Which one will it be?

Willow Tahnee Sounness, 17, moves to Mandurah from Karatha and starts a while new year at Coodanup College, but has no friends, she is shy and alone... She has a abusive father, a hard working mother and two brothers. She starts her first day at school, but has no one to guide her except her best friend, lark. Then she meets 4 boys.
The handsome smartass
The shy gentleman
The classy player
And the funny romantic...
Which one is which?
Which one will she fall for?

Warning: includes violence, swearing and sexual activity.


3. Chapter 2

Lark's POV

I watch willow look at the waiter. The way he smiled and winked at her made me a bit mad. I calm down, I'm being a bit greedy. She's my bestfriend, isn't that what all best friends do? To be honest, since we were 13, I fell deeply in love with her and I still am. She is my everything. She's always there for me, she always makes me smile and laugh. She brought the light into my world. I'm scared to tell her about my feelings because it will scare her away. But, I don't want to lose her to another guy...

I love her...

We finish eating our pizza and we drove home. I pull into our drive way, I see Gavin's car there. Shit... "Well dad's home..." She says nearly crying. We didn't make it in time. We slowly walked inside and I keep willow behind me. I see Gav in the kitchen and we braced ourselves as the aggressive asshole shouts at us for going out. He pushes me to the wall and hits me in the face. I let out a whimper. Willow pulls her dad's arm away. "Don't hurt him!!!!" She shouts. Gav let's me go and turns to her. He yells at her and slaps her in the face, hard... She falls to the ground and holds her cheek. Gav kicks her in the stomach and she grunts. I shout and grab onto him. "Don't you dare fucking touch her!!!" I yell and punch him in the face. He runs out the front door and I hear his car drive away. I help willow up. She has a swollen cheek and a bruised eye. I lift up her shirt and see her tummy bleeding. I take off my shirt and place it on her injury. She crys in my arms. "I can't take any of this anymore larky," she says. I hold her tight. "Shhhh, it's okay sweety," I say kissing her head. I carry her bridal style to her room and lay her down on her bed. "Stay with me?" She whispers taking my hand. I nod and lay down beside her taking her into my arms. "Your safe now willow," I whisper. I cuddle with her until she falls asleep then I dose off...

Willow's POV

I wake up with tight arms around me. I smile and turn around to face him. "Good morning larky," I say cheerfully. He opens his eyes and yawns. "Morning pillow," he says with a weak voice. I kiss his nose and hug him. "It's school today..." I say frowning. "I know, you will be fine, just stay with me." He says sitting up. I hop out of bed and take a shower. I wipe all the blood and pus off my belly and get out of the shower. I look in the mirror and frown. Another bruise has come up and I still have a swollen cheek. I get my makeup out of the drawer and apply fondation to cover up the bruise. I put some shadow, liner and mascara on and curl my hair. I walk out of the bathroom and lark is still in bed. I guess he fell asleep. I jump into him, "get up larky!!!" I say laughing. He smirks and look at me. He stares at me. I stare at him back. His eyes are beautiful. "You look gorgeous pillow," he says kissing my nose. I'm smile and blush. He giggles. He gets up and changes into the school uniform. I do too. We don't care if we see each other half naked. We both grab our bags and we walk out to see Gav on the couch. I grabs larks hand and quickly run out before dad got to us. I could hear him screaming my name. We both run to the end of the street and stop to catch our breathe. We walk to school. Lark hasn't said a word since we ran. I'm a bit curious. "Is everything ok?" I ask gently. I looks up with fear In his eyes. "I just can't believe you have such an asshole of a father...." He says. "I know....," I say nodding and looking down. We arrive at school . It's such a different environment. We walk in the gates and there is a huge grass area in the middle of four massive pillars. We walk into the office and ask for our time tables. We both have the same homeroom and the same classes. We cheer and I jump into his arms. We walk out and we begin to make our way to our homeroom. Then A boy bumps into me. He has blue eyes, blonde hair and he's wearing alot of braclets. He stands in front of me. "Sorry..." He says. "It's okay," I say smiling. He gives me a fake smile and walks off. That was a bit rude... Lark is standing behind me frowning. What is up with him? I wonder... We arrive at homeroom and sit down next to each other. I see a boy in the corner, dark skin, black hair, brown eyes, toned body. He looks at me and stares for a moment and then looks away. He hides his face behind a book in the corner. Mmmm.... Weird... I look to the front to face our homeroom teacher, Miss Campbell. She ticks our name off and dismisses us when the siren goes. We both walk out and begin to make our way to maths. We turn down a hallway and see a guy and a girl in the corner kissing. The guy has bright red hair, an eyebrow piercing, pale skin. He looks at me while kissing her and pushes her away. He walks past me checking me out. The girl stands there confused and glares at me. She walks off. What the hell...

