Snape's Daughter

Ellia Mae Snape was the only daughter of Severus Snape, potions master at Hogwarts as well as an ex death eater. Her relationship with her mother was as short as a one night stand, because she died from unknown causes when Ellia was 2 years old. 7 years on and Ellia finds herself enrolled into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 2 years earlier than she should.


3. Remus Lupin


 After about hours on end of pushing Ellia on a swing, Remus Lupin suddenly stopped.

"We have to go back to your father," Lupin said, his eyes resting on the darkening sky above him.

"Why Mr Lupin Remus?" Ellia questioned him as she jumped off of the swing, puzzled.

"Because he wants to see you and take you home dearie," Lupin said, scooping Ellia up and carrying her out of the park.

"I wish you could stay," Ellia mumbled, her eyes on the floor.

"I wish I could too Ellia, but I can't. I must return home," Lupin explained to the little girl and they approached The Leaky Cauldron.

"How long away is that?" Ellia asked him as he pushed the door open.

"A long way away. Too far away for you," Lupin sighed.

"Then why are you here then? Why aren't you home?" She questioned him, before spotting her father.

"I'm not quite sure myself yet," Remus sighed, putting Ellia down as Severus advanced closer to him.

"It's about time," He snarled at Lupin.

"She'll sleeping night peacefully, she's probably exhausted," Lupin replied, looking down at Ellia as she yawned.

"Well thank you, I suggest you drink your wolfsbane tonight," Severus scowled, before Remus apparated out of the pub.

"Come Ellia, we must return home," Severus said, taking hold of her little hand.

Once Ellia was fast asleep, Severus took up his spare time by reading through Lucius's death threats. They where all about Ellia; How he wanted her dead, how she reminded him of her mother sometimes etc. Severus couldn't bare the thought of loosing Ellia, even if he didn't quite understand her properly. He knew what it was like to be alone, and that was a strong feeling he never wished for Ellia to express. He knew it would scar her delicate heart for life, just like his was after the death of Lily. That's why he had to separate her and Draco, he knew if they got even closer she'd end up hurt, even more than he was. Narcissa understands, but even then she finds it hard to bare the thought of her son and Ellia unhappy. Then Remus came along. After everything that he experienced at Hogwarts, Severus never once thought that he would let Remus Lupin take care of his daughter. However, he did. And that's what puzzled Severus, why he was able to let Lupin take care of his daughter.

Springing from her bed, Ellia quickly wrapped her dressing gown around her fragile body and made her way over to her window. Climbing up onto the seat in front of her window, Ellia forced open her pink spotted blind, revealing beautiful Rays of sunshine. Happily, Ellia jumped off of the seat, before pulling out her favourite grey robes and changing into it. After brushing her hair, Ellia exited her room to see a house elf coming up to her.

"Mistress Snape, I do believe it was I who was supposed to get you dressed," The house elf said politely.

"That doesn't matter sir. I'm dressed now. Is my father awake?" Ellia asked the elf.

"Of course. He's downstairs, he has just finished packing both of your belongings to go to Hogwarts," The elf explained to Ellia.

"Thank you kind elf," Ellia said, whilst skipping of downstairs. Two suitcases where leaning up against the front door, and on top of them was a green rucksack. As Ellia pottered into the living room, she noticed her father say in his usual arm chair, reading the usual Daily Prophet. Eager to leave, Ellia rushed putting her little black sandals on before wrapping a matching black rope to hers father around her.

"I'm ready," Ellia excitedly said, beaming. Severus peered up from his newspaper, and saw his daughter stood their.

"Finally. Now as you'll be joining the school as a student, you shall have to take the Hogwarts Express, or you can apparated to outside of the school gates with me and wait for the Hogwarts Express to arrive before you get sorted into a house," Severus have his daughter the choice.

"May I take the Hogwarts Express?" Ellia asked her father.

"Yes, I will take you there, however I must apparate into Hogwarts," Severus sighed, placing down his paper and getting up off of his armchair.

"Thank you father," Ellia said politely, before rushing to the front door.

"The smaller trunk is yours," Severus snarled, before picking up his own trunk whilst watching Ellia struggle to lift hers. Placing his arm out, Severus waited for Ellia to rest her arm on his. Once she had, they apparated to outside of the train station.

"I shall take you inside however I shall leave you once you are securely on the Hogwarts Express. Understand?" Severus explained to the child.

"Yes father," Ellia excitedly replied, pulling her trunk along the floor. once they had got to Platform 9 3/4, Severus took hold of his daughters hand.

