Snape's Daughter

Ellia Mae Snape was the only daughter of Severus Snape, potions master at Hogwarts as well as an ex death eater. Her relationship with her mother was as short as a one night stand, because she died from unknown causes when Ellia was 2 years old. 7 years on and Ellia finds herself enrolled into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, 2 years earlier than she should.


1. Malfoy Manor


 Her black hair was tied back into little pig tails as Ellia sat at her dressing table in her room. With each tug, a different potion name came out of her lips. It was her way of releasing stress and pain, much like her fathers was reading. After the house elves had finished the pigtails, they secured them with small blue ribbons, before exiting the room. Ellia, now left alone in her room, stayed in front of her mirror, just staring at herself. Her eyes where a deep shade of brown, almost black, and her crooked nose hung off of her pale face. Her black hair, when down, reached just under her shoulders. She truly had her fathers appearance, except her smile. For some reason every time Ellia smiled her father would look away, memories cowering into his mind of Ellia's late mother. Shaking her head lightly, Ellia hopped off of the chair before exiting her lilac painted bedroom. Downstairs she could hear her father talking to somebody, and she couldn't help but listen in.

"She knows almost every potion Albus," she heard her father say quietly.

"I know Severus, but is it best to send an 9 year old girl to Hogwarts?" A man, Albus said.

"She'll stay in my living quarters, and she'll sit with me at the feasts," Severus told Albus.

"Very well Severus. She can attend lessons for 3 days a week, the other 2 days either I'll tutor her or if you have a free period you can," Albus agreed with her father. Skipping down the stairs as if Ellia had never heard her father and Albus talking, she entered the living room, where Albus and her father where. 

"Ellia darling, you look splendid," Albus complimented her.

"Thank you sir," She nodded, before turning to face her father. He just simply snarled and sat back in his armchair. 

"Well Severus, I better be going. I expect to see you and Ellia there at the feast with me."

"It was a pleasure seeing you again Albus," Her father snarled, before picking up his Daily Prophet and reading it.

"Good day young Ellia," Albus said, and with that he apparated out of the house. Ellia stood in the middle of the room, waiting for her father to say something.

"You look wonderful today Ellia," Severus said under his breath.

"Thank you father, and may I ask why Albus was here?" The little girl asked her father. Peering over the newspaper, Severus glanced at his child.

"To see about your enrollment to Hogwarts. You'll be starting classes there, as you are already rather intelligent," Severus snarled at his daughter.

"Does that mean I'm going to Hogwarts? I'm going to learn more spells and potions and become an amazing witch and amazing at magic just like you father?" She quizzed her father, a smile wiped across her face.

"Yes you will be Ellia. Now I suggest you calm down, we will be visiting the Malfoys soon," Severus informed the girl. As soon as she heard Malfoys, she shivered. Last time she was there Lucius decided to torture her, as Severus wasn't there. He found out, but simply ignored it.

"He's not going to torture me again, is he?" She stuttered, taking a little step back.

"No, I'll keep hold of you the whole time. Well until you go to see Draco," Severus once again told the child. Draco was Ellia's one and only friend, even though he was 2 years older than her. 

"Okay father," Ellia said, before sitting back in a chair. 

"Go and put your coat on Ellia. We may be apparating but it's still snowy and cold outside," Severus warned the child.

"Yes father," Ellia said, running out of the room only to be greeted by a house elf, holding her black coat.

"Thank you," Ellia said, giving the house elf a hug, before putting her coat on.

"Your welcome mistress Snape," The house elf said, before vanishing. Ellia made her way back into the living room, where her father stood with his arm out, his black cloak already on.

"Come on Ellia, we haven't got a lot of time," He said, Ellia's arm resting on his. They apparated to outside of Malfoy mansion, before Severus picked up the young girl.

"Remember only speak when spoken to, and do as I say," Severus reminded his daughter.

"Yes father," The girl grumbled, resting her head on Severus's shoulder, her arms wrapped around his neck. The doors of Malfoy Manor flew open as Dobby the house elf escorted Severus and Ellia up to the living room, where Lucius and Narcissa where. Once they got up there, Narcissa immediately rushed over to take Ellia out of Severus's arms.

"Severus, Ellia. What a pleasant surprise," She calmly said.

"Narcissa could you please take Ellia up to Draco whilst I talk business with your husband Lucius please," Severus whispered into Narcissa's ear.

