Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


11. Cry (Friday then Wednesday)

Melody POV 

Appearing in a field,looking around and at the sky.The night sky is exciting to explore, from the man on the moon,shooting stars and to the constellations your eyes can create with the stars its truly a magical effect. The perfect night sky for me is when the sky looks like its covered by a dome and the stars appear to be closer,the darker the sky the clearer the stars appear, its truly impossible to look beyond the captivating stars.

My father told me about seeing the stars in the middle of the seven seas as sailed the world with the royal navy said you had to see it to believe it from west to east north to south he was one lucky man i myself love it cant really say any words apart from what would we do without those stars above use.

And we used to go out onto tramore beach,Mum,Dad,Rosie and I sitting on tramore beach and watching all the stars come out until 11 then we'd all go home.

The sudden,deep pain in my heart was so bad,I felt like my whole world had come crashing down onto me, and I collapsed to her knees,sobbing in my distress.

"Melody,are you ok?"Jacob asked,rushing over to me and holding onto my hand.I stood up and just walked on a head and saw a house that looked like my own.My eyes was my old home.I ran to the front door,the others trying to keep up and I finally got to the door.I pressed the doorbell and knocked twice.

The door opened and standing there was Rosie,herself.

"Melody!!"she shouted,nearly about to faint but shook her head.I ran into her arms and hugged her so tight,I missed my big sister.

"Now I understand why she was crying"Chad whispered, you I didn't hear him.

"Come in,come in everyone"she said,inviting us inside."My name is Rosie by the way"

The house was just like how I remembered it.The island was where I remembered,her boyfriend was watching a match with his friends and a little girl came running into the kitchen. I guessed she was my niece.

Her boyfriend came in and noticed me.He hugged me for some reason and kissed his daughter,aw and then went back to the match.

Then ..tears started streaming down my face and I ran to my bedroom, which was still the same.

Jacob POV 

"Why is she is sad all the time?"Jamie asked,looking at me then Rosie.

"She is remembering the memory that happened to our parent's. Hollow,pained,trying to keep her head high but dying inside whenever something reminds her of her parents. She may feel alone, like there's no one there for her now that her there gone, whether that's true or not." she explained,drinking her coffee."Every day she puts on a fake face so people won't worry about her,especially you guys, but inside she just wants someone to understand, to recognize her loss, to be there for her and it was all up to me to mind her."

I nodded and went up to her room. Climbing the stairs,walking down the corridor and right last right door.I knocked and she shouted come in so I came in.

Melody POV 

"I told you-"she said,about to throw a pillow at him then I that it was only Jacob and not Dead."Come in Jacob"

He came in and looked around.

"Nice stuff"he muttered,looking impressed on my drawings from school.

"Looking for something?"I asked,smiling.

"No, just looking for around your bedroom, that's all"he said, smiling and coming over to me."I know what happened to your parents, Melody"

"Rosie told you, didn't she?"I said,sitting in front of my mirror and starring at myself.

"Uh...yeah, she kinda did" he answered, looking guilty and half smiling. I turned around and smiled.

"I might as well tell you the story. They died in a fire and I was inside, protecting my sister. I was on fire and she couldn't do anything about it. She brought both herself and I, jumping onto the trampoline and into our swimming pool. By the way, this happened when we.were living in America. Rosie was nearly 20 so she got permission to be my guardian, like a guardian angel.She decided to never talk about what happened to our parents and told me once what happened and told me to never ask about it again" I explained, holding onto my phone.

Do you want some time alone?"He asked, looking serious. I nodded to him, hoping he wasn't too serious. He left the minute I starred at him,waiting for him to quietly leave.I lay on my bed and fell asleep instantly.Adabella checked on me and giggled when she saw asleep like a baby.

It was 11:00 when I woke up.I jumped at the time because I was surprised of how long I was asleep.Tip-toed over to the door and peeked through the key-hole.Quietly opening the door,trying my best not to make a sound......

"Boo!!"Chad shouted,jumping out on me and giving me a fright.

"Ah!"I screamed,kicking him in the knee.

"What did you do that for???!!!!"he shouted.

"Chad,you fucking bastard!Don't you ever jump out on me ever again!!!"I shouted back,storming downstairs in a huff.

"Morning,sleep cow"Dead said,putting his bony legs up on the coffee table."You look like a walking corpse."

"Thanks. Tell me something I don't know." I said,crossing my arms.

"The bags under your eyes are quite a delectable shade of purple. What brand is that?" he asked, looking at his....somewhere I'm not going to look at.

"Insomnia." I said sarcastically but didn't know why I said it.

"Nice. Gotta try that some time." he said,putting up his two fingers at Chad.

"Do I honestly look that bad?"I asked,turning on the lamp. He still had his legs on the coffee table and Rosie came back in.

"You certainly do,from head to toe,your like a cheese string"Dead,putting his thumbs up.

"Shut up"I said,heading for the kitchen and getting food out of the fridge.

"Get your stick legs off my coffee table!"Rosie said,moving them.He stuck his tongue out and put up the middle finger.

