Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


27. Day Twenty Six (Scarlett and Neville making out) by @DaniellePotter1581

Day Twenty Six (Scarlett and Neville making out) by @DaniellePotter  


"Could you make me pouched eggs today," Ariana begged me, before she closed herself into our bathroom. 

She hadn't waited for a reply because she knew I'd do as she asked anyways. Snow was sitting on her bed and stared at me. No envelope was to be seen anywhere. Wasn't there anything to do today? 

"I have the letter," I heard Ariana's voice from the bathroom, before it faded in the splashing sounds of rushing water. 

Little did she know how much it annoyed me, when she read my thoughts. My mood didn't actually improve, as Harry confronted me in the common room. 

"Do you think it's funny making Lord Voldemort mock me," he snapped and stood up.

"Believe me, when I say that Ariana and me have been just as surprised and confused by his reaction than the rest of you were," I told him and headed to the kitchen. 

Harry followed me close up, careful not to miss a single move I did. 

"What is it today," he asked me, as I got the eggs out of the fridge. 

"I don't know to be honest. Most likely something involving me, again," I growled, accidentally squashing the egg in my hand. 

Ariana joined the group for breakfast soon and I started cleaning up the mess. I signalized her that I wasn't in the mood for having breakfast and with that she stood up. 

"Today's dare by @DaniellePotter1581 is the same as last time," Ariana announced and I frowned. 

I remembered the dare as if it had been yesterday. Neville sighed, stretched and got into his role. He strode towards me, scooped me up with one arm again and heaped me onto the kitchen counter. I attempted to kiss him but he refused and pushed me back, so I actually lay down. He climbed onto me impatiently and pinned me down with one hand, running through my hair with the other. I grabbed onto his neck and tried pulling me up for a kiss but he held me down. Slowly he lowered his body onto mine and kissed me passionately. With a single and incredibly fast move, he heaped me up and shoved his body beneath mine. Gently removing the streak of hair from my face, he looked me right in the eyes. Surprisingly, it wasn't hatred or disgust, it was a mixture of happiness and excitement. Did he enjoy torturing me so much, that he actually had fun at it. The following kiss was the answer, it was long and wet. As soon as he loosened his grip on my waist, I crawled down and headed to my sister. Pansy stared at the ceiling intimidated but smiled as Neville lifted her up and whispered something into her ear. 

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