Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


9. Betrayed(Wednesday and Thursday)


Jacob POV 

We came across a very stunning city and decided to stay there.On both sides of the street were hawkers with all sorts of goods for sale. Fruits, cakes, fireworks, food and other things were displayed openly for people to come and buy. The five-foot ways were not big enough, so the hawkers and their customers actually spilled into the narrow street itself making it a non-parking area.There were so many people there that if I had not been with everyone I would of probably have gotten lost.A number of times I nearly knocked into someone, or rather, someone nearly knocked into me. Everyone seemed to be in a rush and nobody seemed to care whether they trampled on another.

"It's the new year,that's why they're celebrating"Chad explained,taking out his money."Might as well spend some money on food,we've run out of some"

"Ok,all meet at that inn over there when you've spent enough.And look out for demons"Adabella said,taking Aragon's hand and dragging him elsewhere. Everyone else was gone the time I turned around from starring into space. But Melody was still standing there and was sighing. Then she looked at me and walked off alone.

Adabella POV 

"Let's go on....those floating love swans!"I said,pointing at it.He smiled at me and I laughed. We paid and climbed into it,facing each other. 

"Adabella,describe what love is again to me,please"he answered,looking deep into my eyes.I stared and smiled,

"Alright.Now?"I answered,smiling at him.

"If you don't mind,now would be ok"he said,smiling and waiting.I nodded and smiled again.

"Love is like a flower blossoming in your heart, you can feel each petal opening and even in winter you can smell the freshness of spring. Love is like a dream that never ends giving you a feeling tranquility and harmony. Love is like a melody that flows through you mind like a river flowing gently down a stream. Love is the butterflies in your stomach when you feel your lover touching you. Love is never having to say your sorry, but you show your sympathy and regret. Love is like a raging sea of flying white horses flowing through your body.Love is sharing even the hardest chores together,therefore accomplishing something together.Love is a hole in your life when your not around.Love is not to argue and shout at each other but to talk to each other as a person.Love is the arms that gently caress you when you don't feel to well. Love is a shoulder to cry on with out question Love is going through hell and fire to get to your side Love is looking into their eyes and seeing your own reflection, this reflections is embedded in their minds for you are their love.Love is someone who loves you too"I said,smiling again and watching him,

"So...I love you with all my heart and hoping to keep on living together"he said,taking my hand.I stopped smiling and looked him.

Aragon POV 

 As I lean in to meet her suckle lips I pull her towards me. I couldn't help but feel the heat from her breath as I kissed her. It was amazing, better than anything I've ever felt before. As her arms wrap around my neck, securing our position.All I could think about was how our bodies bumped together as we picked up the pace.

As one move my hands down her back I feel her take a deep breath. I thought she would stop, but she didn't. I felt her lips against mine as we grew more intense, I could hear her begin to breath heavily. I pushed her to the where she was sitting and as her back hit the cold bricks on the side of the she pushed her body even tighter than I thought possible. 

She had her eyes closed and opened them.I had mine closed too. She smiled and hugged me tightly.

Jamie POV 

"Hey, uh... what's up?"I asked a couple of women.The girls surprised by this advance, takes up a defensive posture.I turned to one.

"Would you like me to kindly tell what your palms say?"I asked kindly,making sure my hair isn't a mess."Would you also like to bare my children"

They blinked and laughed.

"Oh,he so good looking!"they all said at once.

"Haha, yeah, uh, I was just... hey, so... I saw you, and... but I guess I'll leave you alone."I said,about to walk away

The women and I continues to appraise one another. The male, understandably, is agitated. If he fails to impress the female within the next few seconds, he will become the pariah of the flock. He makes a motion as if to leave, prompting the female to offer reassurance.

"No, wait, I'm... sorry, I just thought... I mean, everyone here is celebrating the new year and..."

The gesture has its intended effect. Me, now certain of victory, proceeds with the next stage of my mating ritual. This involved offering an exaggerated display of virility to the female, via a series of complex sounds and motions of his limbs.

"And your not having a good time"I said,smiling at her.She lit up and wondered how I guessed correctly.

"Omg,how did you know?"she asked,jumping forward and smiling.

"No reason but what I do know is that your the first beautiful women I met"I said,thinking about what I said,Besides Melody,Chloe and Adabella are gorgeous,but she is the BOMB!

"Your suppose to be looking around for demons"someone said from behind me.I turned around and nearly broke a knuckle.

