I Hate You!!!



3. I hate you!

Today was the day, I was so not ready for Ashton to leave for his camping trip.

The guys would be here any minute and my stomach had butterflies just thinking of Michael coming over without Ashton being here. "Are you going to be Ok? Because Luke and Calum are like brothers to you."

I sighed wiping my eyes hoping my eyeliner has not smeared. "Yeah I know, also you can trust me right?" Ashton looked at me with his hazel eyes.

"That's why they're coming over." He half laughed. "Destiny, before they come over please put something else on.."

Ashton was a little to protective over me when it came to the guys always coming over. I forgot what I had on, I was wearing a black crop top, ripped short shorts and my black converse. Sometimes I get a little heavy with my eyeliner depending on what I was wearing.

"Oh uh yeah sure." As I was heading to my bedroom I heard the door with the guys coming in.

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