"Dead,don't be so rude.The only person who tells her to fuck off is sometimes me.You can tell her boyfriend to fuck off anytime you want"I said, smiling.

"Melody!!!???""she said,crossing her arms and waiting for a reason.

"What?"I asked,folding my arms."Anyway,not to be rude sis,but we got to go investigating this time for any trouble"

Everyone agreed and I smiled.Yay,they finally agree on something I said.

"But first,we need some sleep.You don't mind,Miss....uh"Jamie said but paused and though about that her second name was.

"It's Miss.Lynch"Rosie said,fixing her jeans and tops.

"Alright,Miss Lynch"Jacob said,holding my hand.

"With your permission Miss Lynch,can my team and I stay the night and leave tomorrow morning"Jamie asked,smiling.Uh,why in the morning,why couldn't it just be in the afternoon after 1 or something.

"You can but the stick man sleeps on the couch and only the couch"she answered,pointing at the the couch Dead was sitting on."All the boys downstairs,Ev-"

"it's Melody actually,Rosie"I interrupted her,smiling.

"Melody and Adabella are to be in Melody's bedroom upstairs"she said,pointing at the stairs. Adabella and I went upstairs.

Jacob POV 

We all watched the girls go upstairs and the minute they were gone,Rosie turned to us.

"So which one of you id going out with my sister?"she asked,looking serious.We all blinked at her.Everyone pointed at me.

""I said,feeling embarrassed and wondering why she asked.The others just fucked off and did their own things elsewhere.

"Well,I'm flattered for my sister,.You keep her safe form any harm,won't you?"she asked,hoping would.

"Of course I will,I mean I will"I answered,trying to keep quiet.

"Can you promise me that?"she asked.I nodded and smiled.She nodded and called the boys back in.Then she took her shoes off,picked them up and went upstairs.I blinked again.Then she came back down with a heap of blankets.

"Thanks you ever so much,madam"Dead said,taking his hat of and bowed,weirdo. Rosie rolled her eyes,said good night and left us,strolling up the stairs.

Melody POV 

We actually didn't go to into my room.Instead, we sat  on the carpet,when I saw Rosie heading up the stairs, so we literally sprinted to my room and sat on the bed.

"Why did we even do that?"Adabella whispered,looking at my clothes then quickly dived onto my bed at the opposite side of me.

"Shut up Ada,Rosie is about to knock on the door and come in"I whispered back.There was a knock on the door and Rosie came in.

"So how long have you been going out with Aragon,Adabella?"she asked, sitting down on my twisty chair.

"Uh..."she said,looking at me and thinking."57 years or something"

"Wow.And how about you Melody?"she asked,smiling.

"What about me?"I asked back.

"How long have you been with Jacob?"she asked, looking at Adabella then back at me.

"Oh Jacob and I? We go way back. We've been going together since he kissed me for the first time"I answered,smiling and hoping she's finished asking random questions and ready to leave.

"Alright,ok. Well,goodnight you two,sleep well"she said, smiling and leaving the room,closing the door behind her.

"Something tells me that she isn't herself.How did you even know that she was going to come in and knock on the door?"Adabella asked after 5 minutes of silence, sitting up and getting comfortable.

"Goodnight Ada"I said, turning off the lamp and closing my eyes. She blinked in the darkness and fell asleep the minute she lay down and turned over.

Next day,9:00 

Adabella was apparently trying on my old clothes.It was the 29th of November and the year,oh god, the year was 3497! And when I left my time, it was 2014.

I got out of bed and headed downstairs,waiting for Ada to come down with me. She told me to go on a head,so I did. The boys were watching a match with Drake(the boyfriend).....Oh,Dead? Who knows what he's doing and Rosie herself was in the kitchen, thinking to herself and drinking coffee.

"Morning"she said, handing me a bowl. I had a bowl of cornflakes and spent the morning talking to her while packing more clothes,about what happened and shit before we arrived in this time. 2 hours later, we had to leave and I had to say goodbye until I meet her again.

"You be the big younger sister now and remember Mum and Dad will be guiding on your side and mine. And just remember, if your in one heap of trouble, Drake and I will find you and help you in any way, so take this"she explained,handing me a white-ish and red-ish stone to me.

"I'm guessing when I'm in trouble,this will beep or something and you'll get signal?"I asked, hoping I was right. She nodded and smiled. A tear rolled down my cheek and I hugged her tightly. The others waited while we talked.

Jamie POV 

We waited outside and just sat anywhere. Adabella and Aragon were sitting together on the dry grass,Chad and sitting on the roof of the shed and what was Dead doing? Ha,who fucking know's what the hell he's doing. I was sitting on the shed with Chad and Jason when Melody came out and depressed.

"Alright lad,lets go...oh shit,my stuff!"she shouted,running back inside. 

"What is all the racking noise? I'm trying to sun bathe,sleep and get a tan"Dead asked,moaning about it, what a total moaner.

Jason POV 

Melody came back out, took deep breaths and walked onto the grass. I jumped off the shed and went over to her.