"Don't you ever pop out like that,Melody!"I shouted and smiling at the women,who were walking away."No,wait come back!"

"Move it or I will crack a knuckle in that arm of yours!"she said,pointing in a random direction.

Melody POV 

He sighed and walked on.I went over to a bridge and leaned against the railing,starring into space.I turned my head to where I came from.Between the crowd of people was a boy,standing there and wondering what's up with me sighing.He walked forward.He was walking with his big shoulders leaning from side to side as he crossed the long, busy roads in the middle of surrounded city.

I could feel him standing behind me and he puts his arms around me.I could smell his perfume,his sweet smell of lemon filled the air, something that seemed to cleanse my fears away. I wanted to draw myself closer, but held back. The smell seemed to be sour, but sweet, comforting but unwelcoming. Similar to a trap, once you're in, you can't get out. It seemed to be a spell, a spell that led to symptoms of lust, attraction, and envy. Envy of his beautiful, strong, scent. 

Locking his arms around me in a tight squeeze, we were clinging to each other in momentary joy. I was enveloped in a bear hug,it felt the most friendly peaceful affection with his arms wrapped around me.

"Are you ok,Melody?"he asked,holding onto me tighter.

"Yes,just a little tired,Jacob"I answered,holding onto his hands.The others came back and we headed to the inn.We were walking,when out of the blue,we spotted an idiot we knew.He was being a cow.

Dead POV 

My feet ghosted upon the forest floor as I flew through between the trees. I could feel them chasing me, the sound of my heartbeat filled my ears, adrenaline pumping like ice in my veins, my instincts screaming at me to do nothing in particular. Fear filled my body like blood. This was the hunt, and I was the prey. I payed no mind to my direction, escaping being the only thing that mattered. 

I was vulnerable, I had never felt so mortal. My animistic instincts, buried deep down beneath the morals and etiquette associated with humanity, were pulsing through me like a second heartbeat. I was oblivious to all but the goal. I could not fight, I could not hide. I did not know how much longer I could keep running, I could sense them behind me, rapidly catching up to me. 

Melody Pov

"Well guys,nice seeing you pigs once again,by the way,what does it mean to be the best? It means you have to be better than the number two guy. But what gratification is there in that? He's a loser—that’s why he's number two"Dead shouted,punching...a robotic buffalo.He was being chased by  that robot...again,stupid fool.

"Idiot"Jacob muttered,crossing his arms.

"I think my new thing will be to try to be a real happy guy, I'll just walk around being real happy until some random jerk says something to stupid,I'm glad I'm nothing like that two-timing calf"he said,singing in Spanish saying he's an idiot and skipped away and disappeared. We came across the inn but also to a very small village,quite far from the city.It's strange that there are city's then there's villages but anyway,I'm not the creator.

 I went over to a old man and asked him questions.

"Excuse me,sir but may I ask what happened here?"I asked polity,the others couldn't be bothered to ask,lazy assess.He stopped what he was doing and lifted his face,looking at me.

"Oh,hi there,I didn't see you.There have been terrible rainstorms lately and destroying everything"he answered,sighing and looking around.

"How awful to hear that"Adabella said,holding onto her hands.At least you spoke.

"Well whoever they were,I'm going to beat the shit out of them!"Chad shouted,hitting Jamie on the head.Yeah,I'd like to see you try and beat one demon or monster,you can't do a thing without everyone else...joking,joking.

I looked around and noticed a boy sitting on his own,starring at himself in the water from rain that passed by.He stood up, turned around and saw us,then noticed me.

"If you don't mind me asking,who is that boy over there?"I whispered so he wouldn't hear me.

"Oh that is Andrew Holtrac"he said,looking at him.The boy was a tall boy, he tended to keep to himself because he has been hurt in his past and doesn't trust easily. He wore a hat low on his face covering his eyes. But you know he can see. He see's everything."All the girls found him intriguing because he is very good looking but if only they could see his eyes. And plus,everyone is afraid of him because rumour says that he sometimes might choose to betray you on helping you"

We said we'll keep an eye on him and went to the inn,spending the night and having a hot bath,just my luck. I went into my bathroom and ran the water.

The bathroom looked like a cool ocean-like atmosphere in the room by using tiles in shades of blue. I ran the water and got in.Ah the feeling of hot water,keeping your body warm and soaking your dry hair,plus suds of bubbles everywhere,I just can't believe the bathrooms are like in time a head of the normal world.

