Desperate For Life


1. Pain

As I open my eyes, I cringe. Not from the sunlight boring into my tired eyes, but from the memories of last night. They all came at once, flooding my mind with the screams and cries for help. The help that never came.

I sit up slowly, not to cause anymore pain to myself, from my bed. I swing my legs over the edge and push my duvet to the side. Glancing at my clock which read 6:15 a.m., a groan emits from the back of my throat as I stand, my bare feet meeting the cold wooden floors of my room. A sudden pulse of pain shoots up my spine, causing me to whimper and freeze in hopes of the pain going away.

As the pain subsides I start my morning routine. A bit earlier than normal I might add, due to the fact it's my first day of my junior year in High School. Fun? Not for me. I don't even think fun is in my vocabulary. As i'm making my way across my room towards my bathroom, a loud beeping noise comes from my nightstand. Ignoring the pain, I rush towards it and turn off the alarm so it wouldn't wake my father. He would be livid. I don't want to feel him angry. Yes, I meant "feel" him angry. Once i'm sure the clock won't emit anymore noise I, once again, make my venture to my bathroom.

Having the master bedroom has its advantages. Of course, my favorite, it gives me privacy. Meaning I can lock my door and not worry about leaving. Unless I run out of my hidden snacks. He does't want me to eat so I don't get fat.

I shut my bathroom door and look in the mirror at the form. It's ugly with it's light tan complexion, long mousy black hair. Green eyes converting to blue, gray and back. Round lips with intense volume that hold a light tint of natural pink.

Getting ready for another day of hell.

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