natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

One In 7 Billion

Diana's POV

"Did you know that you're absolutely gorgeous?" Liam said after pulling me aside.

"You're so sweet Liam. Thank you. It truly means so much to me." I smiled as he pulled me into a sweet hug. People wonder why I love these boys so much...

"Diana, I have a question to ask you." He smiled into my eyes.

"Yes?" I smiled back. Goodness why do they all smell so good. And look so good. And sound so good. And, wait the others don't work...

"Diana, will you be my girlfriend?" He said, a glint of hope in his beautiful eyes.

I was in shock. He can pretty much date any girl in the world and he chooses me?!

"O-of course." I said, feeling like crying of joy.

"That's good to know because... I've been dying to do this for weeks now." He said while wrapping his arms around me and pressing his lips to mine. I immediately kissed back, still in shock.

The busy world buzzed with excitement and terrible things all around us, but for the first time ever, this moment is all that I actually feel. I feel cared for.

I feel loved.

Amy's POV

Well now I feel lonely.

Diana just kissed Liam Payne and Melanie is dating Calum. Guess who's living the single life as usual?!


Nope! It's me! I know, mouths are hanging open. Everyone is in such shock that I can't manage a love life.

I actually probably could if I had one...

Either way, I do kind of have a love life. I mean, do crushes count? Because Ashton Fletcher Irwin is actually an amazing person.

I love being close friends with him. We've gotten closer lately. Over a year ago when we first met, it was sort of just an awkward friendship. That changed a few months ago when the boys went on tour with Hot Chelle Ray. We really are close friends at this point.

"Let's go so they don't see us!" Melanie whispered, a tone excitement in her voice. We snuck into a door that lead to a long hallway. The guards led us to the 5SOS dressing room where we would wait for them to finish rehearsing. After hearing them sing Try Hard, they strutted into the room panting and grinning.

"How did we do?" Luke asked, grinning.

"It really is amazing." Melanie grinned as all the boys thanked her for the compliment.

"Shall we tell them?" I asked Melanie after a moment of silence.

"Yes!" She grinned.

"What?" Ashton looked perplexed for a blueberry brief moment... You know I had to...

"So when we were coming in, we saw Diana and Liam kissing." I giggled.

"WHAT?!" Luke yelped, looking happy and shocked. "That's so amazing! They'd make the cutest couple!"

"They would!" Ashton grinned.

"That's amazing." Calum grinned. Mikey looked deep in thought so I decided that I'd let him off the hook on whatever he thinks about them.

The whole room erupted into conversation and Ashton came over to sit by me. "Would you like to see a movie after the show?" He grinned.

"Sure!" I smiled. Is that a date? I think that's a date.

Shut up Amy, you're such a teenage girl.

There I go mentally talking to myself again... Is that even healthy...

Probably not when it's only about a certain curly-haired cutie that's currently sitting next to me...

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