Some numbers hold meaning in our lives: our birthdays, anniversaries, and lucky numbers.

Bert spent her whole life figuring out her numbers and when she did what she got in return was the biggest payback.


2. Grandpa

Bert was an admirable woman by anyone’s standards. She had innumerable gifts and talents that had allowed her to be so successful in her work and her life. At 57, she was incredibly active and full of joy. 

She had developed the most interesting of personalities. Her chosen career of architecture had proven quite a challenge, having to work in an environment full of men. She had amazingly created the perfect mixture of bitch and nice, to earn their respect but at the same time everyone loved her. It probably had to do something with her incredibly charming smile. 

A light seem to shine in the room the moment she entered, and everything was better after she laughed. She radiated a feeling of happiness that was just contagious. She also had this incredible set of values, punctual to the dot and extremely responsible. 

With her long athletic legs, lean and well kept body, she looked great at her age. Her Asian genes probably helped her a bit. Her dark brown hair cascaded onto her shoulders framing dark brown eyes with gaze that could make you forget what you were talking about, and nose that inspired a smile. 

Although Bert was and extremely practical woman. She allowed herself to enjoy one tiny guilty hobby. For as long as she had living memory every Sunday, she would play the lottery, it was more for the excitement of watching the numbers pop up in the screen at  the slightest chance that her chosen numbers would one day appear on the screen. 

Ernie plopped down to the couch unceremoniously next to Bert and started kissing her. 

Bert was trying to evade the kisses focusing on the screen. He kept up his best effort to plant them in the right places he had learned thought out the years would get the job done, when he heard the familiar sound of the intro of the lottery, and with a sigh laid his head on Bert’s lap and resigned himself because he knew once that music started he had lost her. 

Bert’s face lit up like it did every Sunday at 2 p.m. in the hope that today was the day, the day she would get all that money, five million dollars, to be used to travel all around the world and live the rest of her days without a worry in her mind. 

The habit started when she was in primary school, her grandpa would take her every Saturday morning to buy lottery tickets, stating that she was a magnet of luck. While they were riding back home, she and her grandpa would make grand plans of what they would do with the money. Hers usually involved large amounts of toys and candy, but her grandpa talked about buying a bigger house, paying her college education and traveling to far away places. 

He would choose his numbers carefully every time. They would change depending on his mood, a dream he had, or if someone’s birthday was coming up. Many Sundays came and went and her grandfather had to show was a pile of tickets with no winning numbers. 

When Bert got to secondary school she formulated a theory that the reason her grandfather never won was because he always changed his numbers every single time. Perhaps, if he sticked with them for a while then he would have a greater chance of winning. 

Her grandpa grew old though and he couldn’t drive anymore, so she started to buy lottery tickets with the lunch money she didn’t spend in the hope one day she could give her grandpa the thing he wanted the most in the world. 

The important thing was how to choose the winning numbers. She put months of consideration into this. The lottery was composed of six numbers from 1 to 49. There were several methods she considered. 

At first, she thought about taking a very scientific approach to it and threw herself into studying the numbers that had come out in the last year, looking for the frequency of numbers and certain patterns she could discern but at the end of the day it seemed somewhat cold and calculated and truth be told it was impossible for there to be an actual pattern it was completely up to dumb’s luck. 

The best thing to do she determined was to choose six numbers that were meaningful to her and if she stuck to those numbers then someday they would show up on that screen. Then she figured another problem she didn’t have six meaningful numbers. She was only sixteen years old, not that many life changing events had gone on in her life. Once again frustrated by yet another obstacle in her course she felt like giving up, anyway it wasn’t likely that her numbers would show up anyway. 

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