Black: A Study In Terror

The blind lead a life of strict guidelines. What happens when those guidelines are changed?


1. Susan Blakely


Susan Blakely was what could be considered very attractive. She had mid-length auburn hair, full, pouty red lips and a perfectly proportioned body. When she laughed it was a rich, rhythmical laugh that caused others to follow suit. When she turned that voice towards being sexy, she gave a husky, throaty growl that could spark the interest of a deaf man. She had everything that would turn men's knees to jelly.

What she didn't have, was the ability to see the mayhem she could cause. Susan had lost her sight when she was only eleven years old. She was diagnosed with cone-rod dystrophy at seven and was legally blind in just four years. She was determined to be strong and to make her way in the world, and that she did. She finished school, college and finally law school.

She became the top prosecutor in Memphis before she decided to try her hand in New York. Her younger brother Harry had moved there two years earlier and the stories he told of the city that never slept fascinated her. With his help she got a modest apartment in the Village and set about making everything suitable for her. She learned long ago, surviving in a world that requires sight means following a strict guideline for even the simplest of things.

Once a week her brother would arrange her money for her. She had a money drawer with her money set from left to right, with lowest denominations set far left. Then she would fold each bill a certain way so that when she needed to pay, she would know what she was handing the person. Her clothes were arranged in sets according to color, also from left to right. She knew that the first three sets were red colors, the next three greens and so forth.

Her furniture was carefully arranged so that she could follow set routes through her apartment without bumping into anything. At the ripe age of twenty-nine, she had living in her world nailed down to an exact science. If anyone watched her at her morning routine, they would never know she was blind. Unfortunately, there was one person that knew...and he was watching her.

His name was Jimmy Dean Holloway, a petty thief and wife-beater that she had successfully put in jail three years earlier. She had also helped his wife and his daughter get away from him through a battered wife program. Jimmy figured she owed him a small part of his life, and as he watched her prepare for her bath, he was determined to get it back. He waited until she was completely undressed before dialing her phone and then hanging up just as she reached it. As he watched her walking back and forth, his tongue ran along his lips. He wanted what she had taken from him.

He waited until she was gone before he slipped across the street and into her apartment. He had watched long enough to know the routines here, when her brother came and her daily hours. He made his way to her bedroom and opened her top drawer. Inside, her panties and bras sat in neat rows. Like her outer clothes, everything was arranged by color. He lifted a pair of lacy, black panties from the drawer and pressed them to his nose. He could smell the freshness of them and felt himself becoming aroused. He purposely left the drawer open and then made his way back to the living room.He sat in her over-sized chair, putting his feet on her coffee table and flicking on the TV.

He flicked the pay-per-view channel on and selected an adult movie. He masturbated twice as he watched it, using her panties over his hand before switching the set off. He made his way to the small kitchen and began drawing the apartment, room by room, making notes in each room. He was about to bring terror to Susan's ordered life and his plans had to be perfect.

With all of his notes complete, Jimmy found a place in the hall and waited. Susan would be coming through the door downstairs in just a few minutes and he wanted to see her up close, to get a smell of her perfume as she walked by. He listened as she checked her mail and then made her way up the stairs. Fourteen steps up from the door to the hall and there she was.

She walked past him, counting the ten steps from the stairs to her door. As she turned the key she paused for a moment. She could smell his scent and for a minute she thought she could hear breathing. She turned her head in his direction, as if she could see him. He remained still, studying her face. He looked at the curve of her face, the fullness of her lips and felt his arousal starting again. He was able to remain still until she turned away and entered her apartment. As her door clicked shut, he quietly made his way down the stairs and back across the street, his hand holding the souvenir of her panties tightly.

Inside her apartment, she made her way to her bedroom. She began to undress and as she moved about the room, she bumped into the open drawer with a start. She stopped for a moment, quite sure that she had closed the drawer. She felt the contents and saw that a pair of panties was missing.

Panic filled her for a minute, feeling as if the order of her world had been tainted in some way. She tried desperately to remember if she had indeed forgotten to close the drawer and if she had already worn the missing panties. With a thousand doubts in her head she frantically phoned her brother.
“Harry, I need you to come over” she said desperately.
“Sure Sue” he answered. “What's wrong?”

After she explained the situation, she hung the phone up and felt a bit better knowing that Harry was on his way. She walked into the living room and ran her hand along the back of the big chair and wrinkled her nose. There was that scent again. Her hand reached down for the remote and another wave of shock ran through her when it was not where she kept it. She always kept it on the small table next to the chair and now it was gone. She groped for it in a panic and finally found it on the floor between the table and chair. Across the street, Jimmy watched with glee as the first small stages of terror filled his nemesis. He turned to his notes to plan his next move.

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