Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


7. Don't take The Dark Road(Tuesday)

Melody POV 

Walking on my horse and heading towards a cave.Galloping up to it,getting off the horse an walking over to Jacob who was looking around.

"We'll stay the night here and head deep into the forest"he said,bringing his horse into the cave.I did the same.A head of us was a dark,spooky forest and a dark road that leaded into it,a very rough one and roots dug right underneath it.

"That road there"I said,gasing at a rough road that headed into the dark forest.He looked up,looked at where I was looking and looked serious.

"What about that road?"he asked,setting some firewood and stacking it up."Can you light this up please?"

"Sure,one second"I answered,starring deep into the entrance,wanting to go in.

He looked at me,waiting patiently for me.I came over and clicked my fingers,fire appearing on my finger.I lit the fire and stood up,watching him walk over where I was standing.

"You wanted to know where that road went"he said,pointing at the woods and I came over to him.

"Yeah,where does it lead into?"I said,as I came over closer to him.It got dark and the forest scared me a bit so I stayed close to Jacob,his arm around me and my head against his chest.

"It leads into The Dark Forest,they say that evil lives there,only evil now and it is forbidden for anyone to enter the entrance because if you go in,there's no coming out"he explained,holding onto me tighter.We set up our sleeping bags and put up a curtain to block the entrance.It wasn't that small,the entrances,the width of a door and as tall as a wardrobe.

It became very misty outside and I could barely even sleep,talk about hearing screams coming from the forest.Jacob was sitting near the curtain,looking outside,gazing at the moon.I could hear the screams and sound of wings flapping against the wind and landing just above us.

"Can you not sleep?"he asked,eating some bread and wanting me to join him.

"No"I answered,coming over and sitting beside him.Something moved above us that made me jump.It mved again.Jacob holding my hands,calming me down,he is so darn handsome."What are they?"

He looked at me,looking serious and all.I smiled and held onto him more,afraid of whatever was up there.

"They are called The Shadows,dark demons from the dark tower of Helta in the East,just outside Paradise.There are lot,posibly over 100 or even more,one falls,another rises.They train to become one and all become one with all the dark magic and riding Itelectsigas.They become shadows,like a shadow of anything,from a bus stop to a creepy tree.Your friend Serah was attacked by them and met one of the leaders.I forget his name his name but he wasn't a nice kid when he was younger so I suppose he deserved to die.Serah's husband saved her ass and went back to her place, introduced himself and shit.But the main enemy is rising,we just got to wait until The Heart appears and then,war!And plus that cocky bastad Reese,got I wish his fucking vampire teeth are sticking into his own neck"he explained,taking out his sword ready to attack.

I did the same and got ready to attack.They jumped down off the cliff and opened the curtain,putting away the gun and smoking away on his pipe.

"If you could choose between the World,Reece,Bill Grates and Money,what colour would be your Army Tank?"he asked,coming in and smoking more of his fecking pipe.

"Dead,what the fuck are you doing here?"I asked,putting away my sword and crossing my arms.

"And don't you ever do that again,I nearly stabbed you with my sword!"Jacob said,then relised what he just said.

"Already dead here"Dead said,pointing at his head.

"Idiot"I said,looking at Jacob and ignoring Dead.

"Who's the idiot?"Dead asked,not really listening to what was going on.Jacob face palmed and shook his head.

"You are,Dead,you are"Jacob answere,winking at me.I rolled my eyes and ate some bread.

"Oh my god,can I have some bread?"Dead said,getting so ecited and just grabbed a piece from my hand that I was about to put in my mouth,bastard."Oh by the way,I was with Chad, Aragon,Jamie,Chad's girlfriend Chloe,Jamie and Adabella"

"What?When?Where?"Jacob said,dropping his cup and shaking Dead on the shoulders who was trying to drink beer.

"What are you talking about?"Dead shouted,throwing his hat at him.

"Ow,why did you go and do that for?"Jacob shouted back,refilling his drink and drinking it.

"What was it that you were asking me?"Dead asked,smoking more and scratching his ass.

"You metioned that you were with the others,when and where?"Jacob asked,tying his shoes.

"Oh yeah,last time I saw them was when they were heading into the Dark Forest"Dead said,picking his hat up,off the ground and placing it back on his skull."I suppose your planning on finding them?"