"Hey,Puss?!"I shouted,hoping he'd hear me call.He didn't appear so I just relaxed and fell asleep. Some time later,I woke up starring into the eyes of a cat,trying it's best not to fall in the water.

"Honestly women,do you ever wake up?"he asked,smiling that fecking creepy smile, again."Yeah,sorry for scarring ye but it's what I sometimes do so...

"I was expecting you to try and surprise me"I said, rubbing his head."Now get out!"

"Though you wanted something?"he said, looking at me and licking his paws.

"Oh yeah,thanks for reminding me"

"Are you going to ask me or what?"

"Shut up..yes.How far can I keep on going back in time?"I asked, pointing at the towel on the back of the door. He got it down with magic, of course and threw it beside the bath.

"As far as the normal world,but no further then that and plus, when your in the normal world, you can't guess how far away the magic world is,could be a thousand years away,a billion,even more"

"OK,how do you know?"I asked.

"Magic"he answered,thinking about what I'm going to ask next.

"Of course,it's all about the fucking magic"I said,folding my arms."And speaking of magic,why do you ALWAYS use magic?"

"Eh....gotta go,chow"he said, clicking his fingers while smiling creepily as usual and disappearing. I'm going to get him some day and he won't be nice. I got out of the bath and nearly had a heart attack when there was a knock on the door.

"Yo Melody,lights out so you better not stay awake all night"Adabella shouted,waiting for a few minutes.

"Oh by the way, we're heading in the morning and...Jamie want's to go out with you and do stuff"Chad shouted, laughing and ignoring Adabella's face.

"You sick jerk, no wonder your alone"she shouted,throwing something at him and smashing onto the floor."Now look what you did,I nearly got you,you little twerp. Now clean up this mess"she cursed, everyone's face's all white,including Aragon's face.

I got dressed,dried my hair and got into bed.Puss was at the end of the bed then came over.

Next day, Thursday 

I woke up, sleep in my eyes and half awake,plus starring into the eyes of a black cat. Puss stressed and told me to get up. I got,pushing him out of the way and getting dressed. We had our breakfast and headed out. 

I noticed a familiar boy looking at me and running after me.

I was running now. The dirt beneath my feet was gradually moving faster and faster as I picked up my speed. The morning air was freezing against my flushed red cheeks. He was after me again and this time, I felt for certain and, would be the last and plus,it wasn't a dream this time,it was pure real.

I had a dream some night ago,where I was being chased by this boy.

I quickly looked over my shoulder and saw them behind me. The blazing yellows and reds of the fires were growing brighter and brighter as they gained on me. I faced front again and kept running. I glanced to the left and right, looking for something to make me faster. I skidded to a halt when I noticed a horse on my right hand side. I darted for it and jumped on it from behind and cracked the whip and the horse was off. I turned my head around again to see the lights growing more and more distant with ever step the horse took. 

The halt broke and the horse got away from me while I was flung onto a pile of hay and starring at the him.He was roughly around 18 or 19.

"What do you want with me?"I said,getting out and brushing off the hay.

One of them a diabolical smile at me and walked slowly forward. It fucking Reese!

"Ah.just the usual Melody,you dead and the world perishing,that's all"he said,smiling and showing his fangs.

"That's it?"I asked,looking at him.He blinked and walked up to me.I tried taking out my sword but it wouldn't budge so instead,I was thrown against a wall and saw Reese smiling,he was fucking smiling!I put my hands out and fire came out of my hands and attached him but he put up a barrier.My teeth chattered and my spine tingled with fear.

He came closer to me and was about to stab me in the heart when suddenly someone jumped out of no where,swung their sword and made a scar on Reese's back. 

It was the boy from earlier, Andrew.

Andrew grabbed Reese, trying to throw him down,dodged,Reese tipped off balance.Then lunged for Reese and twisted his arm up his back: He rewarded him with a groan of agony. Then Andrew kicked the back of his knee. He collapsed to a kneel, but grabbed his arm and pulled him down over his shoulder.

Andrew landed on his feet,teetered and recovered.Then,the fecking vampire was up again, swinging punches. Andrew danced out of the way,swept Reese's leg behind his and knocked him to the ground. Then he disappeared just as he was about to be killed.

"It's you!"he said.And now he recognizes me?

"Yeah,it's me"I said,not really trying to even get up.

"Are you ok?"he asked,rushing over to me and helping me up.

"I'm fine,I wonder what that one heck of annoying freak wanted?"I said,brushing the bits of hay off my arms and legs.

