I Hate You!!!



10. I hate you!

II was panicking I grabbed my clothes and told Michael to quickly go to the bathroom while I ran into my room.

"Michael, we still have to pretend we hate each other to keep this secret." "Michael agreed and went to the bathroom.

"We got pizza and drinks!" Calum shouted coming through the door. I went out and smiled and took the pizza the the table.

"Where's Michael?" Luke asked searching the house. "How the hell would I know?" Saying that made me feel really bad, but I have to act like I hate him.

This isn't going to be easy. Michael walked out, running his hands through his pink hair. I find that really attractive. "I'm surprised you guys haven't killed each other yet." Luke laughed.

I looked at Michael and he winked at me. "We have beer." Calum said handing Michael a bottle. "Want one?" Calum asked me. "No uh I don't drink, Ashton would kill me."

I sat on the couch next to Luke grabbing a slice of pizza and started to watch tv. "Who wants to play truth or dare?" Calum finally asked.

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