"Yep"Jacob said,looking at me.I nodded and packed up my stuff.He did he same.Dead took down the curtain,put it away and had another cigeratte."Ready Melody?"

"Read when your ready"I answered,taking out my sword once more and ready to run when he ran."Dead,you ready?"

"Hang on kiddos!"he shouted,smoking his cigarette more and more,how does he even smoke if he's afucking skeleton.Anyway,he took a small container and drank it.I'm guessing it's beer."Read when I'm ready"

Jacob face palmed and the two of us ran for it,Dead taking his time thinking and scratching his ass,then realizing that he was alone.He quickly caught up with us,we were near the entrance and he was miles back from us..or less.

"We might have to go to another entrance"Jacob said,fixing the rains on his horse.

"Since when was there another entrance?"I asked,calming my horse down.

"Since the forest appeared in this part of time."he answered,getting up behind me on my horse and Dead getting onto Jacob's,I was going to ask what the fuck is he doing but then,I understood what he was doing.We walked into the forest,Dead finally stopped smoking and walked in behind us.It was extremely dark,I had to heat up some fire,it appeared on my hand,brightening up the place.It was a strain to even make out the tangle of shapes all around.As in some cartoon,the silhouettes of branches reached towards them with emaciated arms and fingers like beings at once terrified and furious.And as the light vanished,like blind people,I became hyper sensitive to sounds,sounds far different than the cheery chirping of the now receded meadow.Less hopeful bird song as in mourning;the tentative creak of a lost cricket's lament, and far off but perhaps not all that far off a hollow intermittent drumming sound almost like a coded warning.

It was a sort oh creepy place,trees following us and then we ended up in an open field with a broken tower.Plus a hungry fucking vampire standing on the cracked up roof,starring at us then noticing me,showing his fecking vampire fangs.

"The Fire Element is finally here!"he shouted,jumping off the tower and landing in front of us.

"Fecking bastard""Jacob muttered,taking out his horse and ready to attack.

Others appeared and one of the demons had a chain with a spiky ball attached to it.Reese came at me quickly.

"You have got to be joking"I said,ducking the swinging chain,me tripping the demon over and the spiky ball landed on his face...not a pretty sight.I jumped onto a demon and twisted his neck.One jumped onto Jacob,both of them falling off the horse but he managed to kill it,thank fuck.I blew fire and set three other on fire.

"Well,aren't you a little burning sparkly?"Reese asked grinning and showing his vampire fangs ,again.

"What?"I snapped,kicking him in the jaw and about to stab in the chest when he caught the sword and grabbed me quickly.Others appeared and helf their guns and swords at everyone else,including Jacob on my horse.Reese held me tightly,me trying to get away and him forcing me to put away my sword.

Chad POV 

"What's wrong Jamie?"I asked,shaking my shoulders and Adabella looking deep into my eyes.

"He know's where the others and Dead are.And they are in big trouble"she said,tears coming from her eyes.She must of saw Melody.Chloe's driver drove as quickly as possible.

"Where exactly are they,Adabella?"Aragon asked,looking at all the towers in the forest.

"Hang on,give me a moment"she said,looking at him and back into my eyes.She started speaking an usual,unknown language,she's from Ukraine back in the normal world."Скажи мені, що ви бачите, не бійтеся, повірте мені дорогий друг"

"What is she saying?"Jamie asked,looking at me.We didn't see Puss as he walked in.

"She said 'Tell me what you see,don't be afraid,trust me dear friend'"he said,coming over to me.

Adabella POV 

I went over to Puss and dragged him a side and looked at him.

"Чому ти завжди повторювати все, що я говорю, але сказати, що це чертовски по-англійськи?"I asked,the guys wondering what I was saying.

'Why do you always repeat everything I say, but say it is a heck of English?'

"Тому що вони, очевидно, повинні, хто знає, що ваша приказка, це може бути за спиною"he answered.

'Because they seem to have someone who knows what your saying, it might be behind'

"Вони вмирають, як і решта з нас безсмертних"I answered back.

