The main character is an intergalactic charter merchant that travels from planet to planet, but rarely travels to the same planet twice. Pan actually has nothing to do with Peter Pan, Pan the greek god is why I named the main character it. He is a sort of alien elf. Hope you enjoy it!


1. Chapter one

    Two government drones flew after me at breakneck speed past burnished gray towers, their green lights blinking and probing for obstacles. They had black, sleek, frames, silver piping, and some gill like ridges at the back for all terrain propulsion. ¨All terrain¨ meaning underwater, through thick gases, through clear air, and in space. Which coincidentally, is where I am headed. I zoomed through the atmosphere and shivered as I felt the friction on my mechanical exoskeleton. One break, or one leak, I would die. But I had confidence in this suit. It was state of the art well... pretty much everything. Plus the fact that I made it. Those drones were clumsy and slow compared to my suit, but I let them follow me anyway. I needed them for something, that was the only reason that I let them shoot and spear at me, but it was worth it. I led them around in a winding, twisting, path through the five rings outside the sickly, pale, maroon planet. The goal was not to destroy them, or throw them off my trail, but to lead them out of the government signal that was controlling them. Then, and only then, I would be able to modify them and use them in whatever I thought of next. Which right now, was upgrading my maneuverability. With these rocks getting smaller and smaller I was becoming conscious on how difficult it was to swerve and twist past without getting hit by one. I My peripheral and rear sensors notified me that the drones were beginning to wobble, one even knocked against a space rocks. I slowed down and the drones just floated past. With no signal to receive, their engines turned off, and with no engines, they had no propulsion. I grabbed them out from the open space and jetted back to the smallest moon revolving the planet Losco. I landed softly, my feet not even disrupting the delicate blue coating of dust. My exoskeleton extended a small mesh from my boots and they began to glow a purple in between the wires. Now he could walk anywhere on this moon and not leave any trace that he was ever here. I walked, my adaptive compass leading the way to my usual hideout. Soon I found the fire glyph from the moons original inhabitants, I looked at it, always amazed how beautiful the symbol was, but it meant something so bad. Something destructive. This moon, Ignis, was made of a substance that could explode and catch fire if even a tiny spark fell onto the powdery surface. This mineral was called sfatare, and  though it can explode, it can do other, more useful, things too. For examples of some things I use it for, well, obviously explosives. Grenades, mines, missiles, you name it. If it explodes, I can make it with sfatare. But, it can, as aforementioned, can do other things. For example, I use it to fuel my exoskeleton. It can be air compressed, suction compressed, vacuum compressed, the thing is, it can be stored in large quantities in small containers. I have two tanks, a deep purple from the compressed dust, suspended by tempered alloy strips to the calfs on my exoskeleton. I jumped into a hill of dust. There were many of them but this was different. A certain amount of steps away from the glyph there was a dust hill, exactly like all the other ones, except the fact it was a hologram. I went right through the light blue projection and landed inside a small hole shaped like the base of the hill, but it went down further, to allow me enough room to stand up without disrupting my hill hologram. There was 100 buttons, with a precise code. The code was, to do nothing. If you clicked any of those buttons it would alert my exoskeleton, my base, and all my defense systems. To get inside my base, you had to sit calm for forty tempus. It doesn’t matter if you were sitting, standing, hovering, or anything else you could think of, you just had to be calm and relatively still. I thought about what I was going to do with these drones, oh yes! Better maneuverability, those gill looking propulsors are different tech from anything I’ve ever seen before, which is a lot. I open my eyes and look at the drones, wondering how those engines work. I should study them and add some to my suit, it might make it a little less bulky. I laughed, as if! My suit was fitted and showed my figure well. I was not too tall, long, stable, feet, sleek and skinny, but still strong. I looked down at my suit. Huh, blue and silver. Nice camouflage here, but I rarely come here, despite the fact that I’m not on the surface very long anyway. Maybe it’s time for a color change. I smile at the thought, who knows, black and red? The classic rogue or pirate colors. But then again- My thoughts were interrupted by the shaft opening with a slight hiss and the platform lowering me into the airlock.

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