I Hate You!!!



17. I hate you!

Michael plugged in his guitar into the amps and grabbed a pick. "Don't we need Calum and Luke?" I said twirling my drum stick again. "Yeah hold on." He went in leaving me alone.

I got up and got Luke's guitar and Calum's bass and hooked them up. "Hey! We're here!" Calum said running up to his bass. Luke grabbed the microphone to see if was working. "Do you know how to play our songs?" Michael asked me.

"I only know how to play She Looks so Perfect, American Idiot, Rejects and What I like about you." I stared at them. "That'll do." Luke smiles at me signaling when I should start.


We were done with practice

(just for fun)

Then my phone started to ring. My face lit up and I answered it.

"Ashton!!! I miss you!" "Me too, um I was calling because I won't be able to come home tomorrow..." All of a sudden I broke down into tears.

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