Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


18. Day Seventeen (Hermione kissing Fred and George) by @MagicMillie

Day Seventeen (Hermione kissing Fred and George) by @MagicMillie


Ariana jumped on my back and forced me, to get out of bed. I sighed heavily and gave her some treats, before I carefully reached out for the letter. Hastily I grabbed it and rushed out of the room. The day I had feared for so long, seemed to come nearer and nearer. Shoving the thought aside, I opened the envelope and took the letter out of it. Draco was awaiting me in the common room, as I had anticipated and strode towards me.

"How did you enjoy yesterday's dare?", he wanted to know and grinned.

"Just as much as you did, loverboy.", I retorted and grinned widely, although I knew it had been worse for me.

His eyes narrowed and he followed me to the kitchen.

"What's today's dare?", he asked me and grinned.

"None of your business.", I replied and opened the fridge.

Just as I got the milk out, he snapped the letter from my hand and flipped it open. He read through it with great interest but his smirk fell slightly.

"I thought it included you again.", he admitted and grinned widely, reaching me the letter.

"You would have enjoyed that, wouldn't you?", I snapped and he laughed.

"Good morning sweethearts.", Fred and George mocked us, as they entered.

They wouldn't have been that cheery, when they had known already, that they were included in the daily dare. After even Bellatrix had finished having breakfast, I got out the letter again.

"Today's dare is from @MagicMillie and I think it's very exciting. She dares Hermione to kiss the twins blindfolded and guess correctly, whom of the both she had kissed. If she doesn't, she has to hug the Dark Lord and try again and so on.", I explained them and grinned at my own idea.

"But how am I supposed to know, who is who? It's not like I kissed one of them already, is it?", she complained.

"Oh, shush it.", I advised her and made a string of fabric appear, with a simple flick of my wand.

Carefully, Ron covered her eyes with it and took a step back. He had insisted on covering her eyes up himself.

George was the brave and took a step towards Hermione, gently kissing her on the mouth. Fred followed the example and did the same right after.

"First, George. Second, Fred," Hermione guessed, "no, wait. First Fred, second George."

I wasn't the only one to grin, the fact that she had it right in first place, made the situation even funnier.

"Am I right?", she wanted to know and attempted to shove off the fabric.

"No, you're not.", I told her truthfully and gestured Lord Voldemort, to take a step towards her.

Slowly, as to not fall over something, she walked towards Lord Voldemort and fell into his arms, as she had tripped over her own feet nevertheless.

George was again the first to kiss her and Fred followed.

"First George, second Fred.", she asked.

I decided, to wait for a moment, as the possibility of her changing her mind was still possible.

"Exactly.", I mumbled in defeat.

Hermione ripped of the fabric and turned to Ron, embracing him happily. Have they cheated? Was there a reason, why Ron had insisted on blindfolding her himself? I glared at them but turned towards Draco, who had enjoyed the whole scene just as much as I had done.

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