Keep Quiet

Jeniqua made the mistake of crying when she was two. Now, everyone fears her. Both blessed and curse with an 'unspeakable' fate, she has been isolated from the public for sixteen years. Now eighteen, Jeniqua is finally free. Or is she? Now living with the only friend she ever had, Ori, she is also forced to live with future King Mika, Ori's twin brother. But the last time (which happened to be the first time) she talked to Mika, things didn't go too well. When Jeniqua's fate must finally be fulfilled, she goes on a journey that may set off the Time Changing Era all over again.


1. My Story

Not talking is my specialty. Neither is making a noise. I mentally chuckle at myself.

Now, anyone would think being completely silenced for eight years is impossible. But trust me, when fate was in your hands, it wasn't.

My parents were Townfolk, working as carpenters. My mom became pregnant with me at age 25. I was born in November, but I never knew what day or year. When I came along, my parents were so happy. I had inherited my mom's thick, brown curls but ended up with my dad's bright aqua eyes. My skin was a warm brown sugar color, like both of my parents, and everyone else in the world.

I lived a totally normal baby life, taking my first steps, making messes, smiling at the oddest things. But, one thing was different about me. I wouldn't make any noise.

When I was born, I didn't cry, unlike every other baby in the world. The doctors tickled me, pinched me, and waited for me to make a sound. Instead, I just looked up at them and smiled.

I didn't leave the medical office for two weeks because they were so worried about me not making any noise. But, my parents didn't care and took me home anyways.

For two years, I didn't make any noise. Not one sound. My parents then became very concerned, thinking I was ill. They took me to my neighbor, who seemed to help with all baby problems. She tried to make me speak every day, but I never would. But one hot August day, I did.

My mom and I were on the way to the market from my neighbor's house. We were running around and my foot slammed into a fruit scale, hard.

"I'm so sorry, ma'am," a man said, worry covering his face.

My mom looked to him and gave a faint smile. "No need to apologize. It may hurt her, but we've been trying to get her to make a noise for two years."

The man looked at us in confusion. Then, I let out a scream, tears streaming down my face.

After I screamed, everything seemed to freeze for a second, just a second. When the second was over, the sun was closer down the sky.

The man backed away. "It was noon just a moment ago."

My mother stared at me, fright in her eyes. I just sat there, helpless, frail, and oblivious to the current events.

It wasn't long after my mom took me home that Officers arrived. They took me away in a basket while my mom screamed and cried and my dad put his head in his hands, sobbing and whispering, "My baby girl. My poor baby girl."

I never saw them again.


That was 16 years ago. 16 years exactly.

No one ever saw me again except the Officers who guarded me, the nurses who cared for me, and Ori, my one and only friend.

Ori Greene was the Princess of Terra Dolorem, daughter of the king. Unfortunately, she would never be queen, due to the fact that she had an older twin brother, Mika. She was the only one allowed to see me who was not taking care of me. She begged her dad to let her visit the 'Child of Time.'

She visited once a week, without anyone outside of her family or my guards and nurses knowing. She would keep me up to date on the outside world, have lunch with me, then leave. My life didn't get any more exciting.

They discovered everything about me. When I would talk or cry, time would go forward an hour. When I would make any other noises from my mouth, like burping, time went back an hour. They trained me to never open my mouth for anything except breathing and eating. It took 8 years, but they actually did it.

During those 8 years, it was called the Time Changing Era. Everyone found out about me eventually. They were scared of me.

No one knew my name. I was announced as the Child of Time, not Jeniqua. I was told that when my parents first saw me, they sprinted home and sobbed for two days. I worry about them.


One day, I was strolling around my little living quarters. I didn't have much but it was more than what I would've had with my parents. They gave me a bedroom, a bathroom, a mini kitchen, even though they provide me with food, a living room, a library, and an entertainment room. They gave me a few windows, but the glass is so thick that I could never break it.

I walked over to my mini fridge and pulled out a cup of juice. I walk over to the library and take out my book. As I sipped my juice, three loud bangs echoed through the house, making me spill a little. I opened my mouth to ask who was there, but quickly shut it. I put down my book and juice and walked to my cell door. Outside was Ori, surrounded by more guards than usual. I looked with confusion. Behind her was someone I've only ever met once. Mika.

Mika and I didn't have the best relationship. Let's just say, one visit from him was enough.

I nodded. giving approval that they could come in, though I didn't really have a choice. The guards unlocked the door and let Ori and Mika slip in. I backed away, afraid to go anywhere near Mika. He looked hurt by the gesture, but shrugged it away immediately.

After a moment of silence, Ori spoke first. "I-well, we have something to tell you." She gestured her hand between her and Mika. Man, did they look alike. I nod.

She didn't speak for a minute, none of us did. Mika was the one that broke the silence.

"You're leaving."


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