front door and it opened by itself.

"Did that door just open by itself,Eva?"the idiot asked.I rolled my eyes and looked him.

"Your dreaming,that door was always,see ya"I shouted,dashing for the door,grabbing my lunch and out the door I go.

"Well for starters,your a show off"The cat said,giving me a jump,smiling,a very creepy smile and walked on.I paused for a second and thought to myself then came racing down to him.

"Hey,wait up"I shouted and nearly tripping over my own two feet.I caught up with him,looking at him."Em,how is it that your speaking?"

He stopped and looked at me.

"Magic"he answered,smiling that creepy smile and walking on.We walked silently to my school,until he stopped.We were near my school and he stopped."By the way,the name is Puss"

And then he was gone and left me standing there halfway to school.I stood there for a while and then continued walking.

Wondering down the path and a man practically stalking me from behind, what a creep. I turned around and faced him.

"What you want?"I asked,looking serious and Fire in my eyes.

"You,you are the second element!"he said,smiling and stepping forward,making me step back.

"I'm sorry,but what did you say I was?"I asked,not quite clear on what he said.He charged and I put my hand out,catching his sword and smoke burning it.I had my eyes closed and opened them,gasping on what I was doing.The man was literally on fire,I mean it so I decided to run for it until I got to my school then I went through something and everything I saw shimmered,strange.But when I arrived into my classroom,school was over and everyone was going home.So I went into the library,just to put a book back.Then it happened again but this time,no one was in the school and all the furniture in the main corridor outside the library were all over the place.The staff room door was hanging off then fell,all the stairs were nearly all cracked up,the GPA(General public area) was a complete mess and Miss,Fitzgerald the home economics teacher was looking like she got blown up or something(she can't teach).

I went back to library and just decided to read a book,with my legs up on the desk and reading away when out of the blue,Puss dived onto me,making me fall back words and landing on my back.

"What you go and do that for?"I asked,helping myself get up and fixing myself"

"Sorry about that"he said,bowing like when Japanese say sorry,my good friend Molly writes books and some of them are anime.Oh and she is also writing a book about Anna and myself.She's finished Anna's book. 

"Why did you just jump out of no where"I asked,picking up the chair and sitting back down.

"I was being chased by vampires"he answered.


"Vampires,have you not heard of them?"

"Eh,yeah but are actually real?"

He starred at me gloomily for a few seconds then sighed.

"As I was saying,I was being chased by vampires so I decided to magically disappear,making them confused and lost and then ended up bumping into you"he explained,licking his paws as he walked and then waited me to walk by him.I sighed and stood up,walking beside him and looking around the place."Eva,be very cautious on your soundings,there might be demons or monsters about this area"

I frowned and kept on walking....until,I tripped over a something and landed on my face,splat!

"Your even worse then Molly"Puss said as I stood up and stared at him blankly.

"What did you say?"I said angrily,turning my head to see his head.

"Eh nothing,I said nothing"he said,realizing what he had said.I frowned and continued walking with him until we bumped into a boy."Oh by the way,that's Jacob,he's the leader of your friend Serah's group and he isn't really there by the way"

"Who?"I asked,frowning at him.

"Your lost friend,long blonde hair,from Poland,has been missing as well as other teenagers?"

"Oh,you mean Anna"

"No,I don't.I mean Serah"


"Yes,Serah is correct"

"Serah who?"

"Serah Celecta"

"Nope,don't know her"

He sighed,face palmed and shook his head,nearly giving up on me..I think.

"Your friend isn't called Anna anymore,she has a different name"


"Her name is Serah,so when I or anybody and when you see your friend 'Anna',they mean Serah,got it?"he explained,licking his paws and after put both his middle fingers up at me and smiling that one of heck creepy smile.

"Fuck you too Puss,fuck you too"

I smiled at him and he rolled his eyes.

"That's not funny Eva"he said,jumping onto the wrecked up balcony."Oh and by the way,there's three things I want to tell you"

 "And what's that?"I teased,crossing my arms then trying to figure a way for me to get up there.

"First of all,you need to change your name"


"No reason"


"Actually,ha ha,there is a reason,you need to change your name so demons and monsters don't find out your real name,where you live,any private details and your family"he explained,watching me carefully.

"What about my family?"

"They could be killed"

I beamed at him,heart racing and deciding what to say and do next.

