Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


6. Day Five (ten minutes in heaven for Hermione and Draco) by @Dramione is adorable

Day Five (ten minutes in heaven for Hermione and Draco) by @Dramione is adorable


The moment I saw Lord Voldemort in the common room, I shuddered again. How could my aunt possibly fall for him? His face was flat like a pancake and he didn't even have a nose. He was thin and bony, tall and bald. He was just plain ugly. He followed me into the kitchen and watched me prepare breakfast. 
"Why are you doing this?", he asked me suddenly and I let the rolls fall in surprise. 
With a whisk of my wand, I made them hover into the oven and switched it on. 
"I didn't choose you to be in.", I explained, "It was the-"
"Game directors, yeah I know."
, he interrupted me. 
"Sucks, not being the one in charge, huh?", I teased him and he tried grabbing my wand. 
He was thrown backwards, just as Bellatrix had been. They never learn, do they? Instead of torturing him, what I would have loved to do, I got the rolls out of the oven. Bellatrix was the last one to enter the kitchen, however Lord Voldemort was the last one eating. Back in the common room, they looked at me puzzled and confused. 
"Nothing to do today, huh?", Draco asked and smirked. 
Nervously, I checked the mail entrance again. Nothing. It wasn't until lunch, when Ariana pecked against the window. Ariana was the snow owl my parents had given me years ago. She let the letter fall into my hands, as I opened the window for her. While she ate, I read through the letter and grinned. 
"This dare by @Dramione is adorable is for Draco and Hermione.", I read out loud and Hermione and Draco moaned in unison. 
"Shht.", I shushed them, "You are supposed to have ten minutes in heaven."
"Isn't it seven minutes?",
Hermione asked. 
"Be quite, or I'll make 15 out of it.", I snouted at her, "Her username already hints at it, but nevertheless, she'd like to greet you: You guys are cute together, you know?"
Draco pretended to retch again and Hermione looked disgusted herself. 
"Cute? I'd rather die than do that with Granger. My family is the only reason, I keep doing this nonsense. Hey, @Dramione is adorable , if you hear me, I want you to know, you must be insane to think so.", Draco snapped and retched again. 
"Cut it, drama queen. Back to your dare. You'll get a little privacy in that closet over there. But...whenever you do something mean to each other or quit it, you'll feel a little uncomfortable. I'd rather not try that, if I were you.", with that threat, I made the door open. 
The closet was nearly big enough for the two bodies of theirs to fit in and so they did. With a simple whisk of my wand, the door closed again. Whatever they had done in there, it definitely was time in heaven. Well, for people who actually loved each other. Hermione got out first, after 12 minutes, we hadn't bothered interrupting them. Her hair was a mess and her cheeks were a dark shade of pink. Draco left soon after, his shirt buttoned up wrong and his normally perfectly styled hair, at least as messy as hers. Ron's eyes widened, so did Bellatrix's, Lucius' and mine. Draco didn't curse a single time that day, Hermione didn't lose a word about the happenings. Did they actually enjoy it, or did my magic influence them periodically?

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