Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


32. Day Thirty-One (Everyone is Ron's Slave) by @DanielleCullen:)

Day Thirty-One (Everyone is Ron's Slave) by @DanielleCullen:)

I woke up, surprised to find Ariana standing at the foot of my bed. 
"You're back." I pointed out relieved. 
"Yes," she said rather shyly. "I am sorry about yesterday."
Before I could reply or even react she had left the room. Quickly I freshened up and joined everybody in the kitchen, even Emma. 
"I 'ave taken se time, to make waffles," Emma told me in her french accent. "Avec blue berries. Oui, I remembered you like 'aving it for breakfast."
I smiled weakly and ate them without speaking. The awkwardness made the room fall silent until eventually Ariana broke the silence. 
"Today's dare is by @DanielleCullen:) and involves everybody," Ariana reads out. "Everybody is Ron's slave for today."
Ron looked up from his waffles delighted. 
"Everybody," he asked. "Even you three?" 
He looked at Ariana, Emma and me standing in front of the stove. Ariana nodded and he smiled broadly. 
"Apart from obvious things," I hurriedly added. "As wishing for your all freedom."
"Still going to be fun." he pointed out and grinned. 
"Don't be too rude," Ariana snarled. "Remember, it's still us who are the game masters."
Ron looked at her now uncertain knowing she was right. 
"Don't they always say they aren't allowed to make us do things on their account?" Hermione reminded him and he smirked. 
"Ariana," he addressed my sister. "I want you to make out with You-Know-Who."
"That's gross," she snapped. "He could be my Grandfather."
Ron just shrugged and Ariana walked up to Lord Voldemort who hadn't paid attention. Surprised he pushed her away as she kissed him and loomed at her confused and disgusted. Many forced kisses for my sister and me later, he had a special request. 
"I want Draco and You-Know-Who," Ron exclaimed. "To french kiss each other with Bellatrix watching."
Surprisingly they did without a complaint and it was hard to tell who suffered the most between the three of them. Ron seemed to enjoy the happenings and thought hard about what to ask for next. 
"Last but not least," he exclaimed suddenly. "Pansy and Bellatrix to make out."
The suspicion that he wanted to see girls kiss sneaked into my mind. He had a dirty mind but he didn't want to force girls he liked into it. After dinner, Ariana got up and asked me to come closer. She leaned in to me. 
"We still have to get Professor McGonagall." she told me and I nodded curtly. 
She disapparated before anybody noticed and appeared only fee minutes later, accompanied by Professor McGonagall who frowned. Professor Dumbledore took the time to explain and she looked at me revolted. 

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