Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


28. Day Twenty Seven (Luna making out with Harry) by @Blank...

Day Twenty Seven (Luna and Harry making out) by @Blank...

Today was Ariana's day but I was far too lazy to get up and take a shower so I just turned around in bed. I heard the door shut behind her and yawned heartily. That girl was getting out of hand. After having decided not to get up at all after yesterday's shock, I stared at the ceiling. It lasted for about ten minutes until my bladder forced me to get up. Reluctantly I took the clothes my sister had put out for me and put them one. I looked like a diva with the elegant white and pink gown. It was an absolutely disgusting dress. Too girly, too innocent. Ariana grinned at me as I entered the kitchen I sighed heavily. 
"Don't tell me it's me again." I complained and frowned. 
She giggled a heartily girlish laugh and handed me the letter shaking her head vividly. 
"Not quite," she said as I read through the sheet she had just handed me. "It's Luna and Harry. Although not stated this way, I suppose we shouldn't let Harry know."
Relieved I nodded and quickly gulped down my breakfast. Ariana took care of making breakfast as I pulled Luna aside before she entered the kitchen. Nobody had to know that she was the one today's dare evolved around. I explained her the situation and then made her join the others for breakfast. To my big surprise she did as she asked straight away. She entered the kitchen and yawned, pretending to have just woken up. To make things more realistic she rubbed her eyes and slumped towards Harry. 
"I dreamt of you last night," she whispered hoarsely, sounding super sexy. "Now guess what. I liked it. A lot actually." 
She pushed out his chair, sat down on his lap and took off his glasses, carelessly dropping them on the table behind her. 
"You look so good without your glasses," she told Harry who tried making eye contact with Ariana and me. "Then again I close my eyes for kisses anyways."
Harry threw us one last pleading glance before he gave up, believing Luna did it on her own account. What I would have believed too if I didn't know of the letter folded up in my hand. Luna leaned down and pressed her lips onto Harry's urgently as if her life depended on this kiss. He just sat there and waited for her to stop but she didn't. She went on, her lips locking on his, her hands grasping his hair, her body pushing into his. In fact she pushed herself onto him so violently the chair would have fallen over if I hadn't stopped it mid air by a flick of my wand. Everybody looked towards the doorway as Ginny cried out. 
"How dare you," she yelled at Luna as she pushed her off Harry. "Wait until Neville hears of this."
"Hear of what?" Neville wanted to know as he arrived. 
He gave the scene a short glance until he understood the happenings. His face went as white as a ghost and he looked sick. Luna hastily got up from the flood and ran up to him. 
"It's not as you think," she tried explaining. "It was the stupid dare. Right Scarlett. Tell him." 
As much as I enjoyed the situation and would have liked to fool her I nodded as I had to give the mastermind behind all of this the validation for it. 
"Sadly I have to support her argument," I sighed heavily only reluctantly admitting it. "The amazing @Blank... asked for Luna to make out with Harry for at least three minutes. It was a lot more than that but for all we now, she didn't have a watch. Right Luna?"
Luna stared at me disgusted. 
"I had asked you to tell me when the time was over," she snapped at me. "You betrayed me you stupid bi-"
"Watch your mouth," Ariana disturbed her rant and threatened her with her wand. "Don't blame your feelings for Harry on my sister. Every normal being would have noticed that ten minutes isn't as short as three. Even without a watch!"
The flush of anger on Luna's cheeks drained away as Neville pushed her away from him. 
"Ten minutes," he choked. "You kissed him for ten solid minutes?"
Neville took a step back, Harry watched the scene in horror and tears rolled down Luna's cheeks. This was too much to take in without having to laugh, so I departed wishing for the next dare to include Ariana. 

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