'They die like the rest of us immortals'

"Ми вмираємо вже, ось що Моллі knows.What змушує вас думати, що ми збираємося померти так скоро? Є так багато безсмертних у світі, більшість з них живе, поки 4882, з них не народжуються one.Yes, деякі помре, коли справа доходить до великої битви з Безсмертних довгих бічних 5 Елементи й інші хороші люди проти злих"he explained,looking serious and all."І так, безсмертні означає «ви жити вічно", а не в mind.In Моллі її розум безсмертні помирають, ми всі скоро і ви не можете змінити that.but вона не знає, щось і це щось я не можу сказати хтось ще або себе, поки вона не говорить світові, коли вона знає, і знає, коли в потрібний час є right.Okay, Adabella?

'We are dying already,that's what Molly knows.What makes you think that we're going to die so soon?There are so many immortals in the world,most live on until 4882 years old,ones are born as one.Yes,some will die when it comes to the great battle with Immortals a long side 5 Elements and other good beings against evil ones.And yes,immortal means 'you live forever',not in Molly's mind.In her mind immortals do die,we all will soon and you can't change that.But she doesn't know something and that something I can't tell anyone else or yourself until she tells the world when she knows and knows when the right time is right.Okay,Adabella?'

Jamie was trying to remember where the others are.

"Then I shall die as one of them!!!"I shouted back,my voice echoing in the room and everyone looking at me.

"I remember where they are,they are at the main tower!"Jamie shouted,leaping out of his chair and pointing in the direction.

Aragon POV 

We arrived at our destination and landed just a few miles and ran towards the tower.We saw a group of vampires and that cocky bastard who held onto Melody.She noticed us and nodded, waiting to attack.

Melody POV 

I waited for a few minutes and then suddenly,the others appeared,slicing the vampires heads off.I grabbed one arm of Reese and swung him over my shoulder and onto the ground.I smiled at Jacob and ignored Dead.

"The most important thing in life is not knowing everything, it's having the phone number of somebody who does!"he said,smoking,again.And then boom,the others came and Reese held onto me tight,dragging me away from everyone.I had my eyes closed and we were alone in part of the wood.

The atmosphere was very dark and he wouldn't let me go.I burnt his arm,he howled in pain and I fell over.My gun was just over a bit and I tried to reach it.I caught the gun but Reese through me against a tree branch.I attempted a punch at him,sending him back and into a tree.The tree I was on was grabbing my arms and helding me tight,not letting me go.He came over and was about to stab me with a knife but I managed to kick his hand and the knife landed on his foot,ouch.

I got so angry and was trying to move but I couldn't budge.Then a flame appeared in my hand and I smiled,looking at my other hand.

A flame appeared to and I turned the gripped tree branched arms on fire.It went to the roots quickly and the tree was litually screaming. I.I landed on my feet,The Fire Element Symbol appeared and I stepped one more time but harder and the forest blew on fire.

The flames climbed the trees like it was a step ladder they grew and grew winding and wrapping their way around the forest. Tightening its grip,Hot,Sweaty.The unbearable heat grew upon the trees. There was no escape route.Suffering in pain.The forest shrieked silently Green shrubbery burned to crisp.The fire ended after hours of torture.Dead.Gone.The forest was nothing but a few ashes and dead monsters.It was no longer alive.The magnificent display of green was no longer there.The spark.The evil magic was gone...forever.

I quickly knocked Reece out with the biggest rock and ran for it,sliding down the hill and couldn't find the open field so I flew in the air instead,spotting a tower on fire and the others, plus the ugly vampires.I landed in front of them,looking at the ugly bastards.

"Grrr"I shouted,flames appearing in my hands and scarring them.They ran for it.I smiled and looked at everyone,who were silenting glarring at me."What?"

"Just don't cross your bridges before you come to them but forewarned is forearmed and being dead,like my wife"Dead said,opening another bottle of beer,how many does he even have?Now everyone,including myself,were looking at him."What?"

"It's nothing,big ass"Jacob said,elbowing Chad.

"Thank you"Dead said,thanking him and...leaving us.Puss appeared,looking at the place.

"Apparently someone's powers are getting better"he said,looking at me and smiling,with fecking smile of his."We should probally move and move to another time,Melody,if you please do the honor"

"Yeah,yeah,open up the portal and off we go"I said,putting out both of my hands and dodging the flying arrow.I put them out again and opened a portal,sprinting through it and waiting for everyone else.They all came through and we traveled through the time line one more time.

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