"You ok?"I asked,putting my hands on her shoulders. She nodded sadly and then put her bag on her back and we were off.

Melody POV 

Wondering through my mind what happened to these ruins where I was walking.It was really misty and foggy,I couldn't see a thing but rotted bones everywhere.I noticed something move in the shadows then all of a sudden,it leaps onto me and I fell onto my back and I see a unfamilar face.A Vampire. 

I woke up,taking deep breaths. My arm was sore and when I looked at it,it was all red. I gasped at it and nearly fell over onto my side.

"Are you ok,Melody?"Jacob asked,rubbing his hands by the fire to heat up.

"I'm fine"I lied,rubbing my arm and trying to ignore the pain.Ada and Aragon were above us,we were in a outside a cave.

Adabella POV 

"Your choosing them over me?"I asked,looking away and crossing my arms.

"You are important too,you know,Ada. These is my dream job and I finally got it,I'd expect you to be proud."he asked,taking my hand.I sighed.

"I guess so"I said, allowing him to hug me. Then we kissed, warm lips smashing together and him putting his fingers through my brown hair.

I wore a scarlet dress decorated with a pretty flower where the hemline rose at the front. The shoes were glittery red shoes.

"Hey,I'll be always with you,babe.Now lets go and get food"he said,taking my hand and going down the rocky steps.

Jacob POV 

The breeze was so warm it made me want to sleep outside under the stars. While sitting by the fire I could hear the crickets chirping, and saw the fireflies all aglow.

"My God, what is that smell? Oh!"Jason asked, smelling the cooked beef.

"That's the smell of desire,Jason"Chad said,licking his lips and ready to dig in.

"Dig in everyone"I said, taking the beef onto a big plate

The Beef was very juicy and had a full flavor.A rich, melt in your mouth, flavor, just define.

Melody POV 

My arm started to hurt really badly and I wasn't in the mood to move closer.

I collapsed to the ground as I felt the pain as strong as one hundred daggers sinking into my arm. Groaning and screaming with anguish, I writhed about on the ground, clutching my body. My eyes were watery with the sheer pain and my breathing came out in sharp, shallow rasps. Sweat dripped down the side of my face and covered my forehead in a thin sheen. 

"H-help," I croaked, my desperate tone made my words almost inaudible.Jacob rushed over and got Adabella to heal my arm.He kept calling my name but I couldn't hear him.....

5 days later, Wednesday 

I woke up to find myself being carried by Jacob.

"I see that you've awoken,Melody"he said,heading into a waiting room.The others were already in there,including Puss,who had just arrived the minute we came in. I was in a weird looking hospital but part of it reminded me of the one back at home in the past.

12 hours later and 15 minutes 

I woke up to find myself on Jacob's back and leaving the weird looking hospital.I rubbed my eyes and yawned.

"Let me guess,I hurt my arm and had to get it fixed and now you want me to open a new time gate"I said,looking at him. Everyone stopped,including Jacob and looked at me."What?"

"How did you even know that?"Aragon asked,putting his arm around Ada's waist. 

"Magic perhaps"Puss said,smiling that one creepy smile.

"Well at least she's not fecked up anymore.The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"Dead said,smoking his pipe.

I go off Jacob's back and walked a head with everyone by me just in case if I collapse.I put my hand out and was about to open a portal when a arrow nearly took me out.I turned to see who shot it and saw that is was a girl vampire.

"So close,just so close"she shouted,jumping off the ruin she was standing on and landed in front of me,swinging her leg but I ducked on getting hit in the face.I swung my right leg and hit her right in the stomach.

Adabella POV 

"That's..Ria Diaz. Reece's ex-girlfriend"I said,taking her sword out."And she's not alone. Ryan is here too"

"Indeed I am"a familiar voice said behind me.I turned around and ducked his arm aiming a punch at me.Aragorn punch him in the face and I stabbing my sword into his chest.He fell onto the ground and disappeared and never came back.

Melody POV 

Ria gave up on me,she couldn't bare it anymore,I was too strong for her so she bailed and never came back.I was so tired from everything,I just fell onto my knees and held my hands together. Tears were rolling down my face then I let out a big yell and put my hands over my face.Well, more like a scream.They may mean the same thing but who cares?

The others left me for a bit while I walked behind them,sobbing. They new why I was crying and were afraid that I would get worse and not want to help anymore.

The cool air and breeze through my hair,the beautiful moon, stars, clouds the light perfectly shrouding around the cloud and the whistling of the wind the rustling of leaves, the quiet crickets. I lay on the hard,rock, ground, gazing at the night sky.I felt like a piece of nothing and someone is watching me from up in the dark,blue,blanket where the stars shine and shooting stars fall.At least that I'm alive,for now. Reese must of sent those bastards,hey,you can call a women or whatever she is,a bastard,what harm is done?

I turned over,pulling my my blanket over me then fixing my sleeping bag. The hard,cold, ground wasn't very comfortable but sure,there's nothing I can do.

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