"Oh yeah,well,he's my younger brother"he said,looking and my.I looked at my hair,fixed when I stopped and glared at him/

"HE'S YOUR BROTHER!!!!????"I shouted,couldn't care less who heard me and listening to our conversation.

"What's your name?"he asked,changing the subject.I wondered why but then,I saw the reason written all over his face.

"Melody.Your Andrew,am I right?"I answered,smiling at him.He nodded and smiled,oh my god,he's so cute but not as handsome as Jacob.

"You coming?"he said,walking slowly away.I nodded and ran up to him."Are you hungry?"

"No"I said,taking out my phone and checking my messages.I got one from Adabella.She asked me 'where are you and meet us now at bridge where you spotted Jacob in the crowd'."I have to go, thank you ever so much for saving me"

I waved goodbye and ran for it,not looking over my shoulder one bit.There was something I didn't quite understand about him but couldn't make out what it was. The small drops of water attacked my body as I ran across the a open area of stones and towards the bridge. Focusing on the path ahead of me I sprinted a bit quicker. My shoes pounded heavily across the ground causing to mud slash up my leg and stain my new.

I took a deep breath reminding myself that it was my own stupidity that had put me in this situation. To busy yelling at myself I didn't notice that I was sliding on the mud until my ass hit the ground with a loud thud. Great, I told myself, just great.And guess where I landed,right where the bridge was.

"Took you long enough"Chad said,looking at the others and smiling.

"And why are you on the ground?"Jamie asked,hitting Chad on the shoulder.

"I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun"Dead said,throwing himself into a pole? Weirdo.

I stood up,lost my balance and....Jacob caught me,OMG! I was so tired and weak,I fell asleep so he carried me until we got out of the village.

Running for god know's how long and then getting lost.

My mind was fuzzy, the last remnants of a dream being chased away by the realization that I am awake again. It was a nice dream, something about sitting by a big oak tree in meadow full of flowers and on fire but the details were fading fast even as I try to recall them.

"Are you awake,Melody?"Jacob asked,feeling my temperture.I moaned,meaning a yes and got out of his arms."We're lost,we can't find the exit so Aragon is gone to climb up onto a roof.I looked around the place and then noticed a boy standing in the middle of the path or whatever it is.

"Hey,isn't that your man?"I asked,pointing at him.Everyone looked and remembered who he was.

"Yeah,his is name was Andrew"Jamie answered,going over to him and asking him questions."Hi Andrew, do you know where the exit is?Do you understand me?"

"Jamie,he isn't a robot you know"Chad said.

"Actually,he is a robot Chad"Adabella said,pointing at his arm. All the skin was torn off and all you could see was a metal arm. Then Andrew started walking then stopped and looked at us,waiting for us.We realized why he was waiting and hurried over to him,walking from behind. We followed him by climbing up ladders and then trying to keep up with him. Then we lost him.

We followed Jacob until we found Andrew so we ran after him then got ourselves caught by a huge group of vampires,who were ready to suck our blood,lovely. And who was in the centre of the group,Reese,always Reese, Reese there, Reese here. He smiled and attacked me.The other vampires attacked too.

Jacob POV 

I raised my right fist, readying myself for a punch. As I wind back my arm, I let the stinging pain from the cut above my eye and the blood in my mouth transform into anger. The anger that courses through me infuses my arm with strength.

Adabella POV 

I shoved my arm forward into his jaw. I hear a crack and he collapses as I feel my knuckles whine in protest from the impact. My heart is beating hard in my chest as I look down at him. Blood spills from his mouth but he spits it out and starts to stand up.

Chad POV 

I see pure fury, hatred, and pain in his eyes. The right one is already somewhat closed because of my first hit. I see him wind his arm back for a hit through the red haze that is my eyesight. Before he lands his fist upon my face, I raise my left leg and kick him in the crotch. It was a low hit, but it takes him to his knees. I then shove my elbow down on the base of his neck and he collapses.

Melody POV 

We slaughtered every demom,except for two,Reese and Andrew. They left without another word.

"He betrayed us"I said,everyone looking at me and hearing me sigh.Jacob came over.

"Don't blame yourself for something you didn't do.He saved your ass but we all fell into his trap,not just you"he said,trying to cheer me up.I nodded and we eventually found the exit to this dark place. We left and went through time once more"he explained,hugging me and holding my hand.I nodded and smiled,hugging him back,god I needed it.

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