I Hate You!!!



12. I hate you!

Michael is actually getting jealous. I can't believe this. Calum looked at me and leaned in.

I couldn't do this Mikey is getting mad, I'm going to kiss one of my best friends, and Ashton is literally going to murder me.

I cleared my mind and leaned in. Calum's lips were soft, his tongue fighting for dominance. I felt a hand jerk on my wrist to pull me up breaking the kiss and going into my room shutting the door and locking it.

"Michael what are you..." His lips crashed into mine pushing me onto my bed ripping my shirt off. "You're mine and only mine." Michael growled into my ear.

"I'll be making you scream out my name in a few minutes princess." He was leaving huge love bites on my neck where everyone is going to see the next day.

Michael yanked my pants down and unclasped my bra. I took off his shirt and pulled down his jeans. "Kissing him was a big mistake."


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