natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The Feels Are Reals

Amy's POV

I'm literally on the verge of crying... Ashton rubbed my back softly and hugged me tightly to encourage me not to. He was always so supportive.

"It'll be okay... They'll love you..." He smiled softly and gently stroked my hair.

"I'm more just overly happy than nervous." I giggled with energy. "They're my idols and I've always wanted to meet them."

"We met Busteddddddd thoughhhhhhhhhh!" He said while grinning wider at the memory. We really did. Only one week after their Year 3000 cover, we all went to a Busted concert and ended up meeting them by their tour buses, which was totally uncalled for. The boys told them about the band and they promised they would look them up. Life just gets more and more exciting, doesn't it?

"I knowwwwwwww." I grinned. The doorbell rang and I literally just fell down on the couch. Ashton dragged me back up when I started to feel a bit self conscious. Well, how would you feel? I'm about to meet the biggest boyband on the planet and did I mention that they're extremely alluring???

I sighed and Ashton turned to me to face me. "You look marvelous, don't worry baby." How does this freaking boy read my freaking brain?

"T-thank you... J-just a-a b-b-bit ne-ervous..." I stumbled over my own speech just as Paul Higgins, followed by Harry Styles, followed by Louis Tomlinson, followed by Niall Horan, followed by Liam Payne, followed by Zayn Malik, followed by several security guards, walked into the room.

They all filed onto the couches. Niall came and sat right next to me.

"Hi there." He smiled down at me, who was kinda sorta cowering into Ashton. I was so freaking anxious.

"I'm Ashton." Ashton smiled and shook his hand. "This is Amy. We're both huge fans but I get the feeling she's more into it." He teased as I blushed and softly slapped his face. I would've hit harder but I had no energy to do so at this moment.

Anxiety ruins all...

"Aww." Niall cooed as I squeaked. Yes, like a mouse. What the heck was going through my head... "You'll be fine. I don't bite." He leaned in to give me a hug. I felt Ashton stiffen up uncomfortably behind me, but who even cares. I'm getting a Horan Hug.

The feels are reals.

Ashton coughed awkwardly and Niall pulled back. Niall smirked at Ashton and looked between us a few times. "You two dating?"

"N-no." I stumbled.

"Ashton." Is all he said. He winked, then walked off to greet the others... What the actual heck...

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