Black: A Study In Terror

The blind lead a life of strict guidelines. What happens when those guidelines are changed?


3. Sightless


I have to drive down to Philly tonight Sue” said Will over the phone. “They have my suspect in custody.”
“OK Will” she cooed sweetly. “Drive careful. I'm going to grab a quick dinner and then I'll just spend the rest of the night dreaming of you.”

Across the street, Jimmy smiled at the fortunes of the night. No cop and she was going out. It was perfect for him. He sat at his window and watched for her to leave the building. As soon as she stepped from the door, he was up and out in a flash. Minutes later, he used the key he had made and entered her apartment.

She had a small dinner, already missing Will. She had found the same feelings for him as he had for her and she just knew that very soon, they would consummate their relationship. She held a bit of apprehension for the event, but was also looking forward to it. Will was the right man, of that she was quite sure. She knew it was just a matter of time before he asked her to marry him and she was very willing to do so.

She daydreamed her way through dinner and the walk back home. She checked her mail and made her way upstairs, looking forward to a quiet night. As she slipped into her apartment, she turned towards the bedroom and immediately bumped into the couch.

Fear gripped her as she felt her way around it, finding that other things were moved as well. Her small desk was gone and she fell over the ottoman that was deliberately put in her path. She struggled to her feet, groping her way along towards the kitchen. The small table she had had been moved as were the chairs, filling her with more fear in every unsure step she took. Her hands found the drawer that held her utensils and she groped for her big butcher's knife. Once more, panic filled her when she saw it was gone. Every knife was gone.

Suddenly, a loud bang came from the table. As she shrank back, she heard it being pushed aside. In her darkness, in her black world, she was able to envision what she heard. The loud bang had been the knife she so desperately wanted being driven into the wooden surface. She reached out to feel for the table only to have her hand slapped hard. She cringed in horror.
“Who's here?” she yelled.
“Someone you owe” came the answer.

The voice was oddly familiar to her, but she could not place it. Then, rough hands took hold of her as she felt cloth being shoved into her mouth. She tried to scream but it muffled her voice. The man holding her slapped her hard, causing her to fall back into the chair. His scent filled her nose and panic set in. He quickly slapped duct tape across her mouth before twisting her around and binding her wrists together.
“You took away everything I had once” he whispered into her ear. “Now I'm gonna take it back. I'm gonna drag your ass into that bedroom and do everything I been dreamin' about. I'm gonna fill every hole you got. I'm gonna make you wish you was never born bitch.”
She squirmed as his hot breath invaded her sense of smell, and fought back the overwhelming urge to puke. He pulled her to her feet and dragged her along, her legs hitting the rearranged furniture along the way. She felt him push her onto the bed and then straddle her. His hands tore away at her blouse and bra, causing her to cry.
“Yeah, I been lookin' at these nice tits for a while now” he said. “Been thinkin' of the things I'm gonna do to them.”

She felt his lips cover one of her nipples, his teeth biting into it hard. His hand was squeezing her other breast hard, uncomfortably. His goal was to hurt her, to cause as much pain as he could. All she could do was hope that she would pass out before he went further.

He lifted himself off of her and pulled roughly at her pants. He yanked them down and ripped her panties away.
“Yeah, I had to make do with your black panties for a while now” he growled. “Had to jerk off in them a whole lot. They's the ones in your mouth now. When you took away my wife and my little girl, I knew you was gonna have to replace them. Nows the time for that Miss Lawyer. Time for you to pay the reaper for what you done!”

Her head spun as he spoke. She instantly remembered him now. Jimmy Dean Holloway. She remembered him as a brutal, uncaring man who abused his wife and daughter. Every word from his mouth was more sickening than the last. He was the vilest, worst man in creation and she wished him dead with every fiber of her being. The nausea left her and rage began to take control of her body. She could feel his eyes on her as she lay there naked and defenseless. She could hear him undressing, unzipping his pants and then moving onto the bed. His hands pushed her thighs apart and she felt him moving over her.

She lashed out, bringing her knee up and striking him in the testicles hard. He howled in pain and fell to his side, muttering curses. She continued the assault, kicking at him until he fell off the bed with a clatter.
“You gonna pay for that you little whore” he said as he struggled to his feet. “You gonna pay for that big time!”

She felt him grab hold of her arms and roughly turn her over. She struggled, feeling the edge of the duct tape catching on her pillow. She scrapped her face along it until the tape came off and then pushed the vile cloth from her mouth with her tongue. He had slipped between her thighs and now lifted her hips. She could feel his manhood pressing into her when she screamed.

The next few seconds flew by like a blur. She could hear the front door splinter from the hinges and she felt her attacker move quickly.
“You fucker!” he yelled as he jumped from the bed.

A moment later she heard a gunshot and felt the spray of blood hit her as her attacker's body hit the floor.
“You're safe now Sue” whispered Will as he quickly removed the tape from her wrists and covered her with his coat.
“Oh Will” she sobbed as she curled into his arms. “I was so afraid. He...he was going”
“It's over darling” he said softly. “He'll never bother you again.”

The lawyer in her quickly found its way out as he held her. She had heard the shot, but there was no indication that her attacker held any gun himself. She could feel Will trembling with anger still and she knew what had happened.
“There's a .38 in the fourth drawer down of my dresser” she said calmly. “Put it in his hand.”
“ did you know?” he asked.
“It was easy to figure out” she replied. “You love me. It was your first instinct, just like it would have been mine. Now go put the gun in his hand before your friends get here.”

He softly kissed her before getting the revolver and pressing it into the dead man's hand. He hated that he had broken the law, but she was right.
“Don't worry my love” she said as he sat back down with her. “I never saw a thing...”

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