She replied, "Of course." With that, she left the room, Ellia in her arms.

"I see you came as I had hoped Severus," Lucius Malfoy said.

"I also came to discuss how you treated my young daughter last time you two saw each other," Severus calmly replied to Malfoy.

"Well Severus your so called daughter was treating muggles wrongly and being nice to them," Lucius snarled.

"What makes you say that," Severus spat.

"I saw here talking to some around your area of housing," Lucius snarled.

"Have you been spying on my daughter?" Severus sharply said.

"No just watching over her," Lucius snarled," May I suggest you two move away from muggles?"

"Unfortunately that is not possible Lucius as Spinners End has always been both mine and Ellia's home, and I do not intend on moving any time soon," Severus snarled back at Lucius.

Meanwhile, Ellia sat upstairs in the company of Narcissa and Draco. 

"I didn't expect to see you Ellia," Narcissa told Ellia, giving her the dolly that she always played with at the Malfoys mansion.

"Me either Mrs Malfoy. I thought my father was going to take me to Gringotts," Ellia told her, playing with the dolls hair.

"Oh Ellia how many times, you can call me Cissy or Narcissa," Narcissa told Ellia, smiling.

"Sorry Mrs Mal... I mean Narcissa," Ellia stuttered.

"Don't be scared, mother doesn't bite," Draco chuckled, standing at the edge of the door frame. Ellia shyly smiled, before standing up.

"Draco," Ellia said, running over to Draco and wrapping her arms around him. Narcissa and Draco where the only people Ellia normally hugged, her father rarely hugged and Lucius would give her a torturing session of she dared touch or speak to him.

"Hey Snape junior," He said, picking her up," How have you been?"

"I've been great Draco, I missed you though. But guess what?" She excitedly said to Draco, beaming.

"What?" He asked, puzzled.

"I get to go to Hogwarts early," She whispered in his ear," But don't tell anybody."

"Does that mean you won't be staying here in term time?" Draco sighed.

"Yes, but when you join Hogwarts next year I'll be able to see you," Ellia said.

"That would be amazing Ellia. I'll miss you though," Draco revealed.

"I'll miss you too," Ellia said, hugging Draco.

"Don't forget me," Narcissa said, before Ellia jumped out of Draco's arms and ran to Narcissa.

"How could I forget you. You've been like a mother to me," Ellia said, hugging Narcissa. Suddenly, the door slammed open and Lucius stormed in.

"Get here child," He spat, grabbing Ellia by her fragile arm and dragging her out the room.

"Ellia," Draco called, his mother pulling him back.

"Careful Lucius, she's just a child," Narcissa scolded Lucius. Lucius ignored his wife though, as his own opinion of this child was that she was a blood traitor, worse than the Weasleys. He pulled her along the corridor, hearing her whimper in pain.

"Shut up child," He scolded her, annoyed. He hated this child, he nearly hated Severus for ever making him lay eyes on he girl. The way she smiled made him think of her mother, and then when she had a straight face, she reminded him of Severus, and what Severus did to her mother. He hated the child for making him remember this. Pushing the door with such force, Lucius stormed into the room where Severus was sat. He then threw the child on to the floor. Whimpering, Ellia cowardly backed away from Lucius to her father, who was shocked by the way Lucius has treated his daughter.

"I want this filthy blood traitor out of my sight Severus, and if you bring her back here into my sight again, I will personally torture her until she ends up like the Longbottom couple," Lucius shouted. Ellia felt her father wrap his arms around her, and then pick her up.

"Lucius I will speak to you another day," Severus snarled.

"Now be gone!" Lucius shouted. Ellia turned her head slightly to see Narcissa and Draco stood at the doorway, both looking gloomy at the sight of her leaving.

"Very well," Severus muttered under his breath, before storming out of the room.

"Father may I say goodbye to Draco and Narcissa first," Ellia innocently said, not quite understanding what had happened.

"No," Severus harshly said, storming out of the Malfoy house. Ellia felt a tear trickle down her cheeks as she watched the Malfoy house disappear into the distance. Severus apparated back to Spinners End, inside their house. He put the child down. Sighing, Severus slouched down into his arm chair. Ellia, wiping away her own tears, ran upstairs into her bedroom, leaving her father alone. Severus himself didn't know what to do with the child. On his heart he wanted to run to her and comfort her, he expressed the same love for her as he did Lily. And still does. But he knew the two of them couldn't live in peace forever...

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