Beautifully Insecure -and broken-

Sydney Brown was just your typical fifteen year old girl, she was smart, beautiful, and talented though her biggest flaw was not a big head...but a rather small one. She had been bullied all through her years at school because all of the other girls didn't like her...she used to not let what they say bother her but now it was all she could think about. Read to find out the struggles she faced, how she dealt with it, and the friends she makes from her experiences. @Insecurity @Anorexia @Considering suicide


1. Sydney Brown...Insecure

Sydney Brown was just your average small town girl. She owned three horses; Diamond, Ruby, and Chandler. She was often teased and bullied at school and often thought of cutting, suicide, and other harmful things. She never thought of the affect it would have on other peoples lives. One day she was getting off the bus from school, she went inside tossed her book-bag down and grabbed lemonade like any normal girl and went into her room. She saw a fat figure in the mirror, maybe 200 pounds or more...but what was really in the mirror was a tiny girl. 98 pounds and anorexic for a month now. Sydney sighed and decided that before her mom started talking to her about school she would go out to the stables and fiddle with the horses so she did just that. She mounted Diamond while petting her sleek blonde mane "Oh if only humans were such majestic as horses. Wouldn't we all be beautiful..." She said softly before patting Diamonds stomach and the beautiful horse began riding while Sydney's blonde hair flew behind her in the wind and her deep blue eyes sparkled like the ocean...oh how beautiful she was. If only she knew...

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