"Ok then,I'm going to change my name to Melody"

"Melody.....???"he asked,still watching,creepy black cat,even though he's the size of a lion.

"Em,Melody...Sacra?I asked,still trying to think how to get up and thinking how he got up on the balcony himself.

"Ok,so the second thing is how you're going to get up here,well there is only one way and that is to use your power Fire" 

"My power?"

"Yes,your power"

"What am I suppose to do then with this mighty power of mine?"

"Now that's up to you,my pet"

"Don't call me that,I'm not an animal like you"I snapped and trying to concentrate.Hmm,what to do,what to do,what to do and so on.....

"I'll hover up"i said to myself,standing in the center of the room,sort of anyway.I looked up,noticing there was a hole in the roof.Earthy smell of the rain gets to my nose like the smell of forests. The rain started to intensify, like bullets falling from the sky. The rain continued to fall, getting heavier and heavier until it developed a tapping rhythm.Replacing the howling wind was a loud rumbling thunder that loomed in the distance.

I put my arms out,hands point to either side,palm facing the floor,concentrating,eyes closed....I opened my  eyes seeing a bright red blue colored flash;dazzle across my eyes as the only light in a long time grabbing all my attention, reminding me of mums way of stirring the soup; right after she’d finished stirring she’d take the spoon and bang it in the edges of the pot ‘ting,ting’ it creeps me out!

The lighting looked like Mum's mint leave roots;she’d try to pull the baby leaves but end up pulling the roots,they are structured just like the lighting except the fact that it is covered in mud and stay longer than a lightning. 

I landed carefully and fell over onto my ass.Puss sighed and told me to walk with him but on the way,I spotted the stairs and they were not broken.

"You got me to do all that hard work and you didn't tell me about the fricken stairs!!!!!"I shouted,getting pissed off and storming upstairs until I got to the top..where I found someone smoking a pipe and all dressed in a black suit and a black tie.

"Oh,that's Dead by the way"Puss explained,pointing at him and smiling.

"It's a..a..a..a.."I screamed,paniking.."IT'S A FUCKING SKELETON!!!!!"

"No need to shout and your right,he's a skeleton who is an idiot,asshole,a pain,stupid,random and might make you laugh"Puss shouted (who is on the right >>>),going over to him.

"My name is Dead.Oh and sorry,I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious, so don’t hate,alright?"he said,shaking my hand,feeling all his knuckles crack and hands...eww,yuck.

"Nice to meet you too,Dead,my name is Ev-Melodie Sacra"I corrected,rubbing my hands together.

"Nice to meet you too,now,I must be off"


"Sorry,we must be off"he corrected,marching down towards my classroom and I got a shock when I first stepped into the room,the roof was gone and the sky was all grey looking.A hole in the roof,I mean,it was huge!I walked,shocked off all the damage and then,I stood on something,couldn't really describe it.

"I believe you have found what we're looking for Melody"Puss said,telling me to come over and showing him it.

We got what we wanted,came out of the classroom and turned left.Dead opened the doors to go outside and we all walked out.Puss had to go and guide someone else,I wonder who. Standing front of us,with his back to us was a boy.I think.

"Look who we found here,Reece"he said,looking at boy who stepped out of the shadows.

"Well,well,looks like Dead has come and joined the show"the boy named Reece said,smiling and showing off.

He smiled,I was taken aback by the long, sharp, fangs.They glistened slightly in the sunshine and I could see his blood-thirstness etched in those razor sharp fangs,lovely.

He had fangs,black hair,dark as night,skin pale but looked normal enough for people not to suspect,golden eyes,tall,elegant,he even had a attractive smirk and all dressed in black,lovely.The guy was wearing black clothes too,just had dark blue hair.

"Can you tell what she is,Dastan?"Reece whispered,asuming that the boy named Dastan would answer.

"Yes,I do"the boy named Dastan whispered back.

"I can hear you two"I shouted,interrupting them.

"You must be the famous fire element,Melody"Reece said,smiling a much creepier smile.Dead handed me a spare sword and a few other weapons,including a gun!! My auantie is going to kill me if she ever saw me with a gun,I just know it,any adult would actually.

I get ready for their attacks and apparently they were both after me,I sense it in their eyes for some strange but cool reason.And then....they ran up to us,ready to attack and strike us down...for good.

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