Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


25. Day Twenty Four (Ten people are doomed) by @Hermione+Harry=<3

Day Twenty Four (Ten people are doomed) by @Hermione+Harry=<3


"Good morning," my sister mumbled as I sat up. 

She leaned over the desk and scribbled on a sheet of paper. 

"What are you doing," I asked her, as I stood up and strode towards her. 

"Working out a plan for today's dare," she told me and shoved the letter towards me without looking up. 

I overflew it quickly and tried glimpsing at her notes. 

"It clearly says, that I shall think of something," I told her. 

It was the first time she looked up, since I woke up. 

"I know, I am simply dividing them up into five couples. Didn't you realize, that it's exactly five of each sex," she growled and turned to her work again. 

I tried seeing her results but she still leaned over them. 

"Narcissa and Lucius are married, so they can't go together. Harry and Ginny as Hermione and Ron are in a relationship, so they can't go together. On top of that, Bellatrix and Draco as Ginny and Ron are related, so they shouldn't go together," she explained and handed me the sheet. 

Narcissa and Ron, Ginny and Lucius, Bellatrix and Harry, Hermione and Draco and Luna and Dumbledore. As I was to choose their fate, I agreed on her pairings, so she won't be offended. Today she would take a shower, so I headed downstairs and entered the common room. 

"Am I involved today," Neville asked me, as I closed the door. 

"Perhap," I replied and grinned. 

Deciding, to make Ariana's favorite breakfast today, I rushed towards the kitchen. 

"Do I smell pancakes," Ariana asked, as she entered the kitchen. 

"Yes you do," I replied and handed her the maple syrup. 

She drowned her pancakes as usual and gulped them down, as if she hadn't eaten for weeks. 

"Today's dare by @Hermione+Harry=<3 involves many, many people. Narcissa, Ginny, Hermione, Bellatrix, Luna, Ron, Lucius, Draco, Harry and Dumbledore. She asked me to think of something to torture you and so I did. While my sister divided you into pairs, I thought of a nice little competition for you. Every pair has to kiss as realistic as possible and Umbridge will grade them from one to ten. The pair who wins is lucky then, because the others have to french kiss then. The better the couple, the shorter the second kiss," I explained and they looked at me disgusted. 

French kissing was always a sensitive topic, especially when it involved somebody you didn't like there. 

"The pairings are as follows," Ariana broke the silence, "Ginny and Lucius. Narcissa and Ron. Bellatrix and Harry. Hermione and Draco. Leaves, Luna and Dumbledore. This is also the order to start with."

Ginny and Lucius got 6 points for their passionate kiss. Narcissa and Ron received 3 points for their quick kiss. Bellatrix and Harry were graded 7 points for their hot performance. Hermione and Draco made it to 8 points by kissing wildly and accidentally smashing a vase. Nevertheless, Luna and Dumbledore won with 9 points, as they kissed on the couch, the floor and the kitchen counter. It was the most disgusting kiss I've ever seen. The others mourned but got to french kissing each other. Ariana called them for lunch and I pulled her aside, as the others were eating. I let her know that I had informed Hermione and Harry about their dare already and she grinned. After lunch, Hermione sat on Harry's lap on the armchair. He placed his left arm on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Their heads were on the same height, as they started kissing. Ron looked at her in surprise and moved his head, a hurt expression on his face. Ginny walked up to them and slapped Harry right across the face. The pain made him stop for a second, before he begun kissing Hermione again. If I hadn't known better, I would have believed the kiss to be real to. 

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