We arrive at maths class and sit down. Lark sits next to me and another guy does aswell. I look at him and recognise him straight away. It was the waiter from Pizza Hut! His name is Ashton... He noticed me and smiles. He mouths 'hey' to me and winks. I smile and mouth hey back and turn my head to lark. He was frowning once again. What is going on with this boy.... I was confused but I focused on my maths. Ashton kept staring at me a lot but turned his head everytimeI looked at him. The siren goes and lark and I make our way out of class. Ashton walks up to me. "Hey! I'm Ashton," he says with a welcoming voice. "Welcome to coodanup. What is your name?" He asks. "I'm willow and this is my best friend Lark," I say shaking his hand. "Ah great. Well feel free to come hang with me and my mates anytime and bring your friend aswell." He say smiling. "Lark..." Lark mutters under his breathe. I roll my eyes and nod at Ashton. "Thank you Ashton," I say cheerfully. He gives me a friendly hug and walks off. "Well he's a nice person," I say. Lark smirks. Ohhhh I get it... He's jealous :'). I giggle. "What?" He says. "Jeaaaalouusss," I say. I shakes his head. "Noooooo, I'm just overprotective," he says poking me. I giggle and poke his nose. He makes a funny clown sound. I laugh even harder.

We begin to walk to English. I see Ashton with all four of those boys I saw today with him. The blondie, the red head and the black haired. I guess those are his friends.... I sigh and walk into class with lark and sit down in the very corner. I see the black haired boy sitting in the other corner along with Ashton and the other two. All four of then stare at me. They all have a cold look on their face except Ashton. He's smiling. I smile back and turn my attention to our English teacher, Mrs Lane. She begins the class with an introduction and hands us all a piece of paper. "Please write your full name on the paper and fold it in half please," she says. I obey and write my name. 'Willow Tahnee Sounness.' I fold it in half and give it to the teacher as she comes around to collect them. "Now, I will pull out two names and they will be your partner for the year," she says. I look at lark and smile holding his hand.

"Michael and Luke."

"Calum and Lark."

I frown. He kisses my hand.

"Willow and Ashton."

I turn my head to Ashton and he smiles at me. I smile back. I stand and sit next to him. I see lark frowning in the other corner sitting next to the kiwi, I'm guessing that's Calum. "Hi," he say shaking my hand. Red head and blondie stares at me. "Oh, these are my friends, Luke and Michael." Ashton says. Michael smile and looks me up and down, while Luke smirks and looks away. Mm.. "Sorry about them, they are a bit rude." Ashton whispers quiet enough so they couldn't hear. Lark is still glaring at ash. I giggle and he rolls his eyes.

Larks POV.

I can't stand seeing willow with him! It hurts me. They are talking happily, smiling and laughing. That's us, I should be the one not him! I clench my fist as he stares at her, the way I stare at her. It makes me mad. I am in love with her, I really am. I want to tell her but it'll ruin our friendship. Finally the siren goes and willow walks with Ashton, still talking. His friends come after him. I walk slowly behind them. We get outside and I sit down at a bench. Willow and the boys sit under a tree. All I can do is stare at them. Willow likes him, I can tell....

Willows POV

We sit under a tree, Ashton and sits next to me and the other three boys sit closer, staring. It's a bit uncomfortable :/. Luke is staring at me frowning, but Dayum he's handsome. Calum sits there half smiling. And Michael is staring at my boobs. I giggle. "What?" Michael says. I shake my head," nothing," I say still giggling. Ash places his hand on mine and strokes my cheek. Then lark came out of nowhere and grabs my hand. "Can we talk please?" He ask. I nod and follow him into the toilets. He looks me in the eyes. I do the same. "What is it," I whisper. He frowns. "Why are you hanging with then," he ask. I frown. "Why are you being an overprotective asshole?" I say clenching my teeth. He looks down. "Because your my best friend,.." He says. "Well you can't control who I hang out with !" I yell. He looks at me with hurt in his eyes. "I'm sorry..." I say. He shakes his head. "Whatever," he says with a tear coming down his cheek. He storms off. I sat there crying. I'm such an idiot... He's my best friend. Why would I say something like that... I walk out crying and Ashton rushes to me and hugs me. "What's wrong?" He asks. "My bestfriend is a jealous prick..." I say. I close my mouth and thought about what I said... Shit. Ash holds me. "It's okay," he says. "Come over my house after school." He asks. I nod and walk to class.

Larks POV

I see ash hold her hand. That's it! I storm to then and grab willows hand. "Can we talk please?" I ask. She nods and she follows me to the toilets. "What is it?" She says. "Why are you hanging out with them.." I say with a slightly angry voice. "Why are you being an overprotective asshole?" She says frowning back. I stand there with a cold face. I try to hold back the tears. "Because your my bestfriend..." I say. "Well you can't control who I hang out with!!!" She yells. I was taken back by what she said. "Sorry..." She says. "Whatever." I say with tears coming down my cheeks. I love her! But I can't tell her that!!!! I storm out and punch a wall. Blood pours down my fingers and I yelp with pain. I walk out of school and walk back home... Ive had enough... I sit on the couch and grab a beer. I drink one, two, three, four... And I finally dose off...

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