Black: A Study In Terror

The blind lead a life of strict guidelines. What happens when those guidelines are changed?


2. Out of Chaos...


Two weeks passed since Harry had calmed his sister's fears. There had been no sign of a forced entry, nothing sinister in the events. She had simply forgotten to shut the drawer he reasoned with her. The remote was probably too close to the edge of the table and the vibrations of the subway over the course of the day must have caused it to fall. She readily accepted his theories as opposed to her fear. When one lived in the dark, these type of things could easily prey on one's sanity. She had no desires to give in to fear and end up a paranoid that needed constant care.

Jimmy had no plans to let up either. Over the course of those two weeks, he installed listening devices near both of her phones as well as a small hidden camera in each room. He could hear everything she said, and when her curtains closed, he could still see everything. He waited until her fears subsided before making his next move. He knew she was going out with friends after work on this particular day. They were having drinks to celebrate a big case she had won. Jimmy waited once again in the hall for her return.

He heard the cab door close downstairs, followed by the rhythmic tapping of her high heels as she came up the front steps. He heard the key as it turned the mailbox and then the tapping once more as she ascended the stairs. He waited silently as she passed by him and made her way for the door. As she pushed the key into the lock, she was suddenly pinned to the door by his weight. His hand groped her breasts roughly while the other clamped over her mouth, muffling the scream in her throat.

He never said a word as he forced her to the ground and pushed his hand up her skirt. His fingers roughly pushed into her as his tongue licked her face. She felt a wave of nausea as he continued to violate her. As he ripped the panties from her, she felt herself mercifully slip into unconsciousness. From that point on, she would not know what he would do.

She didn't know what time it was when she came to. She was alone in the hall now, afraid and shaken from the ordeal. She quickly entered her apartment and called Harry.
“Harry” she whispered, “I've been attacked. I might have been raped...I need you to come now!”

Two hours later, the Doctor spoke to them both with the police looking on.

“There is no evidence of rape Ms. Blakely” he said. “A few bruises, but nothing major. Whoever did this must have been scared off before he could finish. I'm prescribing a mild sedative to calm you down.”
“What else can you tell us Ma'am?” said the detective that had been assigned.
“There's nothing more I can add” she replied. “Unless you can line up a few men and let me smell them, I'm afraid we're at a standstill.”

Will Prescott was relatively new to the detective bureau, only recently moving up in the ranks. He had seen Susan in the courts a few times and had always found himself staring at her. Seeing her in this new light disturbed him for some reason.
“Ms. Blakely” he said softly, “I'd like to stop by your apartment tomorrow if you don't mind. I'd like to see the layout.”
“Not at all Detective” she answered.
“Please, call me Will” he smiled. “I've seen you in court a few times and I just want to make sure you'll be safe.”
“Thank you...Will” she answered sweetly. “I get home from work at five. I'll expect you then.”

With the sedative taking hold, Susan allowed herself to fall into a dreamless sleep. Her body had been thrust into a very uncomfortable situation and she welcomed the heavy rest. When morning came she decided to take a bit of time and called out sick. Of course, her office had found out what happened and well wishes poured in from her co-workers. Even her boss, the district attorney told her to take as much time as she needed.

Across the street, Jimmy smiled as she spoke of her encounter. Each treble of fear in her voice tugged at him, exciting him in its perverse way. He planned his next move, the one that would give him her body fully. The one that would put her over the edge, push her into the abyss of insanity. He would allow himself another long time frame, possibly a month.

As he plotted, the phone call from Detective Prescott brought a scowl to his face. The man had called her office and found out she was home. Now he was asking if he could talk over her case with her over lunch.
“Really?” he thought. “You're asking her on a fucking date? OK asshole, she'll pay for this shit now! I'll make sure you know who's in charge!”

Jimmy watched from his window as the cop pulled up in front of her apartment. Minutes later, Susan exited the building with him and they walked along the street. She had felt the warmth of the day and told Prescott of a small bistro close by. He agreed to the walk, citing that it would give him more time to ask questions. The real reason for it was that it would give him more time to find out what it was about this woman that was confusing him.

She was handicapped, but far from tragic. In fact, her optimistic outlook was refreshing to him. His own world was shrouded in darkness, filled with tragedy. He found her charms to be irresistible as the afternoon wore on. His questions soon changed from official to more personal and she welcomed it. There was a quality in his voice that she found more than enjoyable. She adored the fact that he didn't view her as different, that her handicap was certainly not stopping him from flirting.
“Why Detective Prescott” she said in her best southern belle accent, “I do believe you're flirting with me. You do understand that we southern girls take our courtships seriously?”

Will laughed along with her at the way she exposed where their conversation had gone. At the next table, Jimmy gripped the mug of coffee he drank tightly. Susan was his to manipulate, his to control. Not this cop's. His anger grew with each passing second until the mug shattered in his hand. Will turned and watched the commotion with a keen eye as the waitress rushed to bring a towel for Jimmy's bleeding hand.
“Looks like you need stitches friend” he said casually.
“Fuck off asshole!” Jimmy replied as he threw down the money for his lunch on the table and walked away.
“Well that hurt my feelings” said Will turning back to Susan. “Maybe a dinner with a beautiful woman might help them mend quicker.”

He laid his hand over hers as he spoke, amused at the quick turn of a smile on her lips. He was amazed at the way her beauty and dignity grew with each passing second. She was rapidly turning his heart to mush and he had no desire to stop it.
“Perhaps” she answered coyly. “Now the question is, do you know any beautiful women? At least any that would be willing to spend some time in your company?”
“I could just take you into protective custody you know” he laughed. “I could say there's a clear danger to you being alone.”

I'd sue you” she countered. “Drag you through the courts until all you have left is a brown bag with a change of t-shirt and skivvies. Luckily for you, I happen to like the idea of round-the-clock protection. I'll be ready at eight...and since I have expensive tastes, it'll be my treat.”
“I'm a modern guy Sue” he replied. “Your treat is fine with me.”

Over the next three weeks, Jimmy watched as the detective and the lawyer continued to see each other. He would take note of what times he came to get her, and when he would drop her off. He watched them kissing, but he knew the cop had not slept with her yet. That was good, since she was his. It was he that would take her, not the cop. And when he was done, he would make sure that nobody got her!

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