Which one will it be?

Willow Tahnee Sounness, 17, moves to Mandurah from Karatha and starts a while new year at Coodanup College, but has no friends, she is shy and alone... She has a abusive father, a hard working mother and two brothers. She starts her first day at school, but has no one to guide her except her best friend, lark. Then she meets 4 boys.
The handsome smartass
The shy gentleman
The classy player
And the funny romantic...
Which one is which?
Which one will she fall for?

Warning: includes violence, swearing and sexual activity.


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Willows POV

I pull away from Ashton's grip and he smiles at me. The siren goes and I head to class with lark and the others. We have science with Mr Trowbridge. We all head in and I sit next to ash and lark. I pay attention to the teacher and lark holds my hand. I turn around to see Ashton holding my hand. I smile back and turn around again. I enjoyed it as the cutie held my hand. "Why are you smiling?" Lark asks suspiciously. I think up of an excuse. "Because I like science!" I say loudly. Ash quickly let's go of my hand. He realised what I lied about. Lark looks at me confused while the rest of the class giggles. I look down and sit lower into my chair. Another step to shame... I continue to sit back and try to hide my face. Whispers appear amongst the room "She's such an idiot haha," one said. "Omg I hate her," another said. I felt like crying. I hold back the tears as I stand up and silently exit the classroom. I walk faster towards the tree that we always sit under and sat behind it. I hear a voice behind me. "Hey you!!! Come here!" I stood up and ran as fast as I could but my legs couldn't carry me from the shock. Someone grabs me from behind and she smacks me against the tree. I grunt in pain as the tree bark scratches the surface of my skin and peels it away. A clean slice has appeared on my cheek and blood drops down. She turns me around and I see Peta in front of me. "Why would I listen to Ashton? I rekon it's worth hurting you," She laughs. She pushes me to ground and she kicks me in the stomach. I force myself up and take a swing to her head. She collapsed as my fist collided with the side of her head. She stands up again and pulls me hair and forces my head to the concrete and violently shakes my head as it hit the ground Everytime. Then it goes black...

Michaels POV

She walked out of the room. I guess she just went to the toilet. After about 20 minutes, she still hasn't come back. I started to ask questions. "Where's willow?" Lark strugs and so does Calum. Ashton put a concerned face on. He knows that something is up. I turn to Luke but he's not there. Went to get willow maybe? I think so. I stay calm and continue with my work. I signal to Ashton that it's okay.

Luke's POV

Willow exits the room without a note. Something's going on, I swear. I focused on my work anyway. I'll wait for a while, she might've just gone to the toilet. After 20 minutes and she still hasn't showed up. I started to worry. I stand up and ask the teacher for a note and walk out without disturbing anyone. I walk through the halls and there is still no sign of her. What is she? I walk out of the outside door and see a helpless body beside a tree. It's really bright so I couldn't see properly. It just be a mirage because of the heat. I walk towards it anyway just to be sure. I come closer and see a girl. ITS WILLOW!!!!!! I run and collapse beside her body and run my arms around her to help her up.. She has a graise on her cheek and blood all down the side of her head. I grab my shirt off and place it there. "Willow! Wake up please," I say panicking. "Willow..." I say burying my head into her neck. I take her into my arms and run her to the nurses office as fast as I can. I look at her as I run. She's so beautiful. Then she suddenly opens her eyes and coughs. Thank god she's alive! She looks at me but words don't come out. She place her hand on my cheek. "Luke..." She whispers. "It's okay willow, your safe." I say. She nods and turns her head away. We finally got to the office and place her onto the bed. The nurse quickly covers her with a blanket and cleans up her cuts and blood stains. I sit down beside her and watch her. She looks at me. "Thank you..." She says taking my hand. She rotates her thumb onto my hand. I nod. "Anytime willow" I say. She smiles and looks at the nurse. "Your all cleaned up now. Can you please tell me what happened?" She asks. Willow stares at her and sits up. She opens her mouth but she's still silent. "Well... I walked out of class to grab a drink and then I ran into a tree..." She says. The nurse shakes her head and tells her to try again. "Fine... I went out of the class and a girl grabbed me and the next minute I wake up into lukes arms." She says looking down. What!!! "Who!!!" I say standing up. She signals me to calm down. "Luke it's okay! It was just a girl." She says. The nurse tells me to stay outside. I punch a wall but not too hard. Someone has hurt her! She better tell me who! My phone rings and I answer it. It's Ashton.

A: where are you?

Me: at the nurses office, willow has been beaten up by some girl and she won't tell me who it is!

A: we'll be there soon!

I hang up the phone and wait for the boys. 2 minutes later, lark comes running up the hall towards me. "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY BESTFRIEND!!!" He yells grabbing my shirt. "It's okay! It wasn't me." I say. "Why didn't you protect her!" He says calming down a little. "I wasn't there in time, she was laying on the ground," I say. He let's go of me and paces around. "She's fine lark, she just has some blood, that's all," I say.

"That's all!? Her body has been cut open by a girl!!!? How?!" He yells. "Calm down lark! It's ok. I don't know all the details but we will soon." I say patting his back. He calms down. The other boys arrive and each of them hugs me. "What happened?" Ash asks. I shake my head. "I don't exactly know yet, let's wait for willow to calm down first and then she will tell us together." I say. The others nod while lark continues to pace.

Larks POV

My bestfriend beaten up... Again! Grrrrrr. She has gone through too much. For now on she needs to stay with me, I don't care if she complains about me clinging on to her but I need to keep her safe. Her father is already too much of a threat. I wait for her to come out and I pace up and down the hall.

Willows POV

Luke walks out after the nurse asks him to leave. "Willow, do you remember anything else? Do you know who this girl is?" She asks. I scratch my head. "Yeah, i sat behind a tree and a girl, Peta Bennell, came out of nowhere and said something and pushes me against a tree and then I hit her in the face and then I passed out. That's all I remember. Please don't tell the boys." I say looking down. The nurse nods and write notes. "Okay, I will not tell the boys but I will have to tell your parents." She says. I shake my head. "No! Please don't." I said panicking. "Calm down miss, I have to." She says. I nod. "Only my mum." I say. She nods back. I lay back on the bed and I hear yelling outside. It's lark... He's obviously gonna try and force the truth out of me... Fuck. I hear luke trying to calm him down. I hear the other boys asking questions. I think it's time to come out. The nurse dismisses me and I slowly open the door to see all four of the boys with concerned expressions. "Hey guys..." I say waving weakly. Lark appears and runs to me. "Willow! Your okay," he say, pulling me into a bear hug. "Hey larky..." I say. I hug him back and we stay like that for 30 more seconds. I pull away and hope that they do not ask. And they don't... Hmm...

Ashton hugs me next. I smell his hair and hug him tighter. Then Calum hugs me and then Michael. Luke stands there talking to his phone with a concerned face down the corridor. "Stay here guys..." I say. They nod. I slowly walk up to Luke. He finished his call and sees me. "Luke... Thank you so much," I say hugging him. I listen to his heart beat faster. I look at his sea blue eyes and stare. He kisses me on the forehead and whispers "your welcome willow," as he pulled me into a hug again. I pull away and kiss him on the cheek. I turn around and walk towards the boys again. "Let's go home," Ashton say placing his arm around me. I nod slowly.

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