I Hate You!!!



15. I hate you!

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about Destiny, even though you never told us that you had feeling for Michael." Luke said. "And fucked him." Calum giggled. "Stop!" I wined. "Okay sorry."

Calum got up and put the bowels in the sink. "Please don't tell Ashton! He'll murder me!" "Relax we got you're back, just when Ash comes back you guys are going to act like you hate each other." Luke told me walking into the living room.

I didn't like the thought of keeping secrets from Ashton, but I had too. "I'll be in the shower." I finally said and walked into the tiny bathroom.

----------------------------------------------------- Michael came in already dressed looking me up and down.

I was wearing a sleeve cutoff Green day Shirt with my sports bra showing on the sides, wearing my ripped skinny jeans with my black leather boots and last but not least one of Ashton's bandanas. I also got a little heavy on my eyeliner.

"Practicing?" Michael asked as he ran his hands through his hair. "Yep." I grabbed my drum sticks and headed for the garage.

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