I Hate You!!!


1. I hate you!

Hi there,my name is Destiny Irwin. Ashton Irwin's little sister.

We both took drumming lessons when we were little so now we are pretty good at it.

I'm not like most girls though.I have a rockier edge of fashion and music taste,plus I'm very shy and don't have that much friends except for Luke,Calum,and Allison.

I've always gotten bullied and still do by Michael Clifford,one of Ashton's bff's. I hated him and he hated me,also Ash knew about it.

Our parents died when Ash was 5 and I was 3.We lived with our grandparents for a while until they figured out that I dropped out of school (when I was 17) to help Ashton and his band.You could say that they were very strict and they didn't like what we were into,so they kicked us out,but that happened like 3 years ago so we had no where else to go.

That's when Ashton and I became suicidal and started to cut,I still do but Ashton stopped for his fans.

Now we live in a small two bedroom house,and a big garage for us to practice our drumming skills.

Ashton and I were very close until him and his band took off so I was very lonely.

So,this is my story and how it all happened. It's all about keeping secrets and taking risks,right?

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