I Hate You!!!



6. I hate you!

I just ignored him and stared into the tv screen once more. "Hey Cal it's getting late do you want to get the pizza?" Luke asked grabbing his keys. "Uh yeah hold on, you and Michael stay here, we will be back in 30 minutes."

My heart dropped. "No no no no, you can't leave me here with Michael!" I stood up loosing my balance.

"I'm right here you know that right princess?" Michael said to me. "Will you shut up?" I hated it when he calls me that.

"Calum let's go, or the pizza is going to get cold." Luke said opening the door. "I'm sorry." Calum whispers and walks out.

"You fucking serious?" I was fuming. "Now that we're alone." Michael smirked and walked towards me.


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