Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


8. Day Seven (Lucius and Bellatrix kiss) by @Dramione.For.Life

Day Seven (Lucius and Bellatrix kiss) by @Dramione.For.Life


I woke up and didn't smile. Didn't smile! For the first time since I had started this game, I didn't smile. Harry breaking my Ming vase was still on my mind. The vase had been the only thing my father had ever given to me. 
"Ugh.", I moaned as I stretched. 
Nevertheless a wide grin spread across my face, as I saw Ariana sit on the chandelier in the hallway, a letter in her beak. Just like the day before, we traded. She gave me the letter and I gave her some treats. My eyes widened as I read through the letter. Narcissa? Oh well, it suited the celebration. Finally, we played for a week, I wrote a letter and gave it to Ariana. Ariana was intelligent, she'd know where to fly without instructions. Nobody waited for me, in the common room, so I went on to prepare breakfast. A silent crackle broke the silence and I shouted 'Expelliarmus' as soon as Narcissa appeared. Her wand fell to the floor and with a short flick of my wand, it flew towards me. 
"Welcome to my Truth or Dare game.", I greeted her, "Actually it's only dares but whatever."
Lucius ran towards his wife and embraced her tightly as he saw her. 
"It's wonderful to see you.", he welcomed her, "Sad to know you're here."
As usual, I decided to break it down to them, as soon as the last one finished eating. 
"A new director joined the game.", I announced solemnly, "@Dramione.For.Life dares Lucius and Bellatrix to make out. She's also the one who added Narcissa to the game and would like to greet her: I hate you Narcissa."
"How can she hate me? I don't even know her."
, Narcissa complained, as if she could make any difference. 
"Ciss, none of these 'directors' know anybody of us personally. They just influence our life, by making her torture us.", he explained. 
"Okay, so now that you know the rules Narcissa, we can get started, can't we?", I concluded. 
Bellatrix went serious all of a sudden and looked at Lord Voldemort. 
"Tom, I'll show you what a real kiss is.", she announced, referring to his peck few days ago. 
She did as she had announced and kissed Lucius as if he were her husband, not her sister's. Lucius stared at her, after she backed off. At first he seemed to be surprised and fascinated, then his expression turned to disgust and pity. 
"Bella!", Narcissa growled, "How could you kiss him like that? He's my husband."
"Calm down Ciss. If I don't do so, Scary will kill the people I worship most."
, Bellatrix tried calming her down. 
"Who is Scary?", Narcissa wanted to know, "And I don't care if you-know-who dies."
Narcissa's eyes widened, as Bellatrix's hand hit her in the face. 
"Scary is her.", she hissed through gritted teeth and pointed at me, "You know, my niece Scarlett. Tom should not have to die because I refuse to kiss your fool of husband. By the way, you or Draco would have died too, as he wouldn't have fulfilled his dare either."
"Don't kill each other."
, I joked as I left. 

As if they could harm each other,


I am sorry, that I spam but there are just so many good ideas of yours and I can't wait on sharing them. I love your fantasy and imagination and will always do my best, putting it into words and context. Whatever, nobody ever reads this note anyways so tralalalalala ♥. Love you


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