Some numbers hold meaning in our lives: our birthdays, anniversaries, and lucky numbers.

Bert spent her whole life figuring out her numbers and when she did what she got in return was the biggest payback.


4. Obits

The sudden realization that no meaningful events had transpired in Bernie’s life gave her a new perspective on life. Sixteen was neither too young or too old, in fact, it was just perfect. This was the time of her life where she had to get herself out there and happen to things. To this point in time, she had lived a basically ordinary life, but she was in fact master of her destiny, or so she wanted to believe anyway. So one afternoon, as she pondered about her grandfather’s numbers she set out to make her life extraordinary. If the meaningful events, would not come to her, then she would go out and find the meaningful events herself. 

She took out paper and pen, and decided to make a plan. The first hour of brainstorming proved unsuccessful. The second hour was even worst. By the third one, she had managed to create a small pyramid of crumpled papers. She decided to clear her mind and read the newspaper. Her father took the front page, her mom the entertainment section and her brother the business section, all that was left were the classifieds and the obits. 

She started reading the classifieds. People will sell all kinds of junk they have in their house. There were advertisements for used swing sets, rarely used make up kits, “retro” style tv (which basically meant it was just really really old) and a bunch of other random stuff. 

She moved on to the obits. Some people were way too young to be there and other seemed to have enjoyed full lives. Some were so short it was depressing, and that actually gave her an idea. She took out a fresh piece of paper and started writing her own obituary. 

Bernadette was a woman who was always wiser than her years. She had the kind of attitude that you wanted to catch, to spend any time in her company was truly a joy. If she could find some time in her busy schedule to fit you in. 

If we could use any one word to describe Bernie it would be passionate. That woman would give her 110% to anything she committed herself to. Her sense of passion for sports, her family, her pets, and her career is what made her life extraordinary. Her commitment was well rewarded with a home full of love, walls full of trophies and medals, and a name to be remembered. 

Her big, warm and generous heart spread love even to strangers. She was a well known member of the community for donating her time and money to those who needed it the most. 

She was a woman of big dreams, courageous attitude and perseverant mind. When she set her goal on something it was bound to happen sooner or later. The world is a little less with you in it and now heaven is all the richer.

When she finished she felt so clear about where she was headed it at. It was as though she had a map and she knew where the X marked, now she could at last trace the path.  

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