"Hold on tight, we need to run through the wall," Severus instructed his daughter. Ellia starred at him confused for a few seconds, before following his instructions. Running, Severus and Ellia went flying through the wall into Platform 9 3/4, were a train was mounted at the station. The Hogwarts Express. 

"I shall put you on the train and you mustn't leave until you arrive at Hogwarts, understand?" Snape instructed the child.

"Yes father," Ellia replied, her lips beaming in excitement. For a split second, Ellia thought she saw her father smile, however that was soon replaced with a stern frown crossing his face. For some reason, Ellia was slightly worried about her fathers facial expression.

"Professor Snape, what an absolute delight to see you here," A ginger haired boy said sarcastically, his clone stood beside him.

"Yes Fred, very delightful," Fred's clone once again sarcastically said. Ellia, confused about who these two boys where, looked up at her father. However, his eyes were fixed on the twins.

"If it isn't the Weasley Twins, Fred and George. Why aren't you on the train," Severus Snape scowled. Sharing a laugh between them, the Weasley Twins pulled something out of their pockets.

"Have a sweet sir," One of them said, giving Severus a sweet. Immediately, he threw the purple sweet on the floor.

"Detention. Now unless you want minus points already taken from Gryffindor, I suggest you move along ... now," Snape scowled. Fred took one glance at Ellia before smirking.

"Who's the little kid Snape?" Fred asked Snape.

"My names Ellia Snape," Ellia said, smiling at the two twins. Rolling his eyes, Severus clasped onto his daughters hand.

"Another Snape?" George replied, before laughing.

"And to think, I was going to have you escort her to Hogwarts to avoid detention," Snape snarled at the twins.

"Oh sir it's fine, you can still do that. But don't be thinking we'll being doing your dirty work for you all the time," Fred joked. 

"If enters Hogwarts with even a single scratch of her, you two will be in a detention for the rest of your rotten lives at Hogwarts," Snape growled at the twins before looking down at his daughter.

"Stay safe Ellia," Severus said, before storming off, leaving Ellia with the Weasley Twins. Picking up her trunk, Ellia started walking towards the train.

"Wow Missy Snape you're to stay with us," George told Ellia, tapping her shoulder.

"We should get on the train," Ellia instructed them.

"How old are you?" Fred asked Ellia, smirking.

"9, now can we go?" Ellia impatiently asked the twins.

"Sure thing kiddo, we need to just say goodbye to our parents," George told Ellia, walking over to a group of gingers.

"Now Fred and George, do you promise to stay behaved this term? Don't mess around with... Oh, how is his little sweetheart?" The eldest ginger women asked, pointing at Ellia. Before Ellia could say anything, Fred butted in.

"It's Ellia Snape mum," He said.

"Oh, well hello. I never knew Snape had other family," The eldest man said.

"My names Molly Weasley, this is Arthur Weasley, my husband, Percy, one of my eldest sons, you've already met Fred and George, this is Ronald, my youngest son and Ginny my only daughter," Molly introduced herself and her family to Ellia.

"Hello," Ellia shyly replied.

"Bloody hell you look a bit young to be going to Hogwarts, how old are you?" Ron asked Ellia, before Molly scolded him for swearing.

"I'm 9, but I'm starting 2 years early," Ellia told them, smiling.

"That's lovely, you'll be in a higher year as both Rob and Ginny as well," She said, pointing towards her two youngest children.

"Mum we have to go," George grumbled at his mum.

"Oh yes sorry George," Molly apologised.

"It's Fred. And you call yourself our mother," George joked, dragging his trunk along. Laughing under her breath, Ellia picked up her trunk to follow George.

"Oh sorry Fred, have a good time," Molly said, beaming.

"Just kiddin, it's George," George chuckled, before climbing aboard the train. Slowly, Ellia hopped on to the train before Fred followed her. 

"So Ellia, why is 9 year old as small as you doing going to Hogwarts? Are you smart or something, or are you just staying with Daddy Snape?" Fred joked, walking down an isle between different compartments. 

"I'm very smart apparently, but I'm on a reduced timetable," Ellia smiled, following George into a compartment. At first she had laughed about the comment on her father, but then simply ignored it. Inside the compartment, where four cushioned seats, each with gaps underneath for their trunks.

"You can sit next to the window," George told Ellia, stepping out of her way. Dragging her trunk along the floor and throwing it under the seat, Ellia sat down on the seats.

"Thank you," She thanked the twins, before staring out of the window at the crowded view of Hogwarts boarding the Hogwarts Express. This was it. It was time for Ellia to leave behind her home and start Hogwarts.

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