Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


7. Day Six (Ginny and Draco kiss) by @wali_yah

Day Six (Ginny and Draco kiss) by @wali_yah


Never has my life been as exciting as nowadays. Waking up everyday, a grin on my face. Happily, I jumped down the stairs and Ariana was already awaiting me. 

"What have we got there?", I asked and swapped the letter in her beak against some owl treats. 

I overflew the letter and grinned. Draco really has to hate me by now. 
My victims continued to surprise me, as it was Ron awaiting me. 
"Gmorning.", I mumbled, trying not to let the letter or the tray fall. 
"What's that?", he asked, staring at the tray. 
"Your breakfast.", I replied, showing him the variety of cheese, sausage, jam and marmalade. 
"You're not cooking today?", he asked surprised, "Whatever, that's not the point. Please stop making Hermione and Draco stick together."
"Ron, how many times do I have to repeat this?", I sighed, "It's not my-"
"Nevertheless, you could throw the letter away."
, he snapped, unhappily. 
"Or I could have fun. However, there's no need to worry, she's not in today.", I calmed him down. 
"So are all of you ready?", I asked them after breakfast, as if they even had a choice. 
"Today, my dear friends, @wali_yah -", my announcement got interrupted by several moans. 
"Shhht. I like it it's funny. So @wali_yah dares Draco and Ginny to make out. Friendly greetings towards you Harry: the both look cute together, right Harry?", I read aloud and smiled satisfied. 
Draco didn't hesitate quite as much as he had with Hermione, still he didn't seem to be too pleased. As I had expected, Harry tried to stop them from kissing. Many moments proof, Harry wasn't made for Ravenclaw, this was one of them. His body was thrown too far and he smashed a vase of mine. However, I decided, to firstly make sure the dare was fulfilled properly, before I'd punish Harry for his dumbness. 
"Well that's what we call a kiss.", Fred teased Hermione and nudged her. 
Ginny seemed to be a good kisser, as it looked real or at least professionally faked. 
"Harry James Potter, do you even know, what you just broke?", I yelled at him, as Ginny and Draco finished, "That was a very valuable Ming vase you broke there."
"It's not my fault. You don't have to keep your valuables in here."
, he snapped. 
"Ginny, you'll be sleeping in my guest room tonight!", I decided as Harry's punishment and strode towards